How to avoid Cholera while visiting Uganda

Posted by on April 30, 2016

How to avoid Cholera while visiting Uganda – Tips – Advice – Information

Protecting yourself from being infected by Cholera while visiting Uganda

No one going on safari with us has every contracted Cholera while visiting Uganda on a Safari

How to avoid Cholera while visiting Uganda – Cholera is an acute diarrheal illness caused by a bacteria. The disease infects the small bowel and causes extreme watery diarrhea. It is known to infect only humans.  It most often comes from consuming contaminated water or juices, or from unhygienic food preparation. Vomiting follows along with extreme hydration with an inability to retain fluid and medical attention must be sought to avoid death.

Cholera is found throughout the world particularly in countries where sanitation is poor, clean water is not available, such as parts of Africa, including Uganda where water has been infected with feces and unsanitary food-handling practices.

How to avoid Cholera while visiting Uganda

  • Get Immunized against Cholera before coming to Uganda – most visitors do not and do not  contract Cholera, especially if on a Safari.
  • Use only bottled water purchased at a supermarket, hotel, lodge, never buy water in a plastic sack as is common here. Juice is also sold in plastic sacks, a lot of doctored up products are sold as juice, only buy juices from Del Monte or Ceres, Splash the local juice has additives and is not pure juice.
  • Avoid visiting slums in Kampala or elsewhere in Uganda – they are often the source of a Cholera outbreak and feces is often thrown on roof-tops disposed in creeks.
  • Avoid what is called Food Joints – Street food – the main reason being the lack of sanitary and hygienic practice – it might be cheap food, but it can make you ill and be the source of Cholera.
  • Only eat food that you can peel – do not eat Mangoes Ugandan Style which is with the skin on.
  • Avoid uncooked vegetables such as cabbage and salads except in upmarket hotels or lodges.

How to avoid Cholera while visiting Uganda. If you are on a safari in Uganda, especially using a Tour Operator such as ourselves and staying in Moderate and upmarket lodging you most often receive food that will not make you ill.  There are often reports in the media about a Cholera outbreak in Uganda.  Most often such outbreaks take place in poor, slum areas, and where piped water is not available, we do not visit slums as part of a tour for safety and health reason unless you want to visit a particular charity, school or clinic.

Most Tourists to Uganda will not come down with Cholera – we have not seen any reported case in local Newspapers.

How to avoid Cholera while visiting Uganda – If you have further questions – please contact us.