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Using an ATM Machine in Uganda – Rwanda

Posted by on February 6, 2020

Safety and Security Advice using an ATM in Uganda – Rwanda

Things to look out for a while Using an ATM Machine in Uganda – Rwanda

Using an ATM Machine in Uganda – Rwanda – 99.9% of the time, no problems are using your Debit or Credit Card to withdraw cash from your account while visiting Uganda.  In the last few years, there has been an increasing number of times where money has been stolen from various accounts, including visitors to Uganda using an ATM Machine in Kampala, Kigali, or other towns in Uganda or Rwanda.

Here is some simple advice that will help you in keeping your ATM transaction safe and secure. To begin with, ATM Machines are in most cases in an enclosed room – there are exceptions such as in the airport, shopping malls, hotels.  There are also armed security guards near the entrance to the ATM room, or if in the open, they will be near the ATM.  That is for your protection and that after you withdraw the money, you are not robbed.

ATMs are all over the country, shopping centers, and now even bars – that is the last place to use one since people can see you withdraw what may be to the massive amounts of cash.  If you want to go to a bar, have money with you, and do not use the ATM.

Using an ATM Machine in Uganda – Rwanda – ATM Advice and tips 

  1. Know what is in your bank account – know your balance  – you can check your balance online before and after, and it will be, of course, in the currency of your country.
  2. While in Uganda or Rwanda, give no one else your PIN – and memorize and do not write it down where someone else can find it with the words PIN written down on that paper.
  3. When entering an ATM room – there are many in Uganda and Rwanda – even before you begin to make sure no one else is in the place.  Shield the hand with which you are entering the PIN on the number pad. Just in case potential thieves have installed a camera (often in cooperation with bank or security personnel).
  4. Make sure that the card slot is within the machine itself and does not protrude out as if someone attached something to it.
  5. Should you notice something that is out of the ordinary report it to the bank and or security.
  6. Do not accept any help from anyone while using the machine – at times predators hang out and are looking for someone needing help, they slickly change cards, remember your PIN and drain your account.
  7. If the ATM eats your card – do not panic – go into the bank report it, the next day come back with your passport, and you will get your card back from the bank.
  8. Money paid will be either in Uganda Shillings or Rwandan Francs.

Using an ATM Machine in Uganda – Rwanda – If you are coming to Uganda or Rwanda – the ATMs are the quickest way to get money out of the bank.  Please remember that VISA cards are the preferred cards.  Using ATM’s is best since you do not have to carry large amounts of cash with you but can withdraw what you need…most visitors have no problems – the above is simply for an added layer of security…just in case.

Using an ATM Machine in Uganda – Rwanda – if you have any questions – please contact us.



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