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Kabiza Wilderness Safaris does one thing only -create memorable Gorilla and  Chimpanzee Treks along with Wildlife Safaris in both Uganda and Rwanda

Discover the best of Gorilla Chimpanzee Trekking Wildlife Safarisdlife Safaris in Uganda, Rwanda.Africa in the Pearl of Africa – Uganda and in the land of a Thousand Hills – Rwanda where you will find the authentic Africa as you imagined it but only better;

Uganda – the Pearl of Africa Lonely Planet referred to as “Africa condensed into one small country” . Uganda is Authentic Africa and the perfect Safari Destination with its Mountain Gorillas Chimpanzees, Golden Monkeys plus other primates, Wildlife, and Adventure Activities such as Mountain Climbing, Volcano Climbing, White Water Rafting and that is just the beginning.

Uganda is the Perfect Safari Destination and the added plus is that it is Africa without the Crowds with its abundant primates wildlife, birds and stunning scenery. It is no wonder that in 2012 Lonely Planet picked as the best country to visit and in 2013 National Geographic named as one of the best Travel Destinations. Just some reasons why Uganda has become one of the best all-around Safari Destinations in East Africa, and it has abundant Wildlife, Birds, plus Mountain Gorillas and Chimpanzees.

Rwanda – The land of a Thousand Hills in the heart of Africa. A small country that most Gorilla Chimpanzee Trekking Wildlife Safariswant to track the Mountain Gorillas that live in the shadows of the Virunga Volcanoes and many do each year.

Rwanda is more than its precious Mountain Gorillas that most visitors come to visit.

Yes, Rwanda is much more, you can track Chimpanzees, groups of hundreds of Colobus Monkeys, go on a Golden Monkey Trek, see the abundant wildlife in Akagera National Park and soon a 4th National Park will open, the Gishwati-Mukura Forest National Park with its primates and birds.

Relax and Chill out on Lake Kivu, one of Africa’s most beautiful lakes with its sandy beaches, temperate climate and the Congo Nile Trail that runs along Lake Kivu where you can bike and hike for days on end.

Yes Rwanda is more than a Gorilla Tracking destination, it is one of the most beautiful countries in Africa, that you do not want to miss.

Each year more and more Tourists come to both Rwanda and Uganda on  Safari, amazed by what they discover during their time in the Pearl of Africa and the Land of a Thousand Hills. Two of Africa’s Friendliest, stable, safe and secure nations for visitors and Tourists.

Uganda and Rwanda are two great Gorilla Chimpanzee Trekking – Wildlife Safari Destination in the heart of Africa. We know Uganda and Rwanda, we live here, we know how to create that African Safari for you with years of Experience. Whether is a Family, Honeymoon, Fishing, Birding, we know what is best and our aim is for you to enjoy your time in the Pearl of Africa and the Land of a Thousand Hills on a Safari with us.

We make your Dreams of Africa come alive on a Safari in Uganda and Rwanda!

Gorilla Chimpanzee Trekking Wildlife Safaris

“This year – Experience Africa in Uganda, Rwanda while on a Mountain Gorilla Chimpanzee Trekking Wildlife Safaris  with the added plus amazing Scenery and enriching Cultural Experiences, all being Africa without the Crowds with Kabiza Wilderness Safaris”

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“If I have ever seen magic, it has been in Africa.” John Hemingway, African Journeys

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You have our commitment to make your African Safari a successful one - Kabiza Wilderness Safaris does one thing only - create memorable Safaris in Uganda and Rwanda. We know how to create for you a most adventurous Gorilla - Chimpanzee Trekking - Wildlife African Dream Safari.