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The Luxury Emin Pasha Hotel – Kampala

Posted by on June 12, 2016

The Luxury Emin Pasha Hotel – Kampala a harmonious Balance between Tradition and Modernity

The Emin Pasha is the perfect answer for visitors to Kampala looking for an upmarket Boutique Hotel.

The Luxury Emin Pasha Hotel – Kampala is a lush upmarket Oasis of Peace and Calm in the midst of the hustle and bustle of Kampala.  Centrally located yet it seems a world apart from the business of Kampala, excellent food, superb rooms that give comfort to its guests.

Relax in luxurious style and comfort at superb, up-market Boutique Hotel Emin Pasha named after the man who left his mark in Uganda, a medical doctor, whose memoirs of his African Travels can be still be read today.  A man with a colorful history, born Jewish who converted to Christianity when his mother married a Christian and who later converted Islam.

The Luxury Emin Pasha Hotel - KampalaEmin Pasha lived in the time of the great first scramble for Africa where anything went in the name of power and might and yet he broke the mold since his aim in life was not conquer but to understand and learn of other cultures including Uganda which found a special place within him.  In that Spirit – the Emin Pasha hotel still functions and serves its guest today in the 21st Century.

The Luxury Emin Pasha Hotel – Kampala- is the perfect Hotel for those first few and last days in the Pearl of Africa before or after a memorable Gorilla, Chimpanzee and Wildlife Safari or Honeymoon Safari in Uganda.  The discerning Africa Traveler will find the luxurious Emin Pasha Hotel to be the perfect match for his likes and tastes and beyond covering every aspect of comfort that will rival any other hotel in Uganda by its most attentive staff, its luxurious and tasteful style, elegant rooms, the ambiance of the hotel and the exquisite meals that you will enjoy here at the Emin Pasha Hotel all that make this hotel a pleasant experience.The Luxury Emin Pasha Hotel - Kampala

This luxurious boutique hotel offers 20 up-market rooms of various types with different room configurations, individual room decor and accents. The floors are made of elegant hardwood, in the bathrooms you will find a most welcoming wrought iron bathtub all providing for that luxurious and in many cases unexpected quality and comfort and includes all the modern amenities such as WiFi, satellite TV and air-conditioning are standard.

Since this is a boutique hotel they give  personal attention to all guest with grace and sincerity seeing about how to make your stay most enjoyable and that includes their amazing Emin Pasha Spa where you can be pampered and put back together after a couple of long gorilla treks.

The garden on this two acre estate  is an experience in itself – your own tropical botanical garden in the heart of Kampala.  Palm Trees, Ferns, Wild Banana Plants, Wild Ginger, giant grass, Shade plants providing a sheleter for many birds that fly for a touch of class in The Luxury Emin Pasha Hotel - KampalaKampala and keep your camera ready you just might get a great photo-op of the noisy Eastern Gray Plantain Eaters, or even a Ross Turaco, some gray Parrots and more, all in the gardens of the Emin Pasha Hotel and the added plus here is the swimming pool where you can take a refreshing dip during the day or evening.

Have a few minutes to spare – venture over to the Mehemet’s Gift Shop where you can buy African art pieces, fabrics, clothing, shoes, handbags all done in Africa style that will bring back pleasant memories of your time in Uganda.

The Dining Experience at Emin Pasha Hotel is one where your palate and eyes will be delighted by each dish for taste and presentation providing you the unique experience of African Fusion of International Dishes with local flavors. Simply superb whether at breakfast, lunch or dinner and often after dinner live entertainment…Bon Appetite.

The Luxury Emin Pasha Hotel – Kampala has long been known for beautiful architecture, superior interior design, a blend of Old World Africa with the 21st Century all providing that perfect place to stay at one of Uganda’s most celebrated hotels…whether on your honeymoon, or African adventure safari – the Emin Pasha is the place to stay in Kampala…read the raves of other travelers who have stayed at Emin Pasha Boutique Hotel in Kampala and let us know if you like to include Emin Pasha Hotel in your safari itinerary…

The Luxury Emin Pasha Hotel – Kampala – If you like to have your first night or last night in Africa here – please let us know.

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