The Best Insect Repellent for your Safari in Uganda – Rwanda

Posted by on January 10, 2017

Protecting yourself from Insect Bites of both Mosquitoes and Tsetse Flies

The Australian Product RID – The Best Insect Repellent for your Safari in Uganda – Rwanda.

The Best Insect Repellent for your Safari in Uganda – Rwanda.  Africa is the continentThe Best Insect Repellent for your Safari in Uganda - Rwanda with some of the best wildlife, primates, birds, reptiles and more. Africa is also home to an abundance of bugs,flies, mosquitoes and tsetse Flies.

Bugs abound in Africa as they do in Uganda and Rwanda.  We will give you some of the best ways to protect yourself and make your time on safari in the heart of Africa Enjoyable.

Deet- Based products such as Off, Cutters are most commonly used by Safari Goers as in Insect Repellent especially those coming from North America, Europe and UK.

Some use natural products such as citronella, soy bean oil, rosemary oil, lemon eucalyptus with various stories of success when applied in a spray bottle with water.  Others claim that Nivea Plain Blue body lotion works wonders against biting insects.

The Insects that will bother you most on Safaris are flies, mosquitoes and tsetse flies.  Deet based products work on flies and mosquitoes but not on tsetse flies.  The colors that you wear lessen the chance that you become a target of insects.

Your Clothing on Safari Protects against Insect Bites:

On Safari, especially walking and hiking safaris in savanna parks avoid the color blue, black, they attract tsetse flies (they can bite through thin fabric).  Jeans seem to fine, but it is the blue tops that attract.  At night while having dinner outside avoid bright clothing which attract mosquitoes.  The first line of defense against bugs is long trousers and long-sleeved shirts or tops in neutral colors.

Yes you are in the Tropics, yes the sun shines and it gets warm.  What you might want to do is what Rangers in both Uganda and Rwanda wear in parks, you will find long trousers and long-sleeved shirts for protection against insects, even protection against nettles, thorny bushes and bothersome branches.

The Tsetse Fly was the Creator of Uganda Wildlife ParksWhich Insect Repellent do we recommend?

The Best Insect Repellent for your Safari in Uganda – Rwanda. We have found that our clients  have found the best all-around protection using the top rated Australian RID repellent which has been protecting Australian Families against Mozzies since 1956 and has come out Number 1 in tests against other insect repellents.  The product is not available in North America and most of Europe.  There is a Safari Store in the UK where you can buy it.

A variety of RID repellent products are in  sprays or creams is available and can be purchased online from an Australian online Store or one in the UK.

RID’s Medicated Plus Antiseptic range of products seem to be the top of the class and offer the most effective mosquito repellent with the added constituents of Chamomile to soothe the bite and Vitamin E which assispetered-by-flies-on-safarits in wound healing in addition to the Medicated formulation of antiseptic and a fly repellent.

The anti-inflammatory agents of Chamomile & Vitamin E will relieve stinging, itching and swelling, caused by insect bites, nettles and prickles.  This means that if an insect does bite, RID soothes the itching and swelling, reducing the temptation to scratch the bite. If the itch is scratched and the skin is broken, RID assists in preventing bacterial infection.  There are RID Repellents for children and a Tropical Strength product that you can buy.

RID – Insect Repellent actually Works repelling both Mosquitoes and Tsetse Flies, besides other insects  – read what people say in forums about hikes in Africa without being bitten by mosquitoes or tsetse flies.  The above was an unsolicited recommendation and we make no income from RID.

Packing Advice:

Any Deet based product should be tightly closed, in a zip-lock bag to protect any other items.

Where to buy

The UK online Safari Store

Australia  Store and online Information:

Reality about Insects that bite in Africa and Disease:

Yes, you can get Malaria in Uganda and Rwanda, there are some things you do not know about Malaria.  It takes a female mosquito that has bitten someone with malaria and then flies to a “nearby” person – dwelling and they come down with it, this is why malaria spreads in slums.  On Safari you are away from civilization and close quarters, the mosquito is not carrying malaria and we have never had a client come down with malaria.

Tsetse Flies created the parks today through wiping out the population with sleeping sickness. There is not sleeping sickness carried by tsetse flies in parks. Dengue fever which is carried by mosquitoes – we have never read of a tourist in Uganda or Rwanda come down with it, though in other regions including the Kenya Coast they have.

Conclusion – it is safer to be on safari than it is to cross the road in Kampala or Kigali.

Extra Prevention:

Minimize sugar intake, use the mosquito net provided spray your room when going to dinner with Doom, an East African product in a spray can that works on all kinds of insects, including spiders.  Upmarket lodges will spray the room  Spend 4 dollars in Uganda or Rwanda and take it on Safari. Use mosquito coils, citronella candles.  Do not leave the door or windows open, you avoid gnats.

The Best Insect Repellent for your Safari in Uganda – Rwanda – If you have questions about insect repellent while on Safari with us – please contact us.