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Bwindi Bar-a restaurant of delightful Surprises on Main Street in Buhoma

Posted by on September 9, 2017

Bwindi Bar – a Culinary Delight After Gorilla Trekking

Great Coffee – Cold Beer & Sodas – the Best Rolex around Bwindi Forest

Bwindi Bar on Main Street of Buhoma, Bwindi Impenetrable National is a great coffee-shop,  one of the few bwindi barplaces in all Uganda where you can feast on a tasteful Fudge Chocolate Brownie, or simply some guacamole and salsa Dip with warm Cassava Chips, or Uganda’s favorite Fast-Food – the Rolex, not the watch but the popular Ugandan Chapatis with rolled eggs and vegetables

One thing is for sure, the Bwindi Bar  is the in style restaurant on Main Street in the Village of Buhoma just outside of the park where the Gentle Giants of the  Forest dwell.

There is something else, the casual visitor trying some traditional matoke, cassava, a rolex along with a Tangawizi (Stoney) Soda just might miss.  Bwindi Bar is not just a place for coffee, cold drinks, freshly squeezed juice, it is a Culinary Institute for disadvantaged youth, and those that waiting on you, just might the next Wait-Person at Bwindi Lodge or another upmarket lodge around the park.  It is the way of Volcanoes Bwindi Lodge giving back by investing in young people and empowering them for a potentially better future in tourism.

The Bwindi Bar sets a new standard for restaurants in the Buhoma area with its Afro-Western Fusion menu.  The bar stands out along main street simply because it uses a tiled roof, fresh and brightly painted, guest services that rival lodges, hygienic standards including yes, sparkling clean bathroom with running water – add on top of that the genuinely welcoming staff and you have a great restaurant giving those staying in lodges a comfortable setting where they can see Buhoma Village life and be an oasis to those staying at lodges serving instant Coffee a reason we have written a page Coffee Lover on Safari Survival Kit.

Why would a Safari Company such as ours write about a restaurant in Buhoma?  The answer is simple, we are delighted that Volcanoes Bwindi Lodge providing the setting that serves Tourists from far and wide and at the same time empowers disadvantaged young Ugandans with the tools and possibilities for a brighter future breaking the chains of poverty through an apprenticeship program where they are in contact with Tourists and others gaining confidence in communication skills and gaining confidence and respect for themselves, this is not a handout, but an empowerment. The Restaurantm  becomes a gateway to a better life thanks to tourism and Volcanoes Bwindi Lodge nd the Trust Fund that funds it.

Stop by the Bwindi Bar on main street in Buhoma, you will not miss it, enjoy a Chocolate, an Americano Coffee, enjoy the food and service and be sure to leave a Tip, most appreciated by the Staff.

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