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The Sundowner Safari Experience – A time honored Safari Tradition in Uganda

Posted by on March 8, 2021

A Time-Honored Ritual the Sundowner Safari Experience

It’s Time for Sundowners on Safari! Africa’s Happy Hour in the Ugandan Wilderness

Sundowner Safari ExperienceThe Sundowner Safari Experience is a time-honored tradition that began during Africa’s Colonial Period with the British. When you watch the sun dip below the horizon with a gin and tonic in hand, the sundowner experience is a classic safari tradition. 

Most do not realize that the Sundowner Safari Experience came about because the British Colonialists and British Soldiers used quinine power to combat malaria.

First in India and then in parts of Africa. The quinine was too bitter to swallow by itself. Soda water was used to blend it with, Gin soon followed, and Gin and Tonic Drink were born.

Winston Churchill, who popularized “Uganda, the Pearl of Africa,”  also said, “…The gin and tonic have saved more Englishmen’s lives, and minds, than all the doctors in the Empire.” Originally the Sundowner Tradition was partially rooted in preventing Malaria. Today the Sundowner is a part of the rhythm of daily Safari Life. The Sundowner is that time of transition from the equatorial Sun’s warmth in Uganda and the refreshing African night.

The Sundowner Safari Experience in Uganda, the Pearl of Africa, has developed it into its own tradition using Ugandans’ choice, Waragi.

Uganda Waragi Gin has been called “The Spirit of Uganda” and its do-it-yourself Culture. The taste for gin in Uganda was birthed by the British when Uganda was a British Protectorate. Uganda Waragi is a statement by Uganda that Uganda became independent from British Rule and British Spirits.

The word Waragi comes from War Gin. The British used to give Ugandan Soldiers courage before going into battle. Uganda Waragi is Africa best known Gin.

In Uganda, Waragi is a tradition; it is a part of the local culture, whether as a brand or as locally produced moonshine called Waragi, Enguli, Kasese, or Lira.

It is also a Tourist attraction in that Africans from all over the continent flock to Kampala, the city that never sleeps fueled by Uganda Waragi.

No Ugandan Safari Sundowner is complete with a taste of Uganda. Waragi is best had with Krest Bitter Lemon, which has that traditional Tonic flavor that is so part of the original safari sundowner dating back to colonial times.

The Sundowners Safari Experience -Uganda’s Happy Hour in the Wilderness

The Sundowner Safari experience in Uganda does not have prominence in other African Safari Destinations such as Kenya or Tanzania.

There are some lodges such as Ishasha Wilderness Camp that offer it to their guests. We, however, easily can include a Sundowner for you either at a lodge or in a scenic Wilderness Setting.

The ingredients are simple, a comfortable Chair, stunning scenery. Add a breathtaking African Sunset, drinks, some tasty snacks such as Samosas. Mix it with some delightful conservation about the day’s activities such as incredible Gorilla Encounter, the Volcano Climb, the game drives, or Hike in the wilderness.

With Kabiza Wilderness Safaris, the Sundowner Experience continues as in the days of old., and it’s little wonder why. It is part of the Safari experience. Gin and Tonic might not be your choice. Still, most Safari-Goers love the Sundowner Experience, and a wide variety of other Beverages are available.

The Sundowner is a time at the end of the day when we seize to be Human Doings and transition into Human Beings relaxing, unwinding, sharing experiences after a challenging Gorilla Trek.

In Uganda, we can even arrange sundowner cruises on the Nile, Lake Victoria, Lake Edward, and Lake Mutanda.

If you like to experience the Safari Sundowner on Safari in Uganda, let us know. We will make the arrangements for you.

The Sundowner Safari Experience, let us know if it sounds the right thing for you.


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