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Mountain Biking through Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

Posted by on June 22, 2017

Mountain Bike Rides in and around  Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

Mountain Biking through Bwindi Impenetrable Forest – Birding – Nature – Village Guided Bike Rides

Nature, Birding, and Village Mountain Bike Guided Mountain Biking through Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.

Take a mountain bike ride at Bwindi and support the local community and the Ride 4 a Woman organization – enjoy the inspiring scenery of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest or do a village bike ride while contributing to a worthwhile cause and you get to see Bwindi forest in a different way, from the back of a bike. Birding, wildlife, butterflies, primates – all from the back of a bike.

Mountain Biking in and around Bwindi Impenetrable Forest with bikes and guides provided  for by Ride 4 a Woman Organization: 

Exploring Bwindi Impenetrable Forest from the back of a well-maintained mountain bike.  The mountain bikes Mountain Biking through Bwindi Impenetrable Forestcan be rented for the day with or without a guide, it is a lot more fun with a guide where you do not miss things that you would biking alone.

The guides are well-trained in wildlife, birds, and the plants and trees of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest- doing a half a day or full day on a bike is a good reason to add-on a day to your time and safari.

We do offer mountain biking safaris and we can bring mountain bikes along for you where you can not only bike at Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in Buhoma, but in Nkuringo, Ruhija or Rushaga.

Mountain Biking around and in the Buhoma area is offered by “Ride 4 a Woman”a self-help group that guide you on a biking trip through the forest, handle the rentals, repair and keep up the Bikes in safe and good running condition.

Your rental of a mountain bike and a guide here supports the local community and in particular, the women who are part of the Ride 4 a Woman organization at the same time you benefit from seeing the villages, communities and ancient rainforest from the back of a mountain bike.

When people think of an African Safari they think of Safari Vehicles but a mountain biking safari is certainly not something that comes to mind and yet many visitors to the Buhoma area have seen the forest. birds,  nature, people, villages from the back of a mountain bike while Mountain Biking through Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.Mountain Biking through Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

 Forest Trail Mountain Bike Safari:  This is a three-hour guided bicycle ride through Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, where your emphasis can be on birding, or simply enjoying this ancient forest.

Bike Ride to the River Ivy and then return back with plenty to see along the ways such as monkeys, squirrels, duiker and at times chimpanzees or even Mountain Gorillas.

Your guides are all well-trained in pointing out the things that you might otherwise miss.  For the avid or novice biker, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest provides the perfect backdrop for such an activity.  Do remember that there is an altitude factor here since Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is one of the higher spots in Uganda.

Take with you a bite to eat and also lots of water, take a break in the forest and take it all in- enjoy the MountainMountain Biking through Bwindi Impenetrable Forest Bike Safari (journey).

Village Bike Ride:  This is a two-hour option and basically follows the route that you take when you take the village walk, except you are on a mountain bike.  Do not worry, there is not much traffic here, it is you and inhabitants of Buhoma.

On this bike ride, you will learn both the ways of the Bagika and Batwa people and you will see and learn things that you were unaware of.

Visit the craft center, the banana brewery, and gin distillery, the river where the women wash their clothes and you can see an abundance of butterflies on the rock, the traditional healer with his medicines from the forest, Mukono Primary School and of course the Batwa Pygmy community.  All on a mountain bike with your guide by your side to answer your question and point out the different things within in the community.

Enjoy your time at Bwindi Impenetrable Forest even more on the back of a Mountain Bike as you traverse through the ancient forest on the back of a mountain bike…enjoy Uganda…

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If you are interested in adding Mountain Biking through Bwindi Impenetrable Forest to your Gorilla Trekking Safari with us – please let us know.