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Best Binoculars for your African Safari in Uganda

Posted by on February 5, 2020

You need Binoculars that will enhance your time on Safari in Uganda

The Best Binoculars for your African Safari in Uganda

Binoculars for your African Safari in Uganda -You can spend thousands of dollars or less than a hundred and enjoy wildlife – primates – birds up close and bright.

Binoculars for your African SafariA safari in Uganda – in Africa is an investment in itself, add-on top of that the airfare, the immunizations, the malaria regiment, and you are dealing with thousands of Dollars.  It does not end there. There is the right safari luggage, those countless of travel gadgets you come across, in some cases safari clothing, all adding more dollars to the overall safari cost.

A good Camera is a much-needed investment for most, but one still sees cameras on safaris that give a dismal return in the quality of pictures.  When it comes to Binoculars, many safari clients do not think about them, and yet the right Binoculars will make a world of difference in what you will see.  Things that your naked eye cannot spot are brought up close to you. If you want to see wildlife, primates, birds up close without missing a thing, invest a bit in a set of binoculars, and your time on safari in Uganda will be significantly enhanced. If you are coming to Uganda to do some birding, then you need some binoculars on your African Safari in Uganda.

Being in Safari business, I am still surprised how many visitors arrive for a safari without binoculars.  Others come with Binoculars that in cost can rival a used car which nowadays is not necessary.  You can get reasonably priced binoculars of 200 USD or below that will make a big difference in the viewing of wildlife, birds, and reptiles.  I had once primate enthusiast bring some night-vision binoculars with which he sat on the balcony of his treehouse on the edge of Kibale Forest, observing the nocturnal life on the Kibale Rainforest Jungle.

Binoculars for your African Safari in Uganda – Binoculars are just as important as is a camera.  In Africa, on a game drive, you are not always a few meters from wildlife, birds, and other things.  Good Binoculars allow you to see what is far in an up-close way.  Binoculars are simply a must if you are going on a Safari, going birding, and wanting to see distant objects.

Nowadays, you can buy binoculars that will serve you well while on safari in Uganda and cost less than 100 USD, though the purists will not spend anything less than 2,000 USD plus on binoculars.

The page is not so much on the finer points of binoculars but having binoculars with you as you journey to Uganda on a safari, it will help you view various primates, the wildlife while on a game drive and birds while on a drive or nature walk up close to you.

Binoculars enhance the quality and experience of a safari in Uganda, don’t leave home without then, if you do not have binoculars, buy some before you leave for Uganda.  Enjoy using your binoculars on safari in Uganda. Binoculars for your African Safari in Uganda – don’t leave home without them.


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