Kalinzu Forest – Chimpanzee Tracking – Birding – Nature Walks

Posted by on December 4, 2019

Kalinzu Forest – Chimpanzee Tracking – Hiking Trails, Birding

Chimpanzee Trekking in  Kalinzu Forest – 2nd Best for Chimpanzee Trekking Success –

Kalinzu Forest - Chimpanzee Tracking - Birding - Nature WalksThe Kalinzu Forest Reserve is a biodiverse tropical rainforest that is teeming with life. The 137 square-kilometer forest ranges in altitude between 1,000 and 1,500 meters above sea-level. 

The Forest is home to 200 plus Chimpanzees plus blue Monkeys, Vervet Monkeys, black and white Colobus Monkeys, L’hoest Monkeys, and Olive Baboons.

There are 414 species of Trees and Shrubs that you will find here. There are 379 species of birds, making this a must-visit Forest for birders. Add to that the 262 species of butterflies, reptiles, and various mammals such as Forest Elephants, Forest Buffaloes, Antelopes, Bushpigs, to name a few.

Kallinzu Forest is the 2nd best Chimpanzee trekking destination in Uganda. Kibale Forest is the number one Chimpanzee Destination; however, Kalinzu Forest is a close second. It is the best Chimpanzee Destination from Queen Elizabeth Park. There is a better chance of seeing Chimpanzees in Kalinzu Forest than in the Kyambura Gorge in Queen Elizabeth Park.

Kalinzu Forest -Chimpanzee Trekking has been made possible by dedicated Japanese researchers who have been Kalinzu Forest - Chimpanzee Tracking - Birding - Nature Walksstudying the Chimpanzees in Kalinzu Forest for over 20 years. Two habituated Chimpanzee Troops can be tracked here. There are no fixed times for the Chimpanzee Treks. It can take place when you arrive at Kalinzu Forest. Well-trained and experienced guides.

The Biodiverse Forest is the perfect setting for your Chimpanzee Trek. The Forest is as you imagine a rainforest to be, only better.

Long before you see the Chimpanzee, you will hear their hoots in the distance. Cries that only get louder as you get closer and are spotted by the Chimpanzees.

The chimpanzee trekked by rangers who know the forest and the chimpanzees. They can point out things that you might miss. For comfort on the Trek, be sure to follow our Chimpanzee Gear and Wear Advice.

Kalinzu Forest - Chimpanzee Tracking - Birding - Nature WalksKalinzu Forest -Chimpanzee Trekking Gear and Wear: You should have the right gear and clothing for Chimpanzee Trekking or Hiking in Kalinzu Forest. 

Here is what we recommend that you have — an excellent waterproof Daypack with a packed lunch from your lodge and two liters of bottled water. 

You will need well worn-in boots with thick socks. Wear Long trousers which are best tucked into the socks. You will also need a long-sleeved shirt, and a light rain jacket or poncho, which you can put into your daypack.

We also suggest to wear a hat, use sunblock and insect repellent. All this is to protect you from nettles, thorns, underbrush, and insects. 

Additionally, we suggest that you protect your camera equipment with Ziploc bags or a shower cap. Binoculars will come in handy while you are trekking in Kalinzu Forest.

Hitting the Trails in Kalinzu Forest:

The Forest Trails: There are four forest trails that you can hike. A moderate level of fitness is advised since this is Kalinzu Forest - Chimpanzee Tracking - Birding - Nature Walkshilly terrain. The length of the trails vary, and there is one right for you.

The River Trail: This

This short 2 ½ km circular trail takes approximately 1 hour. The primary feature along this walk is the River Kajojo or ‘elephant river’ so-called because elephants used to bathe here.

The trail goes past some fine specimens of “Parinari excelsa,” the climax tree in the Forest, and a colossal strangler figure. Visitors will see some primates along this trail, including Chimpanzees.


The Palm Trail

Here is a 5 km circular trail. The trail is between 1 ½ – 2 hours long and is over relatively flat terrain. Visitors will discover some fascinating forest trees along this trail, including the ‘Flame tree.” The tree has large, red, tulip-like flames which supposedly activates sexual desire in women. There are also the “Raphia Palms,” which are used for making local mats, and the somewhat spectacular “Dragon tree.” 

The Valley Trail

This 3 ½ km circular trail takes approximately 2 hours and offers spectacular views over the valley. Visitors will trek along a ridge and past several exciting forest features. A forest favorite is the ‘Mutragyne rubrostipuleta’ or ‘viagra’ tree. 

Kalinzu Forest - Chimpanzee Tracking - Birding - Nature WalksThe Waterfall Trail

It is an 11 km loop trail taking that will take 4 and 5 hours over some hilly and, in parts, wet terrain. This trail leads to a magnificent waterfall “kilyantama” locally known as ‘the sheep eater.’ Visitors will 

discover the tree that “baboons cannot climb.” 

and barkcloth figs which are used in the craft industry to make beautifully decorated table cloths, curtains, handbags, and ceremonial clothes.

You can hike up the Kishunja Hill Viewpoint. From there, you can see the entire Forest Canopy, parts of the Queen Elizabeth National Park, and some Peaks of the Rwenzori Mountains. Kalinzu Forest is close to Queen Elizabeth National Park, and wildlife from that park comes over to Kalinzu Forest Reserve. At times you can see Leopards, antelopes, elephants, buffaloes, and wild pigs. 

Most come for Kalinzu Forest – Chimpanzee Tracking, which is a 4-5 hour experience here. Rangers guide all treks and hikes in the park.

Kalinzu Forest can be an all-day outing that includes Chimpanzee Trekking, Hiking, Birding. Have a picnic lunch in the forest and return to your lodge in nearby Queen Elizabeth Park by Su

If you are interested in adding  Kalinzu Forest – Chimpanzee Tracking to your safari itinerary with us-please let us know.Kalinzu Forest - Chimpanzee Tracking - Birding - Nature Walks