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Do-it-yourself Safari – a recipe for Disaster

Posted by on September 12, 2020

Why a do-it-yourself Safari is like Swimming with Crocodiles

If you want to save money on a Safari in Uganda– a self-planned Safari is not the Way to go.

Do-it-yourself SafariAre you Considering a do-it-yourself Safari in Uganda?  Here are some ways to avoid a Disaster while considering a do-it-yourself Safari.

Let us begin by planning your Safari by yourself.  You have a Bradt guide, go to some Internet travel forums about Uganda.  You are beginning to feel confident as you attempt to plan your 7, 10 days, or longer journey in the Pearl of Africa.

Reality Check:  The risks that arise in planning your own Safari are high.  You get a Gorilla permit in Rushaga – Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and book a room in the Buhoma area. The two regions are five hours apart from each other. We know Uganda.   We, however, live and work here. We know Uganda. It is our home.

For Drive times in between parks, you can use google. They give you a map and all, even drive times, which are often based on Western Roads and not roads in Africa. The pictures of a lodge look great, but when you arrive, you are disappointed.

A Do-it-yourself Safari in Uganda might sound fantastic; the reality is that it is a recipe for disaster in most cases.

A Do-it-yourself Safari in Uganda:

In the USA, most travelers do not use a Tour Operator. Things there are simple, straight-forward, and one can book most hotels, activities online, and in most instances, have a wonderful time wherever one goes.  The same is true when it comes to planning a holiday in Europe, mostly if I speak a few languages.  You can land in Amsterdam or Frankfurt, have a car booked, and off you go on European Dream Vacation – here is the reality – you cannot replicate that in most of Africa – it does not work.

You might think you have reserved a room, gotten a permit, and when you arrive here in Uganda, for example – you get a shrug of the shoulder and a sorry, but you do not have an African Safari vacation as you thought, you have an empty dream.

We recently dealt with a man who had thought he had purchased gorilla permits, chimpanzee permits – he had sent money to Uganda, then he could not find the man he had wired money too – his loss was3000 USD.  He wanted to go on a do-it-yourself safari – at the start before seeing one lion or gorilla – he was out 3000 USD.

Yes, you can find a driver who will promise to take you anywhere, but you might wind up Murchison Falls Park instead of Bwindi.  Yes, you can send an email to a lodging facility and get no answer, or you get a promise, but when you show up, there is no room for you.  In Uganda, when you book a place, you must pay cash up front.

Do-it-yourself Safari – a recipe for Disaster – it is like swimming with crocodiles. Try organizing a safari on your own, and at the end of the day, you might tear your hair out in frustration.  You are clueless, where a particular lodge is in the park.

Just because a lodge is in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest does not mean it is the best location for you.  You can book lodging in Buhoma and track gorillas in Nkuringo, meaning that you will be half of the night on the road since it is about 5 hours’ drive to there.

You will spend hours of research – but until you go to a lodge, you will not know what the facility is really like– TripAdvisor makes it easier. Still, even TripAdvisor can get it wrong since what was today one of the best lodges in Africa is on the Way down presently, or the reviews have been manipulated.  We keep up to date. With what is going on in Uganda and Rwanda, and as a result, we can offer Hakuna Matata – Worry-Free Safaris.

Here is why you should use a reputable safari tour operator, such as Kabiza Wildness Safaris, to put your Safari together for you.

  1. You are not the first the client we have designed a safari for you in Uganda. We know all the necessary steps to make your African Dream Safari in Uganda a success.
  2. We know which lodges give you the best value for your money and meet the needs you have expressed, and we can tell you about each club in detail and where it is situated, and if it fits with the activities that you would like to do in a park.
  3. We give you a driver-guide and not just a driver who many have never been where you would like to go.
  4. Safe and well-maintained vehicle taking another risk factor out of the equation.
  5. We are up to date as to what is happening in Uganda that could affect your Safari, such as road-repairs, a bridge is out, and more.
  6. We will advise you if an activity or place may not be as excellent as described on the Internet.
  7. Often on a do-it-yourself African Trip, you spent more on the unexpected rather than enjoying your time on Safari.
  8. A designed safari by us is all inclusive – there are no unforeseen costs.
  9. We provide you with that extra-plus that you would not get on a do-it-yourself trip.

Do-it-yourself Safari – often is a recipe for Disaster – Over the years, we have rescued safaris for some desperate clients.

Africa is not Europe, Africa is not Asia, Africa is not North America, Africa is Africa – one kind of continent, and Uganda and Rwanda are authentic Africa – we will do our best to create a safari with you in mind, a memorable safari – inspiring long after you have left Africa.

Do-it-yourself Safari – a recipe for Disaster – if you any questions – please contact us.


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