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Those Roadside Entrepreneur Hawkers in Uganda

Posted by on December 21, 2015

You can buy most anything on the Road in Uganda  from prepared food to fresh fish

Only in the Pearl of Africa will you find Those Roadside Entrepreneur Hawkers in Uganda

Things you can buy without getting out of your vehicle all sold by those Roadside Entrepreneur Hawkers in Uganda who when your vehicle slows down or stops swarm upon you like some eager worker bees looking for nectar, but those vendors are looking to make some Sente – Money.

Those Roadside Entrepreneur Hawkers in UgandaIn the USA we have drive-by, drive through coffee, burger, chicken, taco restaurants, some open 24 hours a day – then there those Roadside Entrepreneur Hawkers in Uganda– selling most anything you can and cannot imagine.  Stuck in Kampala traffic – you can buy cheap belts from China, Maps of Africa, Pictures of President Museveni, battery operated mosquito swatters that are like small tennis rackets, batteries, battery chargers for your phone, airtime for your phone, passion fruit, bananas, a cup of peas, one could go on and on and the list is endless.

Traveling to a National Park to see wildlife and you did not have breakfast – do not despair, roasted chicken on a stick, Beef Kabobs, Pork, Goat, Cassava, Gonja roasted Bananas, roasted corn, you will see it along the road….it is amazing what you find on Uganda’s roads, besides other vehicles, Sacks of Charcoal, Men holding up freshly caught fish on the Masaka Road, live Chickens, Vegetables, Fruit such as Bananas-you do not have to go hungry on Uganda’s roads.

Word of caution – you need a strong stomach for some of the items – and since most likely you are from the west – you are not used to what you might be offered by the insistent sales person…One thing you have never seen such an array of food, fruit, vegetable, jewelry for sale on the sides of the road in Germany, the Netherlands, USA, Canada or Those Roadside Entrepreneur Hawkers in UgandaAustralia….Enterprising Ugandans are simply amazing.

One of the unique fares in Uganda that you can buy from roadside vendors are Rolex- not the watch, but scrambled eggs with some vegetables, from tomatoes to cabbage inside of a Chapati – very popular in Uganda and something started by Ugandan University Students from Makerere University and sold at first at Wandegeya where it rapidly spread to all over Uganda.

In Uganda you can buy the best eating bananas bar none – pick up one of our pineapples, some mangoes, papaya – all along the road to the National Park for which you are heading – the choices are many and abundant – the picture of a horde of vendors running toward your vehicle to sell you whatever they  have is priceless…nowhere else can you find something such as this – but in the Pearl of Africa there are those Roadside Entrepreneur Hawkers in Uganda, one of a kind purveyors of most anything people will buy.