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Kidepo Savannah Lodge – Kidepo Valley Park – Africa as it used to be

Posted by on June 3, 2017

Affordability and Quality at Kidepo Savannah Lodge

The right choice for those on a budget or moderately priced Wildlife Safari

Kidepo Savanna Lodge has brought affordability without a compromise in quality to Uganda’s most remote Park.  Now Budget and those looking for a moderately Safari Lodge in Kidepo Valley Lodge have found the answer with this new lodge.  

You have the choice of self-contained Safari Tents of furnished tents with shared bath facilities.  Both choices give you the quality and standards that Nature Lodges has brought consistently to its other accommodation options in Uganda.

One of the missing ingredients to a great Safari at this remote park has been a shortage of lodging Choice, Kidepo Savannah Lodge gives you just that while you are exploring one of Africa’s Best National Parks according to CNN Travel.  The lodge makes the Safari to Kidepo Valley Park affordable for budget and moderately budgeted Safari Goers.

Kidepo Savannah Lodge is just outside of the Kalokudo Gate Entrance into  Kidepo Valley Park.  From your Safari Tent, you have a view of Africa as it used to be 50 plus years ago.  This is the Africa of the likes of Ernest Hemingway and Karen Blixen and you have just checked into the affordable option when it comes to Kidepo Valley Park.  The feature that stands out about this lodge is the track record Nature Lodges have in their Ugandan Accommodations.

Your Safari Tent, whether en-suite or shared bath will be comfortable and clean.  There is Solar Lighting throughout the facility and solar-powered hot water for shower.  You have a view from the entrance of your tent where you can relax and take in your serene and remote Surroundings.  Go to sleep to the roar of a lion and wake up to the trumpeting of an elephant and the chirping of birds large and small.

Kidepo Savannah Lodge has a delightful menu for you that will be just right for you along with a cold soda or beer available from the Bar.  The quality of service is excellent making your mealtimes even more enjoyable.

The Lodge is the perfect Starting Point to exploring Kidepo Valley National Park for its wildlife, it is also a great location to visit Karamojong People in the nearby Manyattas and the Ik People on Mount Morungole.

Kidepo Savannah, your budget, and midrange choice as you explore one of Africa’s Best Parks.  Please let us know if you like to stay here and we will mark your itinerary accordingly.


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