Nshenyi Cultural Village Stay – Experience the Ankole Culture in Uganda

Posted by on October 6, 2016

Visit and Stay in the Nshenyi Cultural Village in Uganda

Nshenyi Cultural Village Stay – Experience the Ankole Culture in Uganda with a Village Visit and Stay

Nshenyi Cultural Village Stay – Experience the Ankole Culture in Uganda.  Nshenyi  Cultural Village is your  introduction into the Ankole culture.While you stay here you will experience that traditional pastoralist way of living.  Enjoy the quiet Ugandan countryside, the simplicity of life around you here.  Nshenyi Village remains Authentic Rural Africa where the simplicity of life, tradition, culture, family, friends are appreciated and held closely.

The Majestic Ankole Cow with its large horns remains king here.  Wake up early and before dawn you can milk the cows for a warm glass of milk for breakfast. Visit a school, or even escort the local children there. Assist in the meal preparations including how matooke (plantain bananas are prepared), watch Ghee being made and see how all the things from cows are used here from hide to meat.

You might even see how Banana Beer or Juice is made once again enjoy pitching as you stomp on the Bananas with your Feet.  At dinner time be entertained by traditional dances and songs as the moon rises and you are warmed by a camp fire.

Welome to Nshenyi Cultural Village near the border with Rwanda and Tanzania, where life is still the way it used to be and where nature’s splendors surround you.

Nshenyi Village Stay is an cultural immersion into another way of life where you observe the pulling together of community mixed with a lot humor and laughter.

 Nshenyi Cultural Village Stay – Experience the Ankole Culture in Uganda. While in the Nshenyi Cultural Village you stay in traditional huts, bandas, clean, furnished, bathing is done outside and warm water can be prepared.  Most rural Ugandans take cold showers with a basin. That might be a bit of a morning shock.

At the main-lodge the food is served, traditional fare, your input  will be taken into consideration.  Bottled water is available from us.  Drinks such as sodas and beer can be bought here for you to enjoy a sunset with.

This is a great place for one of our Family – Kid Friendly Safaris – go our advice page and you will find lots of help as to how one plans a family safari in Uganda and for most Children the Nshenyi Cultural Village would be a great addition.

Every Safari in Uganda needs a few days where one immerses himself in Ugandan Culture, a Nshenyi Cultural Village does just that.

This is a great break to your Primate and Wildlife Safari and allows you to meet ordinary Ugandans

Things you can do and see at Nshenyi Cultural Village – Where the Ankole Culture Comes Alive:

  • Traditional music and dance of South Western Uganda performed in the evening
  • Learn traditional fishing techniques – this should be a lot of fun
  • Watch and learn how milk is processed – it all starts with milking and you can assist.
  • Nighttime Campfire experience and bull roasting for a taste of the lowest in cholesterol beef, yet tender. There is also story telling at the campfire.
  • Take nature walks through animal husbandry
  • Experience the tradition of homestead crop cultivation and food processing
  • Bird watching walks
  • Visit the Batwa Pygmy community where they have become potters instead of the hunters and gatherers they once were.
  • Visit a local School
  • Visit the larger community -often referred to by its function – trading center.
  • Take a hike into Tanzania and cross the Kagera River
  • You can even visit Rwanda through the Mirama Hill border

You can include Nshenyi Village that includes Western Uganda, spend one or two nights here and it will enrich your time on Safari Uganda.

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If you are interested in a Nshenyi Cultural Village Stay – Experience the Ankole Culture in Uganda – Please contact us.