The Best African Travel and Safari Quotes

Posted by on November 19, 2016

African Safari and Travel Quotes that will inspire – make you smile and wonder

The Best African Travel and Safari Quotes Collection with Pictures

The Best African Travel and Safari Quotes – Africa – is the heart of the world – an  empire of space, sounds, light, life,people, cultures, magnificence not found elsewhere in the world, Africa is magical, it captivates you with is sights, sounds, scents that are so different from any other part of the world. Many, have a limited, often a view of Africa that is focused on the negatives instead of Authentic Africa, the Wildest Continent on Earth.

Africa – you either love or hate it…Leonardo DiCaprio’s statement – TIA – This is Africa with a sarcastic undertone is one thing – but Africa is much more than that – Mama Africa is like a magnet for people far and wide – enjoy the wildest Continent on Earth – and may these quotes inspire to visit us.

Here are The Best African Travel and Safari Quotes

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“The only man I envy is the man who has not yet been to Africa – for he has so much to look forward to.”   Richard Mullin

 Africa Changes you forever – Brian Jackman

 Africa is safe – especially on Safari

 There I am where I belong – Karen Blixen

 Everything in Africa bites, but the Safari Bug is worst of All – Brian Jackman

  Africa through the Eyes of Beryl Markham

Africa does not exist – Ryszard Kapuschinski

 God Lives in Africa – Will Smith

 Africa is a Mystery – Miriam Makeba

 Africa is a state of Mind – Francesca Marciano

 Old and New Kiss everywhere in Africa – John Gunther

 Men not Beasts are uncivilized – Cynthia Nolan

 African Travel makes one Modest – Scott Cameron

 Africans live more vividly – Peter Godwin

 Living Among Lions – Karen Blixen

 The Rythm of Africa – Karen Blixen

  Safari Life – Karen Blixen

The Marvel of Africa – Jodi Picoult

 I never knew of a morning in Africa when I woke up that I was not Happy – Ernest Hemingway

  Africa lifts your emotions – Franseca Marciano

 To go on Safari once again – Karen Blixen

 Travel is discovering – Aldous Huxley

  Learning your place while Traveling – Scott Cameron

 Africa – many get is wrong like Paris Hilton

  Don’t Forget the corkscrew – WC Fields

 Nature needs Protection from People

 African Travel – the People of Africa – Dennis Prager

 Africa’s Indigenous People – Jay Griffiths

Please Note: the Batwa here in the Picture are carrying a goat – they lived in the forest for hundreds of thousand of years – way before other tribes came – today – no land.

  Africa Heals – John Hemingway

 Bring a Friend – African Proverb

 Africa – the Wonder of it all 

Africa – as seen through a Coke Commercial

Welcome to Uganda inflight video

 The Best African Travel and Safari Quotes – we hope that you enjoyed them – Now it is time to plan to come to Africa – enjoy the Journey.