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Getting a good glass of wine on Safari in Uganda – Rwanda

Posted by on January 6, 2018

The Wine List in Uganda’s Lodges is getting longer

Getting a good glass of wine on Safari in Uganda – Rwanda

Getting a good glass of wine on Safari – Practical Advice – to have that perfect glass of wine as you watch an African Sunset in Uganda or Rwanda. There are ways that you can save money purchasing wine while on Safari.

If you are staying at budget or moderate lodges, plan ahead – otherwise that wine will be a disappointment.

Getting a good glass of wine on SafariOne of our clients was on Safari with us during the Holiday Season – He was looking forward to spending New Year’s Eve with friends in the African Wild of Uganda.

One problem, by 10 pm like at the wedding feast at Cana the lodge had run out of wine and here in the Bush of Uganda was no miracle, only some frustrated guests who wished in that moment in time that they had brought their own. (they settled for Beer and Ugandan Waragi)

Ugandans still like their beer, their Waragi (Ugandan Gin), Wine has made inroads in Uganda over the years and today one can find wine shops in Kampala that carry even some of the best wines from around the world and the emerging middle-class are developing a taste and liking for better wines similar to the way Arabica Coffee has grown in popularity in Uganda.

Getting a good glass of wine on Safari – when it comes to getting a good glass on wine. In Uganda – Rwanda it can be a hit and miss affair. At a better lodge, you can some of the finest wines available, wGetting a good glass of wine on Safarihere even the house wines are satisfactory while at the  budget end of safari lodging you just might have a choice between red and white wine out of a box.  It reminds of me of getting a good cup of coffee where you just might be brought some hot water in a thermos and a tin of instant coffee (like dancing without music).

Things are changing and most lodges will not run out of wine at 10 pm on New Year’s Eve and the variety of what is available is steadily improving and most often it is the up-market and moderate lodges that are leading the way, just from getting you too excited about quality wines being available on safari – one of the complaints that you will find online in forums such as TripAdvisor is the cost of quality wines by the glass or bottle, that sours the taste of some.

 Getting a good glass of wine on Safari – TheSolution:  BYOB that familiar American abbreviation to a party – Bring your own Bottle.  We had a retired South African Judge and his wife on a 10 day safari with us and before he ever arrived for his safari he wrote that he and his wife liked to have a bottle of wine in the evening and he had heard that the quality of wine that was available in Uganda at lodges was limited and expensive.

We wrote him to bring in from South Africa two bottles of his favorite wines which he did.  On the morning, as we headed our on Safari, we stopped off at a Wine Shop and he selected a few, higher than South Africa but lower than at the up-market lodges he was staying

Yes, you can get a good glass of wine in the African Wild of Uganda, but it just might have to do it “BYOB Style” – Bring your own bottle…Enjoy the African Sunset with a glass of wine while on Safari with us. We will do our best to see that you have a good bottle of wine along.

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