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Top Things to do and see Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve

Posted by on July 30, 2017

The Top Activities in the Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve

The Top Things to do and see Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve – Western Albertine Rift Valley – Lake Albert

The Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve, along the Western Rift Valley Trail, is the perfect scenic stop between Murchison Falls Park and Kibale Forest Park.  Located in the Western Rift Valley – Lake Albert and the Blue Mountains of the Congo in the distance.  Off of the beaten path for most visitors to Uganda – it is a scenic location and a place where discoverers came such as Samuel and Florence Baker.

Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve is simply off of the map for most Safari Tour operators, they simply pass it by and touristsTop Things to do and see Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve to Uganda miss out on one the most scenic wonders found in the Pearl of Africa – Uganda.  Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve comprises 87 square miles of protected land.  It consists of an isolated plain along Lake Albert and splendid views of Lake Albert – and the Blue Mountains of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

There is a moderate up-market lodge located here that meets most needs and offers various activities for its guest.  Along the shore of Lake Albert beneath the savanna plain of Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve lies a typical fishing village where you can visit and see what life is like for the people who eke out a living here by fishing.

The Lake might look placid but it can turn into a violent and stormy sea, even early explorers found it so as the fishermen of today still find a facing a storm a most frightening experience.

Kabwoya-Wildlife-Reserve-Western-Rift-Valley-Western-Uganda.jpgBefore and during the 1960’s Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve was filled with wildlife but due to the war years, government overthrows of the past poachers had a field day and cattle herders grazed their cattle here later.  The Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve was established in 2002 and leased to a private tourism and conservation operator that also runs the only Lodge at Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve which is Lake Albert Safari Lodge and a very nice place to stay while visiting the Wildlife Reserve.

Since 2002 the conservation efforts were implemented at Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve wildlife has returned and continues to return.  Uganda Wildlife Authority is also restocking some of the wildlife that used to be found here such as Hartebeests.  You can see many various antelopes here including Uganda Kob, Bushbuck, and Duikers, there are also buffaloes found here. Primates found here include Black and White Colobus Monkeys and Chimpanzee that are found in the forests along the Hoywa and Wambabya Rivers and the tributaries that lead to them.  Along the lakeside Cliffs, you can find baboons and hippos below in Lake Albert.

There are lots of Things to do and see – Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve and we have put some together for you below.  Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve, down the western rift escarpment, is the perfect stop-over for a day or two if you are going to Kibale Forest from Murchison Falls Park or the other way around.

Top Things to do – see Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve:

fishing-lake-albertFishing for Nile Perch in Lake Albert:

Lake Albert is a top spot for anglers and when you are in the Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve we can organize a half-day or full-day fishing trip for you on Lake Albert.

Lake Albert is a great place for fishing and not just for Nile Perch but other species.  You will have a motorboat with an expert guide and all the fishing tackle, bait that you will need for your time fishing on the lake.

We will also organize drinks and packed lunch for the day if you are fishing all day on the lake.

Maximum of 3 anglers per boat.

kabwoya-nature-walksGuided Hikes and Nature Walks:

Guided Hikes and Nature Walks are a very popular activity on the Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve.

At times the Nature Walks are quite scenic in nature since you most often have the Albertine Rift Escarpment as a backdrop.

There are no predators here in the Reserve making it a very safe, guided hike where you see many antelopes, warthogs,  various species of birds and other wildlife along your journey.

Please let us know if you like to hike in the Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve while on safari with us.

Mountain-Bike-Riding-Safaris-KabwoyaMountain Bike Riding:

The savanna plains of the Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve have some great trails where mountain bikers can move along, see some wildlife and birds along their trails and enjoy a half-day or a full-day with packed lunch and some drinks.

Mountain Bikers will find this a great Wildlife Reserve just right a mountain biking safari.  There are only two other parks where you go on a mountain Biking Safari, Mount Elgon and Lake Mburo Park.

An added benefit of going on mountain biking safari is that there are not many that venture to the Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve.

quad-biking-kabwoyaATV – Quad Biking Safaris:

Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve now has the added feature of ATV Quad Biking Safaris within the reserve.

There is only wildlife park where ATV Quad Biking Safaris can be taken and that is Lake Mburo.

Once again the Kabwoya wildlife reserve is a great place for an activity such as ATV Quad Biking.

Not only will you have the scenery of the wildlife reserve but there is the wildlife and birds that you will see along the way.

Fossil-Hunting-KabwoyaFossil Hunting:

Fossil Hunting is something the whole family can enjoy and children, especially delight in after they find an arrowhead, piece of pottery, spearhead and more.

Fossil Hunting on the Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve produces results for visitors and is not just an exercise in futility – people actually find fossils here.

Fossil Hunting can be readily incorporated into your safari if it includes Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve and you stay at Lake Albert Lodge.

The Fossil Hunt is great for those on safaris with children.


Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve is a great spot for birders.  There are over 460 species of birds found on the reserve and birders delight of being out spotting them.

Lake Albert Lodge has a price for those that can record all the birds that they have recorded.

A good birding guide is available to those that would like to go on a bird-walk while here/

You will also see wildlife as a bonus on top of the birds that you spot on your birding walk.

There are many Top Things to do and see Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve and besides the above activities listed there are Game Drives and nocturnal or night drives that you can go on.  Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve – off of the beaten tourist track but with much to offer.

Lake Albert Safari Lodge on Lake Albert – Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve

If you like to do some of the Top Things to do and see Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve please let us know.

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