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Why Visit Remarkable Rwanda l Land of a Thousand Hills?

Posted by on July 21, 2019

 Why Visit Remarkable Rwanda in the Heart of Africa?

Reasons you should visit Remarkable Rwanda – one of Africa’s friendliest Counties

“God roams the world but comes to rest in Rwanda.” Rwandan Saying

If you are considering a trip to Africa this year, there are names of various African countries that might pop up in your mind. Most likely, one of Africa’s most beautiful, most peaceful, cleanest and one of the most stable and smallest countries in all of Africa will not be on your list. Consider “Remarkable Rwanda – Land of a Thousand Hills and a Million Smiles.”Why Visit Remarkable Rwanda

Why Visit Remarkable Rwanda? – One of Africa’s smallest countries? Why spend time and effort in reaching a tiny country of 10 million people in the heart of Africa?

One could give you an endless list of reasons why one should visit Rwanda.

This year, consider “the Land of a Thousand Hills.” Spend time discovering its Volcanoes, Montane Forests, Pristine Lakes, clean towns and cities, its culture and history. Rwanda – home of misty, rolling hills – terraced mountainsides – but read on why you should visit Rwanda – the Land of a Thousand Hills.

Rwanda – Land of a  Thousand Hills:

There is something about hills, about mountains that attract people to come and explore. Spend a time of renewal in the mountains and hills. There is a Rwandan saying of old “God roams the world but comes to rest in Rwanda.”

Rwanda’s thousands Hills are the place where God comes to rest – a gentle nudge toward “Rwanda” by the creator himself who finds rest, peace, renewal in the Hills of Rwanda.

Most every visitor is deeply touched by the endless hills that cover the Rwandan countryside.  Small in size but big in heart – big enough that even “God comes to rest in Rwanda.”

Why Visit Remarkable Rwanda? – It is one of Africa’s most beautiful countries.

RwandAir takes you to the Heart of Africa – Rwanda:

Rwanda is becoming easier to get to.  RwandAir is flying to more International Destinations at an affordable price.

Not only can you visit Rwanda, but Kigali is becoming a Gateway to the heart of Africa, countries such as Uganda, the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

One can combine Rwanda and Uganda into one safari that lands in Kigali and flies out of Entebbe in Uganda.

RwandAir offers savings on its flights to Kigali that are quite attractive.

 Rwanda – Mountain Gorilla Treks:

You rise in the morning and look toward the volcanoes where you will be headed to track the endangered mountain gorillas. There you will be greeted a pleasant mist over the mountains and valleys of Rwanda shrouding the Virunga Volcanoes – home of the Mountain Gorillas of Rwanda.

The woman who inspired the movie “Gorillas in the Mist”- Dian Fossey lived in those mountains with her beloved Mountain Gorillas. Each morning she was greeted by Misty Afromontane forests and volcanoes. As the tropical African sun rose to cause the mist of the mountains to evaporate and give way to the splendid view of the Virunga Volcanoes, home of the Gorillas in the Mist.

 Rwanda – stunning – breathtaking Scenery wherever you turn:

Rwanda – the land of a Thousand Hills is like one of those lovely coffee-table books, that once you pick it up, you cannot put it down.

Wherever you turn, wherever you travel to in this small, landlocked country, it is like turning another page in that coffee-table book.

The scenery that unfolds before you become more and more stunning and breathtaking.  It is incredible how Rwanda has been blessed by Nature with such scenes that seem right out of  National Geographic” Magazine.

Mountains, Volcanoes, Rivers, Crater Lakes, terraced mountains sides, seeming endless tea-fields, montane forests without end – all part of stunning, breathtaking, scenic Rwanda – Land of a Thousand Hills – more reasons to visit  Rwanda in the heart of Africa.

 Nyungwe Forest – Primates – Birds – in Abundance:

Nyungwe Forest National Park is one of the hidden treasures that are Rwanda – the land of thousand hills with all of its natural wonders.

Nyungwe Forest National Park – is a vast track of Montane Forest that spills even over into Burundi.  It is home to 13 different primates – almost 25% of Africa’s primates including chimpanzees – hundreds of birds – some only found only in Nyungwe Forest.

Nyungwe Forest is also home to East and Central Africa’s only Canopy Forest Walk.  Fifty meters above the ground – you can see the primates, birds, and butterflies s they move through and among the treetops of Nyungwe Forest National Park.

Another reason to visit Rwanda – where you could easily spend a week exploring the vastness of Nyungwe Forest – hiking, birding, primate tracking and enjoying the ancient forest in Rwanda.

 Gorilla Trekking -Volcanoes National Park:

There are five Volcanoes found in Rwanda in Volcanoes National Park – not only are the Virunga Volcanoes home to the Mountain Gorillas, but you can track Golden Monkeys here in the Bamboo Forests, climb and hike the volcanoes in day-hikes or overnight hikes.

You can visit Lakes in the foothills of the volcanoes. You can also hike up to the former research station of Dian Fossey – see the remnants of her old home and the final resting place of her beloved Gorillas and her last resting place.

The Virunga Volcanoes – more than home to the Mountain Gorillas but also a place for hike and climbs, for birding, for golden monkey tracking.

The Virunga Volcanoes another reason to visit Rwanda – Land of a Thousand Hills.

Rwanda – a rich culture to be treasured:

Rwanda’s Culture and rich Heritage is a living treasure to be experienced and admired by visitors to the Land of a thousand hills.

Wherever you go and turn on your visit to Rwanda, there are cultural opportunities.  Whether is a performance of the famed “Intore Dance” or learning arts and crafts from Villages.  Whether it is a village stay or village visit – Rwanda’s culture is all around you for you to experience and take with you in thoughts, pictures, and lasting memories.

Rwanda – a culture needs to be experienced up close and personal and experience you can this ancient culture and by looking to its past and see the present as it is before you on your visit to the land of a thousand hills and a million friendly smiles.

The culture of Rwanda is framed by a friendly, safe, and secure country in the heart of Africa.

“Never Again” Visiting the Sacred Genocide Memorials of Rwanda:

Rwanda’s Trail of Tears and Sorrows – especially the 100 days of Sorrow of the Genocide of 1994 in which up to one million people were cruelly annihilated – the Genocide against the Tutsi People – a time where the world stood idly by while carnage reigned in Rwanda – an effort to wipe the Tutsi People off the face of earth.

Today, you can visit Rwanda’s Sacred Places – the Genocide Memorials found in various parts of Rwanda. Sobering places of memories of one of Africa’s most horrendous time. A carnage not stopped by world powers but by Rwandans.

The memorials not only are a place of mourning and remembrance but places of triumph over evil that being so visible all over the new Rwanda where people are no longer Tutsi, Hutu or Twa but Rwandans.  “Never Again.”

 Lake Kivu – Rwanda’s Costa del Sol – a place to relax and chill out:

Rwanda – a landlocked nation in the heart of Africa gives you another reason to visit the Land of a Thousand Hills – its version of a Costa del Sol – a mini-Zanzibar along Lake Kivu where you can relax and chill out after volcano climbs, gorilla and chimpanzee treks across Rwanda.

Lake Kivu is a place of scenic beauty, pleasant beaches, a place where you can be instead of doing while on safari in Rwanda.

More and more visitors to Rwanda are spending a few days along Lake Kivu’s sandy beaches, exploring its tropical islands, maybe some fishing, boating, nature walks but mostly relaxing under the tropical sun along Lake Kivu.

Lake Kivu – another reason to visit Rwanda – Land of a thousand hills and a Million Smiles.

Why Visit Rwanda?

Some come to Rwanda because of the Mountain Gorillas found in Volcanoes National Parks. Some come for one of the best birding places in Africa. Others venture here for the scenic wonders that await them, while still others come to track primates large and small including chimpanzees.

This small country over the last 20 years has become a magnet attracting visitors from all over the world to the land of a thousand hills and a million smiles.  Those who come are glad they did for the experience that Rwanda offers, Rwanda is and even is becoming.

Why Visit Remarkable Rwanda? Because it is one of the best Gorilla destinations in Africa.

Enjoy your time in the country of a thousand hills and a million smiles in the Heart of Africa.

If you like to include any of the above in your safari itinerary – please contact us

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