When and Where do I get my East African Tourist Visa?

Posted by on August 9, 2016

East African Tourist Visa – Makes – Uganda – Rwanda – Kenya Borderless

Hassle-Free Visa Convenience  for Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya – 100 usd – 90 days – Multiple Entries

East African Tourist VisaThe time and money saving East African Tourist Visa makes the borders of Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda borderless.  The visa gives you access to four countries for 100 usd, you fill out forms when you apply – when you enter another country – it is simply an immigration entrance card and welcome to Kenya,Uganda and Rwanda. This has long been overdue – here is the reality about cost – if you did not have a 3 country visa you would be spending more on tourist visas, this way you have a single 100USD fee and hassle free entrance and re-entrance for up to 90 day access to all three countries

East-African-Tourist-VisaTravel in  East Africa has become easier and more convenient with the borderless-borders single  Tourist Visa where you buy one Visa and can visit three countries – Uganda, Rwanda, and Kenya.

Border-Crossings have become easier in East Africa, now you can easily fly into Entebbe-Uganda going on Safari and wind up in Rwanda, Track Gorillas in both countries and fly out of Kigali back home using a single visa for both countries, yes, borderless border have come to East Africa and you benefit in saving both time and money.

You can visit Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda on a single 100USD, 90 day tourist visa, it does not get any easier or less expensive.

You can fly into Kigali Rwanda and begin your East African Safari in the Land of a Thousand Hills, safari across the Pearl of Africa and end up in Magical Kenya – all on one visa.

Enjoy East Africa – like never before and we would love to help you in making your African Safari complete…

East African Visa Requirements by Country:

apply-VisaUganda East African Borderless Visa:

If Uganda is the first country of your visit to East Africa – the application process has changed to online E-East African Tourism Visa.

As of July 1 – 2016 you can apply for your East African Tourist Visa online if Uganda is the first country that you visit in East Africa. The online site now works – Uganda has done a great job.

The Application is on the same form as other Ugandan Visas, hit the drop-down box until you see East African Tourist Visa.

This means that you will be apply for the East African Visa from home, Uganda Immigration will send you an email with Barcode which is scanned by Uganda immigration when you arrive in Entebbe and a visa sticker is inserted into your passport.

You also need a Yellow Fever Certificate

If you are entering Uganda from Rwanda you will need a yellow fever certificate.  If you are entering Rwanda from Uganda you will need a yellow Fever Certificate.  Uganda had an isolated out break which has long been contained and resolved but Uganda like Kenya is part of the Yellow Fever Belt where the disease is endemic and travelers from those countries into Rwanda will need a Yellow Fever Certificate.

Uganda as of of August 1 has continued on Arrival Visas – Ugandan Tourist visas are now 50usd and East African Tourist Visas 100 usd.

Online via the Rwanda Immigration website. Similar to the application for the single entry visa but make sure to select the East African Tourist Visa instead of Rwandan visa.  US, UK, Canadians, those from Singapore and other countries used to enter without getting a visa, now there is a fee for them at the port of entry of 50 usd for tourists.  The process is made easier with borderless borders East African Tourist Visas.


Kenya made some moves in regards to tourist visas – including the East African Tourist Visa that were rescinded by the president.  Below is the link to the Kenyan immigration site – where it states that application and information will be coming soon.  However it is best you apply in your country with the Kenyan Embassy if Kenya is your first destination in East Africa.  Most often that can be done on-line.

Kenya East African Visa

 If you have further questions about the East African Tourist Visa – please contact us – if you are our client we will assist with the Visa applications.