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4-Day Luxury Fly-In Kidepo Valley Park Wildlife Safari

Posted by on November 16, 2019

4-Days in the remote, rugged Kidepo Valley Park in Uganda

4-Day Luxury Fly-In Kidepo Valley Park Wildlife Safari in remote, unvisited Uganda

4-Day Luxury Fly-In Kidepo Valley Park Wildlife Safari4-Day Luxury Fly-In Kidepo Valley Park Wildlife Safari takes you to another Africa that you thought no longer existed. Africa as it used to. Africa, as you might imagine it, but only better. Some have called Kidep Valley Park, “a lost Eden.”

It reminds you of Karen Blixen’s, Ernest Hemingway’s descriptions of an Africa that used to be but still is found in the remote, rarely visited Kidepo Valley Park where time seems to have stood still.

It is no wonder that CNN Travel picked as one of the Best Parks in Africa. Home to massive herds of Buffaloes and elephants, a thriving Lion population. The famous UK Wildlife Photographer Will Burrard-Lucas is convinced that the real Lion King lives in Kidepo Valley Park and is called Spartacus.

Kidepo Valley Park is ranked as one of the best Safari Destinations in Africa. Its rugged and stunning Scenery, 4-Day Luxury Fly-In Kidepo Valley Park Wildlife Safarithe abundant wildlife found here alone make it worth a visit. Kidepo Valley Park, with surrounding mountains, rugged semi-arid valleys, will remind one of Ernest Hemingway’s “Green Hills of Africa.”   

This 4-Day Luxury Fly-In Kidepo Valley Park Wildlife Safari takes you another Africa that is awaiting to be discovered by you.


This 4-Day Luxury Fly-In Kidepo Valley Park Wildlife Safari – an out-of-the-ordinary African Wildlife Safari that takes you back to Africa as it used to be.

Your 4-Day Luxury Fly-In Kidepo Valley Park Wildlife Safari in Detail

Day-1-Fly to Kidepo Valley Park with Aerolink Safari Airline

4-Day Luxury Fly-In Kidepo Valley Park Wildlife SafariWe Pick you at your Hotel in Entebbe at 11:00 am and drive to the Entebbe International Airport. Check-in with Aerolink Airline for your 12:30 pm flight to Kidepo Valley Park. Arrive in Kidepo at 2:45 pm, where you are picked up and taken to the exclusive Apoka Safari Lodge. Luggage Limit is 15kg.

Enjoy a late lunch or a bite to eat and refreshments. Afterward, you are taken on a late in the afternoon game drive into rich with wildlife Narus Valley. You will encounter vast herds of buffaloes.

Elephants, Giraffes, Lions, Leopards, Cheetahs. Various antelopes are found in this only year-around watering area of the park.  If you are lucky, you might see the small species of crocodiles that are found here in the swamps of the Narus Valley.

One thing that grabs know is stunning and rugged scenery all-around. At the end of the game drive, it is time for 4-Day Luxury Fly-In Kidepo Valley Park Wildlife Safarithat Safari Tradition of old – the Sundowner. A custom that goes back to the British Colonial Days and when Gin and strong Tonic Water was used to prevent Malaria. In Uganda, the sundowner traditions of drinks as the sun sets and African night begins often celebrated with Uganda Waragi and instead of Tonic Water, Krest Bitter Lemon Soda.

Many times sundowners on Safari are in the Bush, which adds the Safari Hakuna Matata – No-Worries on Safari life. A sundowner on Safari in Kidepo Valley Park is another one of that memorable extra that you will long remember.

Safari Sundowners do not have to be Gin and Tonic. Things have changed since the early day of Safari Life. A glass of Wine, a Beer, or other drink can be had. Most often, sundowners are accompanied by snacks like samosas.

Lodging – Upmarket:  Apoka Safari Lodge

Meal Plan:  Lunch – Dinner

Day-2-Kidepo Valley Park – Game Drive – Manayata Visit:

4-Day Luxury Fly-In Kidepo Valley Park Wildlife SafariA Bush Breakfast, another one of those memorable African Safari Traditions. The staff of Apoka Lodge excels at serving a traditional Bush Breakfast in the wilderness. Who knows who will drop-in while you are eating a traditional bush breakfast with a cup of Ugandan Arabica Bean coffee.

Somehow, a bush breakfast seems to taste better. There is something nostalgic about having your toast prepared over an open fire.

A bush breakfast is another memorable moment of discovery on Safari. Like the sundowner, it is part of the Safari tradition.

A bush breakfast can take place before or after your game drive. The two naturally fit together.

Lunch is back Apoka Lodge, and in the afternoon, it is a visit to a nearby Karamojong Manyatta. The Karamojong are a4-Day Luxury Fly-In Kidepo Valley Park Wildlife Safari proud Warrior-Nomad-Pastoralist People that even the British left alone when Uganda was a British Colonial Protectorate. Their Cattle meant everything in life to them. They felt that God had given them all of the cattle of the land and that they were the rightful owners and would raid other tribes in Uganda, Kenya, and South Sudan and take the cattle by force.

The Ugandan government disarmed the Karamojong warriors, and that has made the area stable and peaceful. Cattle is still king, and the official Karamojong Community still firmly believes that cattle is their future.

This is a cultural visit that you will find most interesting and give you insights into Authentic Africa, and in particular, insights into the Karamojong People who live in this area of Uganda called Karamoja.

At the end of the visit to the Manyatta, you return to Apoka Safari Lodge for sunset and the evening.

Lodging – Upmarket:  Apoka Safari Lodge

Meal Plan: Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner

Day 3-Visit the Ik People on Mount Morungole

Today it is a visit to one of the most remote tribes in East Africa. The Ik people living on Mount Morungole (2,750 4-Day Luxury Fly-In Kidepo Valley Park Wildlife Safarimeters elevation). The Ik People are recognized as indigenous people; their very name in their language means that they were here first. They were here long the Karamojong entered their land.  Today they number around 13,000.

They now have a voice in parliament with Hillary Lokwang, one of only two Ik University Graduates representing them. To get to the Ik community means hiking up the scenic Mount Morungole. The only way that you can reach the communities is on foot. There are no roads, only well-worn paths. For most, this will be one of the fascinating days on their African Journey as you learn about Ik People, their culture and ways. Here a bride is acquired not with cows as is common throughout Subsahara Africa, but with Beehives

Colin Turnbull wrote a somewhat negative book entitled “The Mountain People” about the Ik, which has been 4-Day Luxury Fly-In Kidepo Valley Park Wildlife Safaridisproved – he had tried to prove that the Ik people were incapable of loving. Today you will find out differently being welcomed by the Ik Community.

The Hike up Mount Morungole is not for the faint of heart.  It is an escorted and guided-8 hour round trip.  The climb is steep, which part of the adventure of the day.

Hiking Gear Needed: Packed lunch from Apoka Safari Lodge, bottled water, two to three liters. Energy snacks like dried fruit come in handy.

You will need a daypack, hiking boots, long trousers, and a long-sleeved shirt that is recommended as the best protection for you, along with a hat.

A porter to carry your daypack might make the hike easier along with a walking stick.

Lodging – Upmarket:  Apoka Safari Lodge

Meal Plan: Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner

4-Day Luxury Fly-In Kidepo Valley Park Wildlife SafariDay-4-Fly back to Entebbe:

The last breakfast at Apoka Lodge, something to be missed.  Then a guided nature walk or a game drive – take a last look at Kidepo Valley National Park

Enjoy your lunch at the lodge, and all good things somehow end…the memories and pictures made will remain.

Fly to Entebbe, keep your camera ready and get some great aerial shots of the pearl of Africa. Your flight departs at 3:00 pm and reaches Entebbe at 4:30 pm.

At the airport, you are met by your driver-guide and taken to your hotel – lodging or assisted in your departure from Uganda. You 4 Day Luxury Fly-In Kidepo Valley Park Wildlife Safari at Kidepo Valley Park comes to an end in  Entebbe where we can meet you and take you to your hotel for the night.

Meal Plan:  Breakfast – Lunch

Please Note: We can make arrival and departure hotel arrangements in Entebbe and include in the Safari. Any part of this safari can be adjusted to suit you.

You Lodge on this Safari-Apoka Safari Lodge:

4-Day Luxury Fly-In Kidepo Valley Park Wildlife SafariThe exclusive Apoka Safari Lodge is located inside of Kidepo Valley National Park. The lodge offers accommodation in ten spacious safari tents handmade by local craftsmen. Each tent has its private verandah offering endless views across the savannah and a sheltered terrace housing an outdoor stone bathtub. The hand-hewn beds are draped with mosquito nets, and the floors are covered with handwoven woolen carpets. Plush towels and comfy over-sized dressing gowns are provided for added comfort.

The main lodge has a comfortable sitting room, bar, and dining area, and there is a sheltered viewing tower offering 360-degree views of the surrounding landscape. Other facilities include a swimming pool carved out of the massive rock formation that is located here. Trained, knowledgeable, local guides will accompany guests on nature walks and game-tracking adventures.

Please Note:  The 4 Day Luxury Fly-In Kidepo Valley Park Wildlife Safari can be combined with any other safari or done as a stand-alone safari.  Any other park, activity such as the gorilla, chimpanzee tracking can be added on with additional ways and be either a fly-in safari as gorilla tracking, for example, or a land safari – the choice is yours. Still, there is much more to see and do in Uganda.

Safari includes Flight to and from Kidepo Valley National Park, Lodging at Apoka Safari Lodge, all game drives, park entrance, nature walks, cultural visits.

Contact us if you are interested in this 4 Day Luxury Fly-In Kidepo Valley Park Wildlife Safari