Lion Tracking Research in Queen Elizabeth Park

Posted by on January 31, 2018

A Unique one of a kind experience tracking the Lions with Uganda Carnivore Project

Lion Tracking Research of Queen Elizabeth Park with Researchers

 Lion Tracking Research at Queen Elizabeth – another way to see the Lions in Queen Elizabeth Park, often closer than on a regular Game Drive. Besides seeing Lions amd Leopards, Lion Tracking Experience is also a learning Experience for most.  A time where you get to know the ways and habits of the King of the Beasts in their natural Habitat.

The Uganda Carnivore Project does research on Lions and other predators in the northern sector of Queen Elizabeth and you can join them on one of their research outings. 

This is limited in the number of participants that can take part and a rare opportunity for those that can. It has to be booked in advance if you are on a safari with us and we will include it in your Safari Itinerary.

One of the aims of the Uganda Carnivore Project is to educate the surrounding communities how to live in harmony and yet in close proximity to Lions and Leopards.

2018-Cost Per Person: The cost for the Lion Tracking Research is now 50 USD per person.  That is a reduction of 100 USD and makes this one-of-a-kind-experience in Uganda affordable for most.

Each morning and during the late afternoon you can take part in a Lion Tracking Research Experience in Queen Elizabeth Park – these tracking times last between one to three hours and is done twice a day and tracks lions who have radio collars attached to them.  You will be with researchers and learn the h abits of the Lions in Queen Elizabeth Park.

This Lion Tracking Experience is limited to just a few visitors and one must be booked ahead of time in order to take part in this unique lion tracking experience in Queen Elizabeth Park.  The Cost for a Lion Tracking Permit is 50 USD (plus Park Entrance) and Spaces are limited since you are with Researchers and not on a game drive.

Kabiza Wilderness Safaris can join the Lion Tracking Research Experience into any of our safaris that take in Queen Elizabeth National Park in Southwest Uganda. The reason for the limits on visitors is for the protection of the lions and not to hamper the work of the researchers.

You get to help in monitoring, tracking, researching the King of the Beasts in Queen Elizabeth Park which is certainly an out of the ordinary times for visitors to Uganda and another unique wildlife experience offered to visitors by Uganda Wildlife Authority.  Queen Elizabeth Park is the only Park in Uganda where the Lion Tracking wildlife research is offered, meaning that if you like to take part you have to include Queen Elizabeth Park into your Itinerary.

This is not just an activity created for visitors, it is scientific research that is recorded and gives the researchers a better understanding of the habits of the lions found in Queen Elizabeth Park.

If you like to include the Lion Tracking Wildlife Research Experience at Queen Elizabeth Park – please let us know and we will include when writing up your itinerary…Enjoy the lions of Queen Elizabeth Park in Uganda…

 If you like to include Lion Tracking Research into your safari with us – please contact us