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The right Clothing – Shoes – Hat for Children on a Family Safari

Posted by on November 27, 2016

Wearing The right Clothing – Shoes – Hat for Children on a Family Safari in Uganda – Rwanda

What to Wear – What to Have – What to Bring for Children on a Family Safari

The right Clothing – Shoes – Hat for Children on a Family Safari. Uganda and Rwanda are in thechildren-what-to-wear-on-safari-2 heart of Africa, the Equator runs right through Uganda, the sun is out and the weather is great causing people to dress like they are going on a Tropical Beach Vacation – a Huge Mistake.

You are going on a Family Safari in the Wild of Africa and what you bring, what you wear on a Family Safari is for the Comfort, Protection and well-being of your children and yes, in Uganda and Rwanda your family can relax along a sandy beach on Lake Victoria or Lake Kivu.

Enjoy your family Safari in Uganda or Rwanda and it all begins with wearing the right safari attire for children.

Teens on Safari should wear normal Adult Attire suited for the activities that you as a family are participating in.

The right Clothing - Shoes - Hat for Children on a Family SafariShoes for Children to Wear on Safari:


Your Child’s feet need to be protected, sandals are great around the lodge but not if you are going on a nature walk with your family.

The need sturdy shoes that will protect their ankles, give them protection from insects such as Fire Ants and other pesky things.

Children will not be able to track gorillas, chimpanzees, but can go on nature and forest walks where the right footwear is important.

Lightweight boots, sturdy shoes are just right for your kids on safari in Uganda or Rwanda. In Rwanda flip-flop sandals are not allowed due to jiggers that one may contract. The right footwear for your children on a family safari will make it more comfortable for them.

Safari Clothing for your Children on Safari:Safaro-Outfits-for-Children

Children – wearing the right clothing for an African Family Safari in Uganda or Rwanda will make it more comfortable for them. Yes, you are in the Tropics, however Uganda and Rwanda both have a pleasant climate due to its elevation. It does get a bit warmer in Kidepo Valley Park, Murchison Falls Park in Uganda and Akagera National Park in Rwanda.

Safari Clothing for children begins with a hat, wide-brimmed being the best, long-sleeved shirts, long trousers, socks, light rain jacket, bathing suits, sandals for around the lodge. The idea behind our recommendation is protection against mosquitoes, tsetse flies, branches, thorns, nettles you might encounter.

The color blue, especially for tops is to be avoided since they attract non-carrying disease tsetse flies. Black is also to be avoided at dinner time. Neutral is still best. Zip-on trousers are fine, jeans, though blue are sturdy and do not become dirty as quickly as Khaki.

If you are going with us on a Family Safari, we recommend a sweater or sweatshirt for the evenings or early mornings in Rwanda, and in Uganda in the southwest corners such as Kisoro, Mgahinga Gorilla Park, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest which is part of the highlands of Uganda.

Insect Repellent:

Insect Repellent is a must have on a family safari. Deet based repellent is most available across the world but it does not work on Tsetse flies in the Savannah parks. There is one product from Australia that does – RID.

RID cannot be purchased in the USA – you can order it online from Australia, also buy it in London from a Recreational Store there.

RID even has a children’s formula.

Upmarket Lodges spay the room you are staying in with insecticide at dinner time. You can purchase a spray-can of DOOM and it works just fine. All rooms we use have a mosquito net in them.

Keep in mind -malaria is transmitted by a female mosquito to another person that it has bitten. Malaria breaks out in tightly packed areas such as slum areas. There the infected mosquito does not have to fly far to infect a different person – it is different on Safari.

The right Clothing – Shoes – Hat for Children on a Family Safari in Uganda or Rwanda – it simply takes a bit of planning but it will make your time on an African Safari more enjoyable for you. It is about the protection, the well-being, health of your children as they travel through the heart of Africa. If you wear the right attire in Uganda they call it “Dressing Smart” – This is dressing right – dressing right for your family Safari.

The right Clothing – Shoes – Hat for Children on a Family Safari – if you have any questions – please contact us