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Hiking Trails in and near Kibale Forest

Posted by on March 12, 2020

Hitting the Trails –  Hiking Trails in and near Kibale Forest

Hitting the Trails – Best Experiential Hiking Trails Kibale Forest – Fort Portal

Hitting the Trails – The Best Experiential  Hiking Trails in and near Kibale Forest. A collection of some of the Hiking Trails in and near Kibale Forestbest Hiking and Nature Walks Hiking Paths in and near Kibale Forest found around Fort Portal and Kibale Forest.  We have compiled the list of trails below for our clients to choose while on Safari with us in Uganda and staying near Kibale Forest

Hike up to the Top of the World, hit the Forest Trail inside of the park, a hiker’s bliss. Take the trail through a Jungle Swamp in the Bigodi Wetlands Sanctuary. There is the Amabere Caves Trail, various Crater Lake Hikes, and beyond the foothills of the Rwenzori Mountains of the Moon.

Any of the Kibale Forest Hiking Trails can be included in your Safari in the heart of Africa. Places, unlike any others where you have ever hiked, climbed, or taken a Nature Walk.

It is time to hit the Trail – to see Uganda, Kibale Forest off of the beaten tourist track, discovering the undiscovered – we would love to give you more information about Hiking in and near Kibale Forest.

Hitting the Trails – Best Experiential Hiking Trails in and near Kibale Forest

Hiking  – Nature Walks – Climbs – Kibale Forest

Hiking Trails in and near Kibale ForestHiking – Trekking the Chimpanzees:

We offer an experiential five-day Hiking – All-Day Chimpanzee Habituation Safari that is just right for the hiking enthusiast plus you spend all day with the Chimpanzees.

Chimpanzee Treks, where you spend one hour with a chimpanzee group in the forest, are ideal for many while more and more opt for the Chimpanzee Habituation Experience – CHEX.

Chimpanzees are the main attraction in the forest. Most are unaware of the other activities that are found in and near Kibale Forest Park.

Kibale is the best park destination in East Africa for hiking with the Chimpanzees up close and much more.

Hiking Trails in and near Kibale ForestBigodi Wetlands Sanctuary – Jungle Swamp Hike:

Bigodi Wetlands is one of the few Jungle Swamp in East Africa. It is where the Central African Jungle spills into East Africa.

Much of the hike is taken on the boardwalk like structure.  It is a Birder’s paradise – a primate lover’s dreams.



The afternoon on your hike, you will often spot chimpanzees and about five other primates, hundreds of birds, otters, antelopes, bush pigs, and more.

What is most stunning about Bigodi Wetlands Sanctuary is the vegetation that you find here, from the palm trees to the papyrus reeds that are found there, it feels like a jungle swamp.

The Forest Trail Hike:Hiking Trails in and near Kibale Forest

The Forest Trail is 12 kilometers long, and you can hike it during dry-seasons.  It is within the forest itself and is about a 6-hour hike that takes you through a variety of the terrain that is found in Kibale Forest. There is the rainforest jungle, swamplands, savannah, and more.

As you hike through savannah, swamps, thick forest, riverine forest.  Along the trails, there are countless birds and butterflies Primates, including chimpanzees. Kibale Forest is also home to forest elephants that you might see on this trail.

The forest is home to 12 different primates, and 1500 chimpanzees call this their home.

Elephants and Forest Buffaloes are also found in the forest but are rarely seen while hiking.

Hiking Trails in and near Kibale ForestNocturnal Forest Walk:

The Nocturnal Forest Walk is taking after dinner.  It is a short and leisurely hike with Uganda Wildlife Authority Rangers who have powerful spotlights with them so that you can see the creatures of the night.

The walk is about 2 hours in length – short but very fulfilling in that you experience Kibale Forest at night with sights and sounds that are not there in the daytime.

You will spot birds of the night, such as owls and the nightjar, mammals such as pottos, and bush babies.

The Nocturnal is safe and secure, and Armed Rangers escort you.

The Nocturnal Forest Walk takes place around 7:00 and lasts for about 90 exciting minutes—a venture into a whole other world.

Hiking Trails in and near Kibale ForestTop of the World Hike:

It is a three-hour-long hike that is guided and winds through villages, tea plantations.  You will meet villagers, children, farmers in the fields.

There are 3-Crater Lakes along the way that you will see, and on a clear day, you have great views of the  Rwenzori Mountains of the Moon and even into Queen Elizabeth Park and the surrounding countryside.

The hike takes moderate effort and can be done by most with little effort on their part, except in some of the steeper sections.

On this trail, you combine local culture as you pass through little hamlets. There is the beauty of the crater lakes. The scenic views of the surrounding area, including the Rwenzori Mountains of the Moon and the Queen Elizabeth Park. Add to that the tea fields, vanilla plantations, and small farms.

Hiking Trails in and near Kibale ForestAmabere Caves and Crater Lakes Hikes:

The Amabere Caves – actually a giant overhang are a place of local legends, myths, and natural wonders. The hike to the caves is short but often slippery.  You are led by a local guide who takes you through the jungle trail leading to the caves while there explain to you their place in the local culture.

After the visit to the caves and the waterfall, continue on the trails that lead around three scenic crater lakes, have lunch with you an enjoy.

It is a combination of hiking, scenic wonders and local culture and legends at the caves, and meeting the local people as you hike around the nearby by crater lakes.

Note: Amabeere Cave is not an actual cave but a massive rock overhang. Some expect a dark cave. That it is not, and there are no bats.

Hiking Trails in and near Kibale ForestKabiza Wilderness Safaris specializes in hiking adventures in Uganda, and that includes Hiking Safaris in Kibale Forest.

We can include any of the above Hikes in your safari with us in Uganda and Rwanda.

Hikes in Kibale Forest are out of the ordinary adventures that are not offered by most tour companies. We do since it is one of our specialties, and we have done so for a decade.

There are many other hiking trails near Kibale Forest and Fort Portal, in the Foothills of the Rwenzori Mountains of the Moon and Queen Elizabeth Park, all within a close driving distance.

We add new Hiking trails when we discover one and think that it would benefit our clients and catch their interest.

Contact us if one of the Hiking Trails in and near Kibale Forest appeals to you.

Hiking Trails in and near Kibale Forest