Entebbe International Airport – Uganda – Tourist Information

Posted by on November 12, 2019

Information for Tourists Arriving or Departing Entebbe International Airport – Uganda

EBB – Entebbe International Airport  – Practical Advice – Tips – Information for Tourists

 Entebbe International Airport – Uganda – Practical Information for Tourists, Safari Goers, Travelers about Entebbe International Airport (EBB), which is the Gateway to the Pearl of Africa – Uganda.  

Security is tight here, making getting to Departure more difficult.  There is no roadside drop-off or pick up directly at Entebbe International Airport. You have to walk to or from the parking lot for departure and to it during arrival. 

If our Safari Tour Guide is meeting you, it will be outside of the building at arrivals with a Hand-Held Kabiza Wilderness Safaris Sign on him. Entebbe Airport (EBB) is not the grandest looking building. Still, it is very functional, and the airport, immigration, custom Staff on duty will do their best to be of help to a Tourist arriving in the Pearl of Africa – Uganda.  

Uganda is just ahead of you after you leave the Arrivals and step outside.  Your African Dream Safari is about to begin, and we are glad you came.  If you are departing, we look forward to Greeting you again in the future as you return to the Pearl of Africa.

Entebbe International Airport – Uganda – Practical Information for Tourists

 Getting to Uganda:

Getting here has become more comfortable in the last few years. More airlines have added Entebbe to their routes, and that includes from and to other African Countries such as Kenya, Rwanda, and Tanzania.

Airlines that come to Entebbe International Airport include African Express Airways, Brussels Airlines, East African Safari Air Express Limited, Egypt Air, Emirates, Ethiopian Airlines, Kenya Airways, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Precision Air Services, Qatar Airways, RwandAir, South African Airways, and Turkish Airlines.

Ugandan Airlines took to the air again in 2019. You can now fly Uganda Airlines to other East African Safari Destinations such as Dar es Salaam, Kilimanjaro Airport in Arusha in Tanzania. They also fly to Nairobi and Mombasa on the  Indian Ocean. Long-Haul Routes will be added in 2020.

What you will need upon arrival at Entebbe International Airport – Uganda:

  • Valid Passport issued by your country of origin, which is valid for at least six months.
  • Visa can be obtained on arrival.
  • Arrival Card that you received on the Airplane filled out – extra copies are available in the Immigration area for Arrivals.
  • You will have a brief Ebola Check as you enter the main building.  No Ebola outbreak is present in Uganda.
  • International Yellow Fever Immunization Certificate  This is required for all visitors to Uganda and is a precautionary measure that no Yellow Fever is brought into Uganda.  There is no Yellow Fever at present in Uganda, but the country is a part of the world-wide Yellow Fever Zone.
  • Return Ticket to the country of origin:  This is usually not asked for, but can be.
  • Enough funds or ways to get funds:  In some rare situations, you might be asked if you have enough funds with you while you are in Uganda.  Show your ATM card if you have to – this is rarely asked for.
  • Safari Itinerary with Kabiza Wilderness Safaris can be helpful with our address – this usually is not requested, but it is good to have handy when going through Immigration.
  • Your luggage may be scanned for contraband items.

 Uganda Tourism Visa on Arrival: The Uganda Tourism Visa can be obtained online or in-person upon arrival.  Most prefer the on-arrival visa because it is simpler and less time consuming, no photos needed, no lengthy filling out of forms and no credit card fees, only 50 USD 2008 or newer Bill, after you fill out your form.

Immigration officials are generally friendly and helpful – after all, Tourism is the Number 2 Income Earner for Ugandans. It employs thousands of Ugandans in jobs that pay better than other work in Uganda.

If you are continuing onward to Rwanda with us on Safari and are flying out of Kigali, International Airport, you can obtain the Rwandan Visa on arrival at the border at 50 USD no matter what country you are from since January 1- 2018 at the Rwandan border.

Visa on Arrival in Entebbe is not by design but by default, and one can be grateful that at present, you can obtain it on arrival – it is very Tourist Friendly.

 East African Tourist Visa: An East African Tourist Visa allows you access into Uganda, Kenya, and Rwanda – Tanzania has chosen not to join the East African Tourist Visa Platform, and Burundi has been struggling with internal strife. It does not have any Tourists visiting it.

You must apply for the East African Tourism Visa with the first country that you will be entering in East Africa.

In Uganda, you can apply for it online or on arrival, the only country offering that most convenient Service to Visitors.

Tourists, our clients, prefer applying in person for their tourism Visa and can do so at Entebbe International Airport.

You can re-enter Uganda without paying any extra fees in the case that your flight home is from Entebbe.  The main benefit of the 100 USD tourism Visa is that you have free movement between three countries, Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya.

Luggage Pickup at Entebbe:

After you have passed through immigration, it is time to pick up your luggage.  Unlike other African Airports, there is minimal pilferage of your luggage at Entebbe International Airport.

You can pick up a free baggage cart and proceed to the carousel where the flight’s luggage is starting to roll in.

Pick your bags, and the last procedure will customs. In the rare case of lost, missing, delayed luggage, report it immediately – we have put together a page of suggestions for lost luggage and continuing with your safari.

Delayed and lost baggage are reported to the Ground-Handling Company office at the Arrival Hall or the airline on which the passenger arrived. For items lost while at the Airport, a report is made to the Aviation Security Office located on the Departures floor. Baggage Tracing office is located at the Arrivals baggage claim area, ground floor, and the office operates on a 24-hour basis. Passenger self-help-baggage trolleys are found in the forecourt of departure level, and baggage reclaims area on arrival.

Security:  Your luggage is not normally pilfered with.  However, Valuable Items should be carried in your carry-on luggage.  Please Note- Uganda is stringent on Illicit Drugs 


This is the last procedure, and usually, a Tourist is not asked to open bags.  Your Bags may be scanned.  Entebbe has the reputation of being a transit point for contraband from drugs to ivory.

You might see sniffer dogs in the arrival area, which are trained to spot contraband things.

You can bring with you 400 cigarettes or 500 grams of tobacco.

One bottle of spirits or wine, and or 2 1/2 liters of beer, 1oz of perfume.

Duty-Free items purchased on plane or airport will be recognized as such.

 ATM Machines and Forex bureaus in the Arrival’s Lounge:

If you need Ugandan Shillings (UGX), you can obtain them using an ATM in the arrivals lounge.  You will receive the withdrawal in Uganda Shillings.  Visa card is the most widely accepted card.  Our Tour-Guide can also take you to a Forex Bureau away from the airport for better exchange rates.

Do not use a Money-changer – most often, they are low key in their approach, but you lose out in the process. Even the counting of the money can be fake, and you may receive counterfeit currency in the process since you are not familiar with Uganda Currency.

See more on our Money Tips Page. Depending on your arrival time, we will take you to a nearby hotel for a night’s rest before your safari begins.

Practical Entebbe Airport Departure Information for Tourists:

Departure:  it is best to arrive 3 hours early for your flight home since for overseas flights, there can be long line-ups – three hours is recommended, and we make sure our clients are there in due time. Security is tight, you have to carry the luggage up a ramp because of safety, and your luggage is scanned as you enter the departure and check-in ticketing area. Extra luggage will incur you additional fees – pack wisely.

Immigration: After check-in with your airline, fill out the Immigration departure form. The line for immigration may seem long, but it moves rather quickly since leaving is more straightforward than coming in regards to information required.

Customs: Most souvenirs are no problem, and since our clients do not return home with hunting trophy times, they have no problems with custom. There are duty-free shops, and you can use your last Uganda shillings while buying a few things such as a book for the plane ride, some souvenirs, or other items as found in duty-free shops anywhere in the world. A restaurant here, don’t order a drink (triple the price as in town), but there is also a charming VIP lounge where snacks and beverages are served.  Bathroom facilities are large and clean, and there are outlets for you to use as you freshen up for your flight home.

 Karibuni Lounge:

The Karibuni Lounge. Karibuni is a Swahili word for “welcome.” It is your best bet if you like to relax before your flight out. There is a lovely water fountain surrounded by plants that set the atmosphere, and the WiFi works well. There is also a business area where you can work.

The service here in the Karibuni Lounge is excellent, and the drinks are cold, and the pleasant snacks are hot.

Invitation to the lounges is made by the airline of your choice, depending on the class of travel or your Commercial relation with it. Passengers traveling by economy can use the facility at US$35 for three hours (inclusive of drinks and snacks). We think that 35USD is well worth it.

Entebbe International Airport is not one of the wonders of the airport world, but it is very functional and reasonably efficient.  The extra security is not to hassle you but to protect you, and so far, the airport has been incident-free.

Mostly – enjoy your stay – your safari in Uganda, the Pearl of Africa, and enjoy your journey home...