Nocturnal Forest Walk in Kibale Forest

Posted by on December 20, 2016

Take a Hike at Night in the Jungle -Nocturnal Forest Walk in Kibale Forest

Explore Kibale Forest at night on a Nocturnal Forest Walk in the Jungle

 Nocturnal Forest Walk in Kibale Forest. There are various nocturnal forest walks offered near Kibale Forest, however the best one undoubtedly is within Kibale Forest Park itself. This is a 1 1/2 to 2-hour hike at night in Forest where you explore the forest and the creatures of the night, the nocturnal creatures, the birds of the night, all the things that move at night.

The Nocturnal Forest Walk in Kibale Forest takes place after you have dinner at your lodge (7:30pm).  If you are going to the nocturnal forest walk while on safari with us, we will place you in a lodge that is conveniently near to the Park Headquarters.

We suggest to our clients that they bring a daypack, one liter of water, have boots, long trousers, tuck them into the  heavy sock which gives protection against insect bites and scratches, long-sleeved shirt, a light rain jacket and wear a hat. Use an insect repellent, the best one is the Australian Product RID.

Here you have a brief orientation from Uganda Wildlife Authority Rangers and then it is off onto the trail into the jungle.  This is a tropical rainforest, Kibale is where the jungle of West and Central Africa meets Uganda.  Kibale Park is an interesting place to explore during the daytime, but it is a whole nother world at night. Battery powered spotlights are used to illuminate the trail and spot animals, birds and other creatures of the night that you encounter while on the hike.

While one portion of the animals and birds go to sleep such as the chimpanzees, the nocturnal world comes alive.  The sounds of the forest change from the cries and chatter of chimpanzees to the eerie sounding shrieks of the tree hyrax.

Most often you will see Pottos, Bush Babies, Tree Hyrax, birds of the night such as the Nightjar, Owls and predators such as the Civet or Serval Cats.

Beyond even seeing various creatures of the night, it is the feeling of the jungle with its Night sounds, plants and trees that seem to take a different appearance at night.  A main feature of the walk is experiencing the sounds of the night on your Nocturnal Forest Walk in Kibale Forest, that alone is an out of the ordinary experience.

If you like to include the Nocturnal Forest Walk in your safari with us, please let us know.