One-of-a-Kind Primate Habituation Experiences in Uganda

Posted by on June 5, 2018

Only in Uganda- the Unique Primate Habituation Experiences

One-Of-a-Kind Experiences that mean more Time with Gorillas-Chimpanzees-Golden Monkeys

 The Unique One-of-a-kind Primate Habituation Experiences is only offered in Uganda, Africa’s Premier Primate Destination.  The Experiences give you more time on an Incredible up-close Gorilla, Chimpanzee, Golden Monkey Encounter with fewer Participants.

Imagine 4-Amazing Hours with a Gorilla Family on an All-Day Gorilla Habituation Experience Trek in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, an ancient Afro-Montane Rainforest in the Southwest of Uganda.

All-Day with a group of Chimpanzees on a Chimpanzee Habituation Experience in the Rainforest Jungle of Kibale Forest National Park with its 1,500 Chimpanzee is the best spot in East Africa to see Chimpanzees on an all-day trek.

Spend 4 – Hours with the endangered Golden Monkeys of the Virunga Volcanoes, the Mufumbiro Mountains that cook in Uganda’s Mgahinga Gorilla Park

Uganda is Africa’s Premier Primate Destination with more Gorillas, more Chimpanzees, more Golden Monkeys and other Primates. The only Country offering the Unique Primate Habituation Experiences.

Here are the One-of-a-Kind Primate Habituation Experiences in Uganda

 The Gorilla Habituation Experience in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest:

The Gorilla Habituation Experience is only offered in Uganda where a 1,500 USD Permit gives you 4 hours with a Gorilla Family instead of 1 in neighboring Rwanda.

There is a maximum of 4 participants instead of 8 on a normal Gorilla Trek.  You are with researchers and Trackers meaning that this is more a learning experience compared to normal Trekking.

The all-day trek requires a moderate fitness level and our clients have not complained about it being a tough experience.

Over 60% of our Gorilla Trekking Clients are choosing the Gorilla Habituation Experience over Normal Gorilla Trekking.

If you love Gorillas – this is for you.

 The Chimpanzee Habituation Experience In Kibale Forest:

If you want to see Chimpanzees – Uganda is the country for the Chimpanzee Trekking and Kibale Forest is East Africa’s Premier Chimpanzee Destination with 1,500 Chimpanzees and 12 other species of Primates.

If you really want to see the Chimpanzees in the wild then there is no better way than on an all-day Chimpanzee Habituation Experience

In 2018 there are two Chimpanzee Habituation Experience Offerings in Kibale Forest.  The normal Chimpanzee Habituation Experience with 200 USD Permits, and the Buraiga Chimpanzee Group Habituation Experience where permit are 100 USD and the experience requires more stamina and is iffier than a regular CHEX Experience.

 The Golden Monkey Habituation Experience in Mgahinga Gorilla Park:

The Golden Monkey Habituation Experience is under the radar for most visitors to Uganda.  One reason is that it takes place in the somewhat off-the-beaten-path Mgahinga Gorilla Park, the other reason that most visitors focus on the Gorillas with the Chimpanzees being next in line.

The 4-hour with a Golden Monkey Group Habituation Experience takes place on the sides of the Ugandan Virunga Volcanoes in the Bamboo Forests found there. The total Trek is normally around 6 hours n length.

The experience is best combined with a Gorilla Habituation Experience in nearby Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and can be done on the last day of a 3-day Gorilla Habituation Experience Safari in Southern Bwindi Forest.

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