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Best Places to relax and chill out at in Uganda

Posted by on March 29, 2021

At the End of your Safari–The Best Places to Relax and Chill Out in Uganda

Enjoy tranquil Lakes – sandy Beaches – the River Nile – The Best places where you can Relax and Chill Out in Uganda

Best Places to relax and chill outThe Best Places to Relax and Chill Out in Uganda. After a strenuous Gorilla Trek, a volcano climb, a long hike, or as your Safari comes to an end, you look forward to some time to relax and chill-out. Uganda has just the right places for you. Phenomenal scenic spots such as Lake Mutanda or Lake Mutanda. 

There is the legendary River Nile, where you can stay on a secluded island with the river rushing around you. 

One cannot leave out the hidden, tropical Ssese Islands with their sandy beaches on Lake Victoria. The largest Lake in Africa as vast as a small Ocean.

There are the ancient Crater Lakes of Western Uganda with their crystal clear waters in the shadows of the snowcapped Rwenzori Mountains of the Moon.

Just a few of the best places where you can Relax and Chill Out in Uganda.

At the End of Your Safari – The Best Places Relax and Chill out in Uganda

Lake Bunyonyi – a scene from Lord of the Rings:

A magical, mystical Lake in South Western Uganda and is one of Africa’s deepest lakes. Lonely Planet says it is like a scene from “Lord of the Rings.” It is a perfect place to chill out after gorilla trekking, the place to find a bit of relaxation at the of a long safari. 

The word Bunyonyi means place of little birds, and the sights and sounds of them add to the ambiance that is part of your Lake relaxation here. 

Along Lake Bunyonyi, you can be instead of doing. Ugandans flock here for a time of rest and recuperation, as well as tourists from abroad.

There are many accommodation facilities to choose from, ranging from budget to better mid-range accommodations. Birdnest has an outstanding reputation, and even locals come from far and wide to enjoy a swim and meal on the Lake. There are also several Island lodges where you are certainly away from it all. The Lake is croc and hippo free making it a safe place to swim and paddling safely to one of the islands in a dugout canoe. 

On the menu of most lodges is yes, of all things Louisiana Crayfish. They were brought to the Lake from Lake Nakuru when Idi Amin ruled Uganda. For them, Lake Bunyonyi is the perfect place to thrive. You will find Crayfish on the menu at all establishments here. You will find it in curries, fried, on pizza, with eggs, to name a few.

Lake Bunyonyi, a scenic wonder with its terraced hillsides, is the perfect place to relax chill-out in Uganda.

Lake Mutanda in the Shadow of the Virunga Volcanoes:

Lake Mutanda is the twin to Lake Bunyonyi when it comes to Uganda’s most beautiful lakes.

Lake Mutanda is where you can swim without fears of being attacked by crocodiles or hippos. On top of that, the Lake is Bilharzia-free. 

Here you can paddle in a dugout canoe to one of the emerald islands on the Lake. Other choices include hiking, biking, fishing, birding, and more. Most of all, you can enjoy Lake Mutanda’s stunning scenery while having a sundowner or morning coffee.

Lake Mutanda is located near Bwindi Impenetrable Forest’s southern area – in the Virunga Volcanoes’ shadows. 

Suppose you hike down to the Lake from Nkuringo in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. In that case, you will be overwhelmed by the stunning scenery, simply breathtaking as your eyes take in what is before you.

Lake Mutanda is the perfect place to spend a few days reading an excellent African Novel. You can take some inspiring walks, bike rides, boat rides, or relaxing at a lodge overlooking the Lake.

Lake Mutanda is a lesser-known Lake than Lake Bunyonyi, but that is changing. More and more people are finding out about Lake Mutanda’s incredible beauty, the perfect place to relax and chill out in Uganda.

The River Nile at Jinja:

The River Nile at Jinja is not just synonymous with adrenaline-pumping activities such as White-Water rafting, All-Terrain Vehicle riding, kayaking, and more. It is also the perfect place to relax and chill-out. Take some time on the banks or an Island on the River Nile, staying in the budget to up-market comfort and from Jinja to downriver at more private accommodations. 

For the Luxury Traveler, there is the exclusive Wildwaters Lodge. Here you are located on a private island amid the Nile. There you can walk through the rainforest, enjoy the rushing sounds of the waters. You can take a bath on your veranda, most of all – take in the sights and sounds of the historic River Nile all around you – the food prepared by a renowned chef from Australia. Each meal is a feast of enjoyment to your palate.

Delight in a cool dip into the pool, have a refreshing tropical drink – chill out and relax on your private Island on the River Nile. There is a budget version of this Island. One could stay at Hairy Lemon’s – don’t let the name throw you off – another place of delight in the middle of the River Nile – a place to chill out and relax in Jinja.

Ssese Islands – Uganda’s Hidden Islands:

This delightful island chain in Lake Victoria, with its sandy beaches and lodging at moderate prices, is one of Uganda’s best places to chill out and relax.

Uganda may be landlocked without access to the Indian Ocean. Instead, it has Lake Victoria – this sea-like Lake that stretches between Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda – it is the second-largest Lake in the world. It provides plenty of opportunities to relax and enjoy. Eat some delightfully prepared fresh fish such as Tilapia or Nile Perch.

The choice of Lodges on Ssese Island ranges from budget to Luxury. Great places to relax and chill out at the end of your Safari.

The Ssese Islands – the perfect Tropical Islands in the sun. Places to relax and chill out. Uganda is more than an adventure country – you can relax and chill out here.

The Scenic Crater Lakes of Western Uganda

The Explosion Crater Lakes around Kibale Forest and Fort Portal’s town provide the perfect relax and chill-out spot toward the end of your Safari. Lodges, from moderate to exclusive, are located right one of the scenic Explosion Crater Lakes that are found here, providing the perfect backdrop to a few days of relaxation in the Pearl of Africa,

We know the Lodges best suited for you, such as the luxury Crater Safari LodgePapaya Lake LodgeNdali Lodge, and Kyaninga Lodge. The best midrange choice and a hidden pearl is Lodge Bella Vista.

Many of the Lakes is Bilharzia Free, and the Lodges have a swimming pool for you to enjoy. The Crater Lakes are a great place to Relax and Chill Out.

The Explosion Crater Lakes – another region in Uganda where you can relax and chill-out.

Entebbe – Before you fly out:

Most Visitors to Uganda do not realize what a tropical paradise the Pearl of Africa is. Uganda is a landlocked nation. However, it is home to the largest Lake in Africa, Lake Victoria. Entebbe, along with Lake Victoria, provides you with some great places and beaches where you can relax and chill out before flying out.

Some Hotels, such as the 2-Friends Beach Hotel, are located right on the Lake, have their own privacy and Sandy Beach. A great place to unwind after a safari in Uganda.

Entebbe is a place where many Ugandans flock to take time out to relax and chill out. It is also an excellent place for visitors to the Pearl of Africa to do the same. Hotels come in most price ranges from budget to Luxury. The choice is yours.

Pineapple Bay Resort on Bulago Island:

Some prefer privacy and exclusivity when it comes to a time of relaxation, unwinding, and chilling out. You do not have to fly to the Indian Coastline in Kenya or Tanzania. Welcome to Bulago Island, a private Island where Pineapple Bay Resort will fit you.

There are Private Luxury Beach Cottages.

You can stroll on Sandy Beaches or fish for Africa’s largest Freshwater Fish, the fighting Nile Perch. Enjoy a romantic dinner on the Beach, and celebrate your African Safari in Uganda. It is one of Uganda’s best and most luxurious resorts.

There other activities such as Horseback Riding, nature trails. Enjoy the delightful meals that will tantalize your senses and take in the quietness just south of the Equator. It does not get any better.

Our Take – on Places to Relax and Chill Out:

Best Places to relax and chill out. At the end of a safari after you have gone on a Gorilla Trek. Have tracked Chimpanzees, even climbed a Volcano, hiked through Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. It is time to relax and chill out for a day or two in Uganda before flying back home.

More and more clients are adding a few days to relax and chill out at the end of their Safari in the Pearl of Africa. Just let us know.

There is only one thing we do -“Create memorable Hakuna Matata worry-free Safaris. Enjoy the great places where to relax and chill out in Uganda. Let us know that you want to add a few days of relaxation to your itinerary in the Pearl of Africa.

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