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7-Reasons for a Private Safari in Uganda

Posted by on February 3, 2021

Reasons why a Private Wildlife Primate Safari is Best for You

Here are the 7-Reasons for a Private Safari in Uganda

7-Reasons for a Private Safari in Uganda7-Reasons for a Private Safari in Uganda. For over a decade, Kabiza Wilderness Safaris has offered one thing. Private Hakuna Matata Worry-Free and memorable luxury or midrange Gorilla Wildlife Safari in the Pearl of Africa. Why does Kabiza Wilderness Safaris offer only Private Safaris?

Private Safaris give the power of choice to our Clients that far outweighs the slightly higher cost. Private Safaris are catered according to your choice of dates — choice of lodges and parks and activities.

You lose the power of choice on a scheduled group safari where everything is set in concrete, including the dates, lodges, activities, and parks.

On a Safari with Kabiza Wilderness Safaris, we give you the power to choose what you would like to do and see in Uganda.

Here are 7-Reasons for a Private Safari in Uganda

1-You Plan what you want to do and see in Uganda:

Yes, we have pre-planned suggested safaris online. They are often springboards for our clients as they add on other things that they want to do and see while in Uganda. It is not done on a scheduled, even a luxury group safari.

2-The Safari Begins and Ends with the Dates you give us:

You are the ones who set the dates of your Safari. At times they might have to be adjusted due to Gorilla Permit availability. However, you are the one that sets the dates for your safari.

With us, we create the safari according to your dates. It is only done on a private Safari.

3- You Pick the Lodges that you want for your Safari:

Only on a private Safari can you pick the lodges that you wish to. You are in charge while on a private Safari. The lodges are not preset like they are on a scheduled group safari.

4-Your Safari will not be canceled

Often Scheduled Group Safaris are canceled due to the lack of participation. That will not be the case with your private safari with us.

5-You are not forced to spend 5-10 days with people you might not like:

Often there might be participants on a scheduled group safari that become bothersome to others. It is something you do not have on a private safari.

6-On a Scheduled Group Safari, you will not be offered activities such as the Gorilla Habituation Experience:

Scheduled group Safaris cannot and do not offer activities such as the Gorilla Habituation Experience since only four participants are allowed. They do not provide the Lion Tracking Experience for the same reason. We offer both on a private safari.

7-A Private Safari is less rigid than a Scheduled Group Safari:

You have your driver-guide. He can adjust the schedule of the day just for you. A scheduled group safari is on a rigid time plan that cannot be deviated from

7-Reasons for a Private Safari in Uganda-A private Safari with Kabiza Wilderness Safaris is a more personal experience from beginning to end. Just read our reviews below.

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