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Best Places to see Lions in Uganda-The Pearl of Africa

Posted by on June 30, 2020

The Lions of Uganda – The Parks with Lions

 Best Places to see Lions in Uganda – Where to find Lions in the Wild of Uganda

Uganda – The Pearl of Africawith its wondrous scenery as a backdrop, is the home of many feelings of pride of lions. The King of Beasts and his pride is found in various National Parks in Uganda. Here are the Best Places to see Lions in Uganda.

Kidepo Valley Park, Africa, as it used to be, has a thriving and growing Lion Population. It has been called the best place where to find the real Lion King.

Ishasha in Queen Elizabeth Park is the Best Spot in all of East Africa for seeing Tree-Climbing Lion. Plus, in Uganda, in Queen Elizabeth Park on the Kasenyi Plains, you can track collared Lions with the Uganda Carnivore Project.

Human-Wildlife Conflicts have, at times, caused havoc on the local Lion Population as when 3 Lionesses with eight cubs were poisoned in Queen Elizabeth Park. Still, the prognosis for Lions in Uganda is that they are increasing in number as conservationist efforts, including community education, are paying off.

Kidepo Valley National Park:

One of the most remote parks in all of Africa. A place where it seems that you have the whole Park to yourself. Kidepo Valley Park is a place with rugged beauty, located near the Kenyan and Sudanese border is undoubtedly one of the best places in Africa to see lions – even tree-climbing lions are found here.

It is the only Park in Uganda with an increasing lion population. Kidepo Valley Park was named the number 3 park in Africa. In December of 2015, CNN called Kidepo Valley Park the best DestinationDestination and the best Destination it is, a park where you will find an Africa as it was 50 years ago.

Be sure to greet Spartacus, sort of the Resident Lion King, who is found here in Kidepo on a Kopje.

Remote Kidepo Valley Park is one of the best parks in Uganda where to see Lions in the Wild in Uganda.

Murchison Falls National Park:

Easily accessible – a beautiful savannah studded with Borassus Palm Trees provides the backdrop and setting for some of the best lion sightings in Uganda.

Most visitors spot some lions while on a game drive here, and unlike in other places – it does not take long from your lodge to the game tracks.

Combined with the beauty of the River Nile – the mighty Murchison Falls – this is one of the best places in Uganda to see a pride of lions. It is the only Park in Uganda where you can see the Big-5 when you incorporate Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary.

You can also do a two-day safari here and still see lions and other wildlife.

The Lions of Murchison Falls Park is not to be missed.

Queen Elizabeth National Park:

Most visitors to Queen Elizabeth will see lions in the northern area, such as the Kasenyi Plains.  It is a very fruitful area for those on a photographic Lion Hunt.

The early morning hours are best for those wanting to see Lions.  Be sure to b on the lookout.

Generally, on a  wildlife game drive in the northern area, lions can be spotted, especially in the early morning and late afternoon ones. Lions on the Kasenyi often rest in the Euphoria Trees that are commonly found here.  On the rare occasion, they can be seen as you are taking Kazinga Chanel Boat Safari in the late afternoon.

Queen Elizabeth Park gives you various ways and places to see Lions, which are listed below besides on Game Drives.

Ishasha Tree-Climbing Lions – Queen Elizabeth:

Best Places to see Lions in Uganda – Ishasha region is in the South of Queen Elizabeth Park, where you can find the Tree Climbing Lions up in the fig trees during the day time.  They sleep in the trees up to 15 hours a day.  Game drives there are best done past 8 AM to see the Lions in the Trees.

No one has ever figured the real reason as to why the Lions climb into the trees. Some think it is a cultural, Lion Pride thing.  Others suggest that it is a way of avoiding insects on the ground.  No matter what the reason is, the sight of the Lions in trees is an awesome one.

Many visitors do not realize that Ishasha, with its tree-climbing Lions, is inside Queen Elizabeth, which it is.

Ishasha is the more unvisited area of the Park. It has, however, become a must-see for may Visitors to Uganda. It is the best place to see Tree-Climbing Lions in East Afric.

Lion Tracking  Research – the Activity in Uganda where you see most Lions:

Queen Elizabeth has an activity that most Visitors to Queen Elizabeth Park do not partake in unless you are on a safari with us.  We think that the Lion Tracking Research during the mornings with the Uganda Carnivore Project that is a most rewarding experience.

It is not only a Lion sighting experience but a learning experience where you find out more about Lions. This human-wildlife conflict often happens when Lions go outside of the Park or even to some of the fishing villages in the Park on the Kazinga Channel.

The Lions that you will see are collared, and you will be part of the crew that tracks them on the day that you participate in the Lions Tracking Research.

You will see lions in the other portions of the Park and the beautiful thing about Queen Elizabeth Park – it can easily be combined with Gorilla Tracking at Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.

Ishasha is the best place for Tree-Climbing Lions in East Africa.

Seeing Lions in the wild of Africa is the most thrilling treat. Seeing a pride of lions – a lion family at Murchison Falls Park, Kidepo Valley Park or Queen Elizabeth Park is merely awesome – the Tree Climbing Lions of Ishasha is amazing and not to be missed.

Lions in Uganda as in other parts of Africa are under threat – mostly from pastoralists and encroaching villages – yet the Lion remains one of the animals that visitors to Uganda want to see in Uganda.

  • Lions live for about 12 years in the African Wild.
  • A lioness will usually give birth to a litter of about three cubs.
  • Lions roar to attract mates
  • The females do the hunt for prey, whereas males act as protectors, and the hunt is done in packs.
  • Unlike a human family where the little ones are fed first – lion cubs are most often last in line for their share.
  • A male Lion will develop that lovely mane a year and a half after birth.
  • Lions are found in savannas, grasslands, dense bush, and woodlands.
  • Simba is the Swahili name for a lion.

The Best Places to see Lions in Uganda seeing lions is in the wild. Uganda’s Kidepo Valley Park, Murchison Falls Park, and Queen Elizabeth Park are the best parks for lions.  There are also lions in Lake Mburo National and the Semliki Wildlife Reserve, but more often heard than seen.

Best Places to see Lions in Uganda – if you have questions – please contact us.



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