Top Things to do and see in Entebbe – Uganda

Posted by on October 29, 2015

The Top Things to do and see in Entebbe – along Lake Victoria

Entebbe offers a variety of Top Things to do and see – activities in or near the town

Entebbe – a pleasant town in Uganda that most see as the place where one arrives or departs the Pearl of Africa – the International airport.  Entebbe however is much more – a town from where you can explore the various parks, places, islands, our national zoo and more.

Entebbe has a pleasant climate for you to enjoy – it is on Lake Victoria and you can access various choice destinations from here, most of them a short drive, or boat ride, now even by plane or helicopter.  Don’t miss out on what Entebbe and the surrounding area has to offer….Enjoy the top things to do and see in Entebbe.

Entebbe Botanical Gardens

Top Things to do and see in Entebbe - Botanical Gardens

It is said (including in the Bradt Guide – Uganda) that one of the original Tarzan movies was made here.  Even if not, it is a great place to spend a half or full day – you will love the flowers, trees, plants, birds, monkeys found here.  Best time is during the week when it is not busy here and there are less people and more of nature to enjoy. Entebbe Botanical Gardens

Entebbe Beaches


Entebbe Beaches – are great places to relax and enjoy – sunsets along a beach over Lake Victoria and its islands – and yes – this landlocked nation has sandy beaches including at Entebbe along Lake Victoria where you can have dinner on a sandy beach at a restaurant such as Goretti’s Pizzeria, Bar and Grill.

Entebbe Birding


Entebbe is a great place for birding – birders can easily spend a full day here in places such at the Botanical Gardens – forests and along Lake Victoria – Entebbe is a birders paradise.

Entebbe – Uganda Wildlife Educational Center


Uganda Wildlife Education Center – most call it the zoo is a great place to relax and walk around – located along Lake Victoria – you can take an afternoon mini-safari here and enjoy the vegetation, plants and trees found in Uganda at the same time. You can even schedule a morning personal encounter with the chimpanzees.

Ngamba – Chimpanzee Island


Ngamba Chimpanzee Island (chimpanzee orphanage) has become a popular add-on to some of our Safari clients – you can stay overnight here and enjoy the Island and chimpanzees and have an interactive experience with the chimpanzees and watch them during feeding times.  For quicker transport – you can now choose to fly to the island.

Entebbe and surrounding areas – Fishing for Nile Perch


Entebbe and the surrounding area including the islands offer some great fishing opportunities and a chance to catch the large Nile Perch, Tilapia or other freshwater fish.

Mabamba Swamp


Mabamba Swamp – a short trip from Entebbe is Mabamba Swamp, one of the best places in Uganda to see the Shoebill Stork and other water birds.  Mabamba Swamp the Best Place for Shoebill Storks

Snake Park


Short drive from Entebbe you will find the Snake Park – most likely you will not see many snakes during your time in Uganda, but at the Snake Park you can make up for that – lots of vipers to see here.

Entebbe Restaurants


Entebbe has a variety of restaurants to choose from – some like Goretti’s Pizzeria, Bar and Grill are located right on Lake Victoria – after you order have patience – enjoy a drink and the food is coming.

Ssese Islands


From Entebbe you can explore the Ssese Islands – voted as one of the best hidden Island Chain in the world.  You can boat, fish, take nature walks, visit villages and best of all it is only a short ride by boat from Entebbe. Ssese Islands – Uganda’s Hidden Islands

Entebbe – a lovely city with its markets – busy town center – Lake Victoria – the Ssese Islands …Enjoy the top Things to do and see in Entebbe…jon

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