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The Crop to Cup Coffee Experience along Lake Kivu – Rwanda

Posted by on December 26, 2018

Lake Kivu “from Crop to Cup” Coffee Experience Tour

The Crop to Cup Coffee Educational Tour along Lake Kivu is a great add-on to your Safari

Discover some of Africa’s Best Gourmet Coffee during The Crop to Cup Coffee Experience along  Lake Kivu in Rwanda. The Crop to Cup coffee tour is a must for lovers of a good cup of “Morning Joe.” Follow the coffee creation process from the coffee plantations on an Island on Lake Kivu, to enjoying a celebratory cup at the end of the tour with lunch.

Most take that good Morning Coffee, for some of us is it is like a second Sunrise. Here on the Crop to Cup Tour, you see some of the finest Coffee in the World being grown and processed.  Rwandan Coffee recently was awarded the Best Coffee in the World Award. 

This is not just any coffee, but award-winning coffee that you will see as to how it is grown, processed and what it tastes like.  You get to meet some of the men and women involved in producing some of Africa’s Best Morning, Joe.

The Crop to Cup Coffee Experience If you appreciate some of the finest gourmet coffee – today is your day to taste some of Africa’s Best Gourmet Java- Bourbon Coffee along the shores of Lake Kivu – simply some of the best Arabica Beans in the world are grown here and today you will take a journey that takes you from Crop to Cup where you discover the various processes involved in preparing a cup of the world’s best coffee.

Most journey to Rwanda to see the Mountain Gorillas and while here they also discover some of the finest gourmet coffee that is only found in the Land of a Thousand Hills and during today’s journey you can see the process of organic, natural brew from crop to cup.

Your trip will begin with a boat ride from Gisenyi to Nyamirundi Island.  You get to enjoy the scenic wonders of Lake Kivu – and see the process from crop to cup first-hand.

On Nyamirundi Island you will visit the plantation of a Rwandan Cooperative called Ingoboka that in turn assists many Rwandan Families by creating a better life for them by growing a full-bodied coffee that is sought after around the world.

Here on Nyamirundi Island, you pick the coffee beans than proceed to the washing station at Gashashi where the coffee is washed in 20 steps.  Afterward, you are part of the roasting the coffee on an open fire and finally the tasting of the coffee.

Lunch in Gisenyi with  Ingoboka  Coffee Cooperative Representatives where you can ask questions about Rwanda’s finest coffee that delights people from around the world and at Starbucks sells at over 30USD a pound.

The Crop to Cup Coffee Experience will be one of the highlights of your time in Rwanda – enjoy the taste of one of Africa’s Best coffees in the Land of a Thousand Hills. It has proven to be a delight to many of our clients.

If you are on a Safari with us and are flying out of Kigali, Rwanda, we can add on Lake Kivu and the Crop to Cup Coffee Trail Experience for you.

If you are interested in including The Crop to Cup Coffee Experience in your safari – please let us know. (Please Note – we do not offer this tour as a stand-alone activity but for those on Safari with us)

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