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Gorilla Chimpanzee Trekking Wildlife Safaris with incredible close-up encounters with Mountain Gorillas, Chimpanzees in the heart of Africa – Uganda and Rwanda – Our Focus is practical, time and money saving Gorilla Safaris.

We make Gorilla Trekking and the Gorilla Habituation Experience Practical, Time Saving and Affordable by offering our “Fly – into Rwanda and Trek Gorillas in nearby Bwindi Impenetrable Forest“, translating into shorter drive times – lower cost and simply added convenience. 

We give you the added choice of flying into one country such as Uganda and flying out of another – Uganda – Something you will not find on the Official Government Ugandan or Rwandan Travel Sites.

In the Sea of Sameness that is common among tour operators, we walk to the beat of a different drummer by understanding our clients and offering unique, one of  a kind moments of Discovery whether it is on 

We give you the added choice of flying into one country and flying out of another – Something you will not find on the Official Government Ugandan or Rwandan Travel Sites.

In the Sea of Sameness that is common among tour operators we walk to the beat of a different drummer by understanding our clients and offer unique, one of a kind moments of Discovery whether it is on Gorilla Trek or on a Game Drive in the off-the-beaten Path – Kidepo Valley Park.

Gorilla Chimpanzee Trekking Wildlife SafarisDiscover the best of Uganda – the Pearl of Africa

Welcome to Uganda -Africa’s most bio-diverse County. Lonely Planet calls Uganda “Africa condensed into one small country”. Uganda is Authentic Africa, the perfect all-around Safari Destination with its Mountain Gorillas Chimpanzees, Golden Monkeys plus other primates, Wildlife, and Adventure Activities such as Mountain Climbing, Volcano Climbing, White Water Rafting and more

Uganda – Africa’s most Bio-Diverse Country your Primate plus Wildlife  Destination Africa without the Crowds with its abundant primates, wildlife, birds, and stunning scenery  – remote and undiscovered Parks and Region. It is no wonder that in 2012 Lonely Planet picked Uganda as the best country to visit and in 2013 National Geographic named as one of the best Travel Destinations where affordable Gorilla, Chimpanzee Trekking, and Wildlife Safaris are still a reality.

Uganda – is East Africa’s complete Safari Destination plus Primates such as Gorillas – Chimpanzees and Golden Monkey.

Rwanda- more than Gorillas, here, you can track Chimpanzees, groups of hundreds of Colobus Monkeys, go on a Golden Monkey Trek, see the abundant wildlife in Akagera National Park and a 4th National Park now open, the Gishwati-Mukura Forest National Park with its primates and birds.

Rwanda – your Upmarket Destination – Rwanda chose to market Remarkable Rwanda as an Upmarket Destination.  The doubling of Gorilla Permits from 750 to 1,500 usd in 2017 changed Rwanda’s appeal.  Its focus on Exclusive Lodges near Volcanoes Park became part the effort to promote Rwanda as a luxury Destination.

Rwanda has done an amazing job of building a nation that is focused on building a unique African country, a kind of Singapore African Style.  There is a plan to most everything and Tourism – luxury Tourism is an integral part of that new Rwanda.

Rwanda- rich in Art & Culture –From Dance to Music you will come enamored with Remarkable Rwanda.  Rwanda is quite resourceful and even cow dung is used creating art called Imigongo. Spend a day Azizi Life with artisans in a village whose art is sold worldwide – all that is just the beginning.

4- Hour Visit with a Gorilla Family on an All-Day Gorilla Trek in Uganda

The Gorilla Habituation Experience has become the activity of Choice for most of our Clients who want more than 1-hour with the Gorillas.  Though it is 1500 usd for the permit, the actual cost comes out less than most Twice Gorilla Trekking Safaris if you include an extra night of lodging and transport costs.

Kabiza Wilderness Gorilla-Chimpanzee Trekking Wildlife Safaris – Gorilla Chimpanzee Trekking Wildlife Safaris which translate into one-of-a-kind Experiences that can be done in the Heart of Africa- Safaris that take you out of the vehicle where you experience the essence of Africa. its people to its primates, scenery, lakes, volcanoes, the River Nile, jungles, rainforests, crater lakes.

Experiential Adventures beyond canned tours,  off of the beaten tourist path and take you to experience Authentic Africa as you imagined including one of the most remote parks in all of Africa – Kidepo Valley Park where you experience Africa as it was 50 years ago, besides the wildlife there we take you to meet the isolated Ik Tribe, high on Mount Morungole where the only road to them is an ancient path.

Kabiza Wilderness Safaris – a leading Tour Operator in Gorilla – Chimpanzee & Golden Monkey Habituation Experiences – Over 65% of our Clients choose the Gorilla Habituation Experience over normal Gorilla Trekking, the same applies to CHEX – the all-day Habituation Experience Safari in Kibale Forest.

Kabiza Wilderness Safaris – in the News

CNNOur Page Featured on CNN –Rolex – the Favorite Fast Food of Ugandans

We were contacted by the CNN Author of the Article and were even quoted in it.  Rolex – the brainchild of University Students has become Uganda’s Favorite fast-food.

The Gorilla Habituation Experience in Rushaga was featured in “the National Newspaper” in Dubai – United Arab Emirates recently and we were the source for the article.

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