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The Reality Beyond Gorilla Habituation Experience Reviews on TripAdvisor

Posted by on March 9, 2018

Gorilla Habituation Experience Reviews – Beyond Armchair Opinions

The Majority of Reviews are by People who have not done the Gorilla Habituation Experience

The Reality Beyond Gorilla Habituation Experience Reviews on TripAdvisor and Forum Comments. The GorillaGorilla Habituation Experience Reviews Habituation Experience is an Experience and each Experience is different just like a normal Gorilla Trek where you are one hour with a Gorilla Family.  There is nothing staged, it is not a performance that you pay for, it is 4-hours with a Gorilla Family in the Wild.  The emphasis is on the “Wild” – This is not a Zoo Like Sunday Afternoon Outing but you are in an ancient Rainforest in the Heat of Africa, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, Home to over half of the Mountain Gorillas, the living room of the Gentle Giants where there are strict Guidelines for your Conduct and Behavior, but the Gorillas go by their own and we or anyone else cannot predict what your 4-hours with the Great Apes will be like.  

 In looking at the Gorilla Habituation Experience Reviews on TripAdvisor the majority of Reviews are opinions by those that have never been on a Gorilla Habituation Experience, written by people who confused normal Gorilla Trekking and 4-hour with the Gentle Giants of the Forest, written by self-appointed Uganda Travel Experts who have never been on the Experience and Tour Operators that were pushing their Company.

Here is the Reality Beyond Gorilla Habituation Experience Reviews on TripAdisor

  • Only a few have actually participated in the Gorilla Habituation Experience, unlike the many thousands who have gone on a normal Gorilla Trek.
  • The Habituation Experience has only been offered since 2816 – First as a pilot program – now a The Reality Beyond Gorilla Habituation Experience Reviews on TripAdvisorpermanent activity offered by Uganda Wildlife Authority with only two Families.
  • Bikingi (Bikyingi) & Bushaho Gorilla Families – are the two families open for 4-hour visits, they have been habituated for well over two years and are used to Human Beings.
  • Fewer Fellow Trekkers – maximum of 4-Participants

Gorilla Habituation Experience Feedback from our Clients:

Unlike the TripAdvisor non-Reviews for the most part, made by Tour Operators, pontificating Uganda Experts. Gorilla Trekkers going on normal Treks with 600 USD permits, rare is the input of an Actual member of the Premier Gorilla Habituation Experience Club.  Many have done the Gorilla trek, few have been on a Gorilla Habituation and fewer take the time to put down a review about their experience on TripAdvisor.

What you do not know is this, Clients actually choose to do more than one Gorilla Habituation Experience, We had one couple do so 5 days in a trek Gorillas one day and do the Gorilla Habituation on the next. The enthusiasm for the Gorilla Habituation outstrips

the availability of permit. Complaints, we had one, “the gorillas moved| during his day, however, he loved it and loved the second day on the Experience even more.

Just this week a couple from the US that trekked Gorillas in Mgainga Gorilla Park, along with the Golden Monkeys called the Gorilla Habituation Experience. the Icing on the Cake.

We as a Tour Operator see ourselves as a Jewish Yente of old, a matchmaker.  We match you will the Gorilla Family that is just for you.  Those what more time with Gorillas, we suggest the Gorilla Habituation Experience – the result is an unmatched encounter in the Rainforest that becomes the icing on the Cake of your Safari in Uganda.