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Nocturnal Forest Walk in Kibale Forest

Posted by on April 25, 2021

Explore the Jungle on Nocturnal Forest Walk in Kibale Forest

Discover the Creatures of the night on a Nocturnal Forest Walk in Kibale Forest

Nocturnal Forest Walk in Kibale ForestThe Nocturnal Forest Walk in Kibale Forest offers a rare look into the nocturnal world of a rainforest. Kibale Forest is just as much alive at night as it during the daytime. At night the sounds of the Kibale Forest change from what on your daytime chimpanzee trek.

There are no longer the hoots, cries, chatters from chimpanzees, the chirping of birds, and noises made by daytime forest dwellers. 

Now you enter Kibale Forest at night that will seem so different from what you encountered during the day. 

On a “Night Forest Walk,” you enter another world where the sights and sounds differ from what you saw and heard on a Chimpanzee trek in the morning.

On the nocturnal walk, you experience Kibale Forest Rainforest Jungle at night. Now you the Kibale Forest Symphony Orchestra sound, reach your ears. There Owls hooting and the eerie shrieks of the tree hyrax accompanied by the many other living beings that make up the nightshift in Kibale Forest.

Sunset, which is just before 7 pm, signals that the African night is just about upon us. It is time for the Nocturnal Forest Walk in Kibale Forest which begins at 7:30 pm. Nocturnal Forest Walk in Kibale Forest

Before you head out into Forest, there is a brief orientation dealing with the rules for the walk. Also, you will be told what to look out for during the 90 minutes to two-hour nocturnal walk in the forest. Additionally, you will be given nighttime photography instruction such as when and when not to take pictures.

You are led by highly trained and experienced Uganda Wildlife Authority Rangers. They will introduce you to the nocturnal world of the rainforest.

Powerful torches/flashlights are used to illuminate the trail and to bring the creatures of the night into view. Hikers should keep their voices low and keep noises to a minimum not to frighten animals away.

The creatures of the night tend to be naturally shyer than daytime animals. Most likely, you will see nocturnal creatures such as the potto, bushbaby, galagos, Nightjar, Owls, and the tree hyrax, with its chilling shriek. Additionally, you might come across predators such as the occasional civet or serval cat. 

Beyond even seeing various creatures of the night, it is about the setting for your walk. You are in a tropical rainforest where trees, plants, underbrush, and vines seem to take on different forms at night. You are experiencing the Jungle up close and personal. It is like scenes from a nature program on television, but you are in it.

Nocturnal Forest Walk in Kibale ForestWhat to wear and bring on the Nocturnal Forest Walk:

It would be best to have a good pair of boots like you use for gorilla and chimpanzee trekking. You will need long trousers for protection. Tuck the trousers into your socks, preferably merino wool ones. 

Wear a long-sleeved shirt and a hat.

Before the nighttime walk, apply an insect repellent such as the highly effective Australian Product RID.

You will need a daypack as you used on other treks. You will need sufficient drinking water with you. Put a light rain jacket or poncho into your daypack. Dont’s leave your camera equipment at the lodge you are staying in.

Practical Advice:

Do the nocturnal forest walk on the same day that you are doing the chimpanzee trek. The park entrance fee for 24-hours is included in the permit cost. It will save you the $40 park entrance fee when you do the nocturnal forest walk on the same day as the chimpanzee trek.

Those who want to do the nighttime forest walk have to stay in a nearby lodge, eliminating long drive times for the activity. Additionally, early or late dinner arrangements have to be made at your lodge since the walk occurs during dinner.

If you like to include the Nocturnal Forest Walk in your safari with us, please let us know.