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Discover Africa  in Uganda and Rwanda on an African Holiday

Out of the ordinary Gorilla – Chimpanzee – Wildlife – Family – Honeymoon – Seniors – Adventure Safari Tours in Uganda and Rwanda with Kabiza Wilderness Safaris

Discover the best of uganda-kabizaAfrica in the Pearl of Africa – Uganda and in the land of a Thousand Hills – Rwanda where you will find the authentic Africa as you imagined it but only better,  Let us make your Dreams of Africa a Reality.

Kabiza Wilderness Safaris will create for you that perfect African Safari Holiday, bringing years of experience as a leading Boutique Safari Company in Uganda and Rwanda.

Uganda:  It is a country of contrasts that combines some of the best features that Africa has to offer on 11 Safari.

Adventures on the River Nile including the best white water rafting and fishing for the gigantic Nile Perch.

Savannah Parks with wildlife in abundance such as the remote Kidepo Valley National Park, Queen Elizabeth Park, Murchison Falls National Park where the River Nile runs through it and where you can see the most powerful waterfall in the world, Lake Mburo Park where you hike, bike, horseback ride, and ride ATV Quad Bike to see the wildlife.

Rainforest Jungles where you can track Chimpanzees such as Kibale Forest, Budongo Forest, Kalinzu Forest, thevisit-uganda-the-pearl Kyambura Gorge and the Semliki Valley.

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest home to over 400  Mountain Gorilla and thousands of visitors flock there from around the world to track them each year and in Mgahinga Gorilla Park you can track Gorillas, Climb Volcanoes and spend time with the original people of the forest, the Batwa Pygmies.

Lakes that seem like they came from a scene of “Lord of the Rings” such as beautiful Lake Bunyonyi and Lake Mutanda

Lake Victoria with its Ssese Islands where you find Palm studded, sandy beaches,

The tallest mountain range in Africa – the Rwenzori Mountains of the Moon where you can hike and climb from the foothills to the peaks. One cannot leave out Mount Elgon – the large extinct volcano in the East of Uganda where you climb and Hike.

Jinja the Adventure Capita of East Africa with White Water Rafting, Jet Boating, Kayaking, Bungee Jumping and more..

Uganda means Gorilla – Chimpanzee – Golden Monkey – Wildlife and Birding , Hiking, Climbing

Rwanda – The land of a Thousand Hills in the heart of Africa.  A small country that most Rwanda-Kabizawant to visit for the Mountain Gorillas that can be found in the shadows of the Virunga Volcanoes and many do each year.

There is  much more to Rwanda such as the vast Nyungwe Forest with over 130 kilometers of hiking trails, chimpanzees and 12 other primates.

There is Akagera National Parks with its rolling hills and savannahs where you find Lions, Elephants, Giraffes, Leopard and other wildlife.

There is Lake Kivu, one of Africa’s most beautiful lakes with its sandy beaches, temperate climate and the Congo Nile Trail where you can bike and hike for days on end.

Kigali – one of the cleanest capitals in all of Africa and where you can stay at Hotel Rwanda – Hotel Des Mille Collines made famous by the movie Hotel Rwanda.

One cannot forget Rwanda’s violent past and a visit to the Genocide Memorials in various parts of Rwanda. You will enjoy the Rich and Colorful Rwandan Culture and hopefully not miss seeing at least one performance of the most unique African Dance – the Intore that you can see throughout Rwanda.

Rwanda means Gorilla Safaris – Chimpanzee Safaris – Golden Monkey and other Monkey Safari Tours in one of Africa’s smallest countries

“Uganda – Rwanda – two countries in the Heart of Africa off of the beaten Safari Tour Track” – two countries that offer African Safaris with Mountain Gorillas, Chimpanzees, Golden Monkeys, Volcano Climbing and fantastic places were to relax and chill out before returning home from your African Holiday. 

 We would love to welcome you to Africa – to Rwanda and Uganda – Countries that we call our home. There is only one thing we do and that is to create a memorable safari for you in Uganda and Rwanda. Contact us and we will create for you that African Holiday in Uganda or Rwanda or fly into one country and fly out of the other and combine Rwanda and Uganda in one journey.

You are most Welcome! – We make your Dreams of Africa come alive on Safari!

This year – Experience Africa and visit the real Africa – vibrant and alive-irresistible-on an African Gorilla – Chimpanzee Wildlife Safari that is beyond your imagination in the Pearl of Africa – Uganda and the Land of a Thousand Hills – Rwanda with the Boutique Safari Company of Choice – Kabiza Wilderness Safaris.

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en magic, it has been in Africa.” John Hemingway, African Journeys


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You have our commitment to make your African Safari a successful one - Kabiza Wilderness Safaris does one thing only - create memorable Safaris in Uganda and Rwanda. We are the boutique safari tour operator of choice for Uganda and Rwanda and we will create for you a most memorable African Safari.