Kalinzu Forest – Chimpanzee Tracking – Birding – Nature Walks

Posted by on January 7, 2019

Kalinzu Forest – Chimpanzee Tracking – Hiking Trails, Birding

Hitting the Trails in Kalinzu Forest – 95% Chimpanzee Trekking Success – 40 USD Chimpanzee Trekking – Minimum Age 12

 When it comes to seeing Chimpanzees in the Wild of Western Uganda, Kalinzu Forest is the second best choice for seeing Chimpanzees on a Trek after Kibale Forest with a 95% Success Rate in observing Chimpanzees at 110 USD less than Kibale Forest with is 40 USD Trekking Rate.

Kalinzu Forest – Chimpanzee Tracking is accessible from the Mweya area of Queen Elizabeth Park it is a 45-minute drive – this is a National Forest where Minimum Age for Chimpanzee Tracking is 12 and not 15 to the delight of many a pre-teen.

Kalinzu Forest is near to Queen Elizabeth Park and chimpanzee trekking here is usually better than in the Kyambura Gorge. 

You can make Kalinzu Forest Reserve an all-day outing by hitting the excellent hiking trails and birding that are found here in Kalinzu Forest.

There are four hiking trails in the forest and hikes are from an hour to all day in length.

Presently besides a camping site, there is no lodging available here and you have to take the drive back to your Queen Elizabeth Park Lodging with our Driver Guide.

Kalinzu Forest Reserve in Western Uganda is one of those special places that you have always wanted to explore.  If you are visiting Queen Elizabeth Park – you can easily visit and spend a day in Kalinzu Forest Reserve Hiking, nature walks, birding, chimpanzee tracking and more all accessible from Queen  Elizabeth National Park – Mweya Area.

You can come to Kalinzu Forest with a packed lunch and spend the whole day, chimpanzee tracking, birding, hiking and exploring this forest which was off of the beaten tourist path for most visitors to Uganda.

Kalinzu Forest is home to over 414 species of trees, shrubs and in this forest, you can find 379 species of birds which is an amazing treasure trove for birders. 378 Species of Birds call this their home including the Great Blue Turaco, Black and White Casket, Cuckoos, and Sunbirds.
There are six different Species of Primates found in Kalinzu Forest Reserve including the Blue Monkeys, Vervet Monkeys, Black and White Colobus Monkeys, and Chimpanzees. There are over 220 Chimpanzees, 70 plus chimpanzees have been habituated can be tracked here at Kalinzu Forest Reserve. That is not all,  262 Butterflies, 97 Moths, Reptiles and Flowers can all be seen here.
You can hike up the Kishunja Hill Viewpoint, one can behold the entire Forest Canopy, great parts of the Queen Elizabeth National Park and some Peaks of the Rwenzori Mountains. Kalinzu Forest is close to Queen  Elizabeth National Park and wildlife from that park comes over to Kalinzu Forest Reserve and there are times that you can see Leopards, antelopes, and wild pigs.
Activities abound in Kalinzu Forest Reserve and you can go on four different guided forest trails.  There is a trail along the River Kajojo, where you will see various kind of trees along the nature walk.  Whether you take the valley trail, waterfall trail or the Palm trail you will enjoy your time here at Kalinzu Forest Reserve.

The River Trail
This is a short 2 ½ km circular trail that will take about 1 hour. The major feature of this walk is the River Kajojo or ‘elephant river’ so-called because elephants used to bathe here. The trail goes past some fine specimens of ‘Parinari excelsa’ the climax tree in the forest and a huge strangler figure. You will find some species of the primates found here including Chimpanzees.

The Palm Trail
A 5 km circular trail taking between 1 ½ – 2 hours over the relatively flat terrain. Visitors will discover some fascinating forest trees along this trail including the ‘Flame tree’ with its large, red, tulip-like flames which  supposedly activates sexual desire in women, ‘Raphia Palms’ used for making local mats, a spectacular ‘Dragon tree’.

The Valley Trail
This is a 3 ½ km circular trail takes approximately 2 hours and offers spectacular views into a steep valley. Hike along a ridge and past a number of interesting forest features such as the ‘Mutragyne rubrostipuleta’ or ‘viagra’ tree.

The Waterfall Trail
This is an 11 km loop trail taking between 4 and 5 hours over some hilly and, in parts, wet terrain. This trail leads to a magnificent waterfall – Kilyantama.

Most come for Kalinzu Forest – Chimpanzee Tracking which is a 4-hour experience here.  The Chimpanzees have been studied by Japanese researchers and were also habituated by them which means that they are used to human beings.

Chimpanzees area tracked by small, guided groups of visitors who find this a most amazing time to be so near to our closest relatives in the wild. Hikers will love coming here and they can easily spend a full day in the Forest.

 Kalinzu Forest Reserve in our opinion is a great all-day outing in the forest. Your Guide will tell you the legends and myths of old about the Forest. You see wildlife, birds, primates such as Chimpanzees.

For Visitors to Queen Elizabeth Park, it is an excellent alternative for Chimpanzee Trekking to Kyambura Gorge with a much higher probability of seeing Chimpanzees.  The forest has had Japanese researchers habituate Chimpanzees for over 20 years. 

For Birders, this is a great forest to visit and those that want to hit the Hiking Trails will be delighted as to what awaits them here.

You can spend all days in the forest and bring a picnic lunch. Be sure to have a good pair of Hiking Boots, long trousers, long-sleeved shirt, a hat and a light Rain Jacket, we also suggest if you are coming for the day with us, 1 to 2 liters of Drinking Water.

If you interested in adding  Kalinzu Forest – Chimpanzee Tracking to your safari itinerary with us-please let us know.