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The Gorilla Habituation Experience Permit-the most sought after Permit

Posted by on February 21, 2021

The Insiders Guide to Booking your Gorilla Habituation Experience Permit

The Gorilla Habituation Experience Permit- Just 4 Permits per Day-That gives you more time with the Gentle Giants of the Forest

Gorilla Habituation Experience PermitThe Elusive Gorilla Habituation Experience Permit, many seek them but few that find them. Why is that the case? There seems to be no problem getting a standard Gorilla Permit for the same dates.

In Uganda, there are 19 habituated Gorilla Families can be visited. That means that 152 permits are available for the one-hour trek with eight participants. In contrast, there is only one Gorilla Family being habituated, with four visitors allowed each day. 

The Gorilla Habituation Permit is so scarce that there are only four permits compared to 152 for regular trekking. All this makes the habituation experience an exceptional one. Tourists often know little about getting permits. What is needed is to have a knowledgeable Ugandan Tour Operator, such as Kabiza Wilderness Safaris, working on your behalf.

The Gorilla Habituation Permit requires more planning, taking timely and decisive action, and flexibility for the Safari dates. The Habituation Experience is not something you tack on to an African Safari. To be successful, it has to be the primary focus of an African Safari since it is an activity that only takes place in Uganda.

Why do Trekkers miss out on getting the Gorilla Habituation Experience Permit?

The most common and number one reason that trekkers miss out on the Habituation Experience Permits is that they try to fit The Gorilla Habituation Experience Permit-the most sought after  Permitthe Experience into their existing Safari Plans. The Habituation Experience is not a Safari activity add-on like a game drive or a nature walk.  It must be the focal point as one of those rare, unique stand-alone experiences found in Africa. Unlike Gorilla Trekking, which is only offered in Uganda.

Our Advice: You do not begin your time in Africa with the Serengeti or Masai Mara but begin with the Gorilla Habituation Experience in Uganda. We further suggest that you focus on one country for your African Safari. It saves you time and money and some hassle. Stick to the Pearl of Africa, Uganda.

 The number two mistake is that potential trekkers make – they are often too indecisive. They take too long to decide. By the time they make up their minds, the permits have been snapped up by someone else. If you want the Habituation Permit, you must decide and act promptly with firm dates in hand and prepared to make the permit down payment.

Our Advice: We have lost more Habituation Experience Permits because Clients were too indecisive. Do not take too long to decide. Make your choice promptly.

The Gorilla Habituation Experience Permit-the most sought after  PermitThe Number three mistake. Trekkers do not take our advice seriously. If you say to a Ugandan, “you are not serious,” you are telling them that they are indifferent to the reality around them. They are not heeding the advice given, resulting in negative consequences.

You are in Frankfurt, Rome, London, Paris, New York, Toronto, or Melbourne. Uganda is far from you. You do not understand how difficult it is to obtain the Habituation Permits in Kampala from your distant perspective.

Our Advice: Work with a Ugandan Tour Operator such as ourselves, a member of the Association of Uganda Tour Operators.  They will take your habituation request seriously. Others might tell you that you can have the permits only to find out that you are scheduled for a regular Gorilla Trek when you arrive.

We will give you sound advice based on years of experience in Gorilla Tourism and the Habituation Experience. The outcome of a safari is more important to us than the income.

Book your habituation experience Safari at least six months or more in advance to secure a permit. We suggest 9 months earlier during the peak seasons of June – July – August – December – January – February,

Kabiza Wilderness Safaris Advice:The Gorilla Habituation Experience Permit-the most sought after  Permit

Kabiza Wilderness Safaris is a Partner with the official Uganda Wildlife Authority Permit issuing Agency. We promote and sell Uganda Gorilla Permits and the Gorilla Habituation Gorilla Permits.

We do not sell permits by themselves. We do sell safaris that include the permits and everything else needed for your encounter with the Gentle Giants of the Forest.

If you are interested in the Gorilla Habituation Experience, we suggest getting the ball rolling and contacting us.

We suggest that you plan nine months ahead of your time in Uganda. During Post-COVID-19 times, permits are available, but that will change once people have become confident about traveling.