The Best Places for Golden Monkey Trekking in East Africa

Posted by on July 6, 2018

Best Places for Golden Monkey Trekking are in Uganda and Rwanda

Uganda – Rwanda – the best and safest Places for Golden Monkey Trekking

For the Best Places for Golden Monkey Trekking -Don’t Miss the Golden Opportunity to track the Golden Monkeys in Mgahinga Gorilla Park in Uganda or Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park, they are also found in the new Gishwati – Mukura National Park – but not habituated for visitation presently.

Golden Monkeys live in the Virunga Massif, the Virunga Volcanoes, the Mountains that cook which are found in 3 Countries, Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.  The largest concentration of them in Mgahinga Gorilla Park.

Golden Monkey Trekking – the very best places to do so – in our opinion Mgahinga Gorilla Park is the winner – you can both track the Golden Monkeys and Gorillas here – it is also the only park where you take the 4-hour Golden Monkey Habituation Experience which is an all-day trek and includes 4 hours in the presence of the Golden Monkeys.

Golden Monkeys can also be seen in Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  The Park is however closed until at least December 31-2018 for security and safety reasons.

There are only three countries where you can see the endangered Golden Monkeys in the wild and there are  only about 5000 remaining in the Virunga Volcano Chain commonly called the Virunga Massif.

The two safest and Best Places for Golden Monkey Trekking are Uganda and Rwanda. The prime destinations for Golden Monkey Trekking are Mgahinga Gorilla National Park in Uganda where you can do a Golden Monkey Trek and spend one hour with the Golden Monkeys or on a Habituation Experience where you are with the Monkeys for four hours along with researchers and trackers and your personal guide from Uganda Wildlife Authority.

Mgahinga Gorilla Park is a small Park with many activities including Golden Monkey Trekking that you can do here.

It is done on the three Virunga Volcanoes and you are one hour with the monkeys – this is half-day activity in the park.

The Monkey tracking is done in the bamboo forests of the Volcanoes which is close where the mountain gorillas are also found in Mgahinga Gorilla Park.

There are 80 plus Gorillas with one habituated gorilla group  – while well over 400 Mountain Gorillas, the largest concentration of the Gentle Giants is found in nearby Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.

Mgahinga Gorilla Park is only 3 hours from Kigali and just over an hour from the Southend of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. Golden Monkey Trekking was first offered in Mgahinga Gorilla Park in Uganda.

Golden Monkey Habituation Experience – Uganda:

The Golden Monkey Habituation experience begins with your orientation and then you are of with your Uganda Wildlife Authority Guide up into the bamboo forest where you join researchers and trackers that are habituating a group of about 100.

For this habituation Experience, it is recommended that you have a daypack, hiking boots, long trousers, long-sleeved shirt – a packed lunch – two liters of water, a hat and anything else you might like.

You return down from the Volcanoes in the afternoon after been with the Golden Monkeys for four hours or longer.

The Golden Monkey Habituation Experience is only offered in Uganda.  It can be combined with the Gorilla Habituation and Chimpanzee Habituation Experience.

 Golden Monkey Trekking in Rwanda:

Golden Monkey Trekking is more easily incorporated with Gorilla Trekking here in Volcanoes National Park.

They do not offer the habituation experience in Rwanda, but they have two golden monkey groups habituated and open for visitation.

Like in Uganda it is a great opportunity to see these rare and handsome monkeys in their habitat.

Their playful manner is just amazing and no one should miss the Golden Monkeys in either Rwanda or Uganda.

In both Uganda and Rwanda, Golden Monkey Trekking is easily tacked onto a Gorilla Trek.

Golden Monkey Trekking has become a major attraction in Volcanoes National Park since it is easily combined with a Gorilla Trek.

The Best Places for Golden Monkey Trekking – when it comes to Safety, Security, ease of Africa there are only two countries to consider, Rwanda and Uganda.