Kampala – the City that never Sleeps

Posted by on July 13, 2017

Kampala – the City that never Sleeps – up all night in Kampala

There is no city in Africa like Kampala at Night where there is much to do and see from Mild to Wild.

Kampala – the City that never Sleeps– nighttime in Kampala is like daytime in many other cities -it is busy.  New York City may be the Big Apple known for its nightlife.

Kampala is the Big Banana and here the bars close at dawn if at all it is truly the City in Africa that never sleeps and for that reason alone it attracts visitors from throughout Africa.

A Note to our Safari Clients:  You can experience the City that never sleeps on a night out on the town.  See the Nightlife Culture firsthand as we take you on a Safe Night out in the Big Banana – Kampala.  You will have a one of a kind cultural experience, not replicated elsewhere.

Kampala – the City that never Sleeps is a Cultural Experience – especially for the Western Visitors – but even for visitors from other parts of Africa.  Many choices await you you at night as for things  to do and see in nighttime Kampala.Kampala - the City that never Sleeps

Live Concerts-especially on weekends: 

Uganda has some great musicians –various venues in and around Kampala.  Ask one of the staff members of your hotel regarding a concert where local Ugandan Musicians are performing – experience the vibrancy of Ugandan Music with a wide range of choices – performers from Gospel to Ugandan Dance Music and most music performed is Music you can dance to no matter how stiff you might be –

Uganda has some headliners such as Juliana that has a most fantastic voice that has been internationally recognized for her performances and most simply love her music.  Uganda has their own version of Tracy Chapman-Sarah Ndagire-who will delight you with her story telling songs, you can visit the Afrigo Band performing live – certainly a treat, Jose Chameleon, Weazel and Radio, Bobbi Wine anyone of them and hundreds of others will give you an insight into Uganda and some reasons why this city Kampala – the City that never Sleeps is up all night until dawn and beyond.

Not to be Missed:  If you are in Kampala on a weekend – get someone to take you to the Ndere Centre – have a taste of Uganda at dinner and then watch a performance of the Ndere Troupe – Traditional Dance and Music – Storytelling from around Uganda – simply “Africa comes Alive” watching a performance of the Ndere Troupe – simply a must for a visitor to Kampala and do not forget the award winning Sosolya Dance and drumming troupe on Sunday afternoon at the International Hotel in Muyenga.

Theater Performances:  There are also excellent Theater Performances in English in various places including the National Theatre.

Movies:  You can certainly go and take in a movie in Kampala in a very nice setting – but if you are here for a short time – take in the life here,  the culture, the sights and sounds of Kampala.

Kampala - the City that never SleepsNightlife in Kampala:  New York never sleeps but there is a big difference – the bars close like at 2 am – no such thing in Kampala – they just stay open until the last  customer leaves. Loud Music – dancing – and lots of beer, Waragi – Ugandan Gin and general a jovial  affair and Kampala – the City that never Sleeps keeps partying until the next day.

There are all kinds of bars in Kampala – those that many westerners frequent – some quite trendy , and then there are the places where you find mostly Ugandans.  Engage a good driver, a non-drinker preferred who can escort to various places at night in Kampala and the night in Kampala starts after 10 and goes on into the next day.

The most concentrated bar and nightclub district mixed in with Food Offerings is Kabalagala – it is where the action is from mild to wild.

It is best to go in a group – leave most of your cash in the hotel’s safe, only carry Ugandan Shillings on you, when you pay for something do not pull out your wallet for all to see the cash you have.  The need factor is great here and mobile phones, cash, wallets are often stolen in busy bars or night clubs.

A pub crawl is fun for some visitors and we have supplied many a group with driver and a vehicle for the night – do not do use a boda-boda motorcycle taxi, but use a for hire vehicle which is a taxi here, but have a Ugandan negotiate the rate. If you are a foreigner – the price tends to go up and in some cases astronomically.

As a Foreigner alone – around you will be a beehive of activity with attractive ladies vying for your attention – many of them mosquito girls – they may be attractive but they may leave you with many unattractive things – abstention is a good alternative.

Kampala – Nightlife – Safety and Security – staying safe while on a night on the town:

If you have any questions about Kampala – the City that never Sleeps – please contact us.