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Sambaza – the tasty delight found along Lake Kivu – Rwanda

Posted by on June 13, 2017

The Sambaza – Lake Sardines from Lake Kivu – once you taste a few, you simply want more

Sambaza – the tasty delight found along Lake Kivu – Rwanda – a tasty Treat to Rwandans and Visitors alike

Sambaza – the culinary delight found along Lake Kivu – Rwanda – The small Lake Sardine – sambaza 4Sambaza – the culinary delight found in Lake Kivu, one of the most beautiful lakes in all of Africa, the perfect place to relax and chill out after a Gorilla Trekking Safari. There are many relaxing things to do and see around the Lake and one of the highlights of any trip here is to have a Sambaza Snack, lunch or dinner or even a Sambaza Feast when it is included in a stew with local dishes on the side and that is normally served in homes around the lake…

You can even be part of catching your snack, lunch or dinner with the fishermen who go out at night in their boats singing songs of fishing success and returning in the morning with hopeful songs about a good catch.  You will not miss them if you Sambaza - the tasty delight found along Lake Kivu - Rwandaare staying in a lodge near the lake.

If you are a Foodie on Safari with us, Sambaza Sardines will be a delightful addition to your Culinalry part of your Safari – let us know that you like the Sanbaza Treat while with us on Safari in Rwanda.

Sambaza - the tasty delight found along Lake KivuWhat is this small lake sardine – Sambaza – the tasty delight found along Lake Kivu? Loved by visitors from afar and locals alike. It has been said that consuming a plate of Sambaza Sardines is more than a taste bud experience, it has been called that Sambaza Feeling.

It has been also said that a married man whose wife does not prepare for him a Sambaza dish is being mistreated by her, if not abused, that is how strong Rwandans feel about the Sambaza Lake Sardines.

Kigali residents returning from Lake Kivu will be asked by neighbors and friends “Have you brought some Sambaza?”

In Kigali, Sambaza costs about four times as much as along Lake Kivu and that is why great

Staying in a lodge or hotel along the Lake the wait-person will ask you if they have not seen eating some Sambaza -“Have you tried Sambaza yet?”

Sambaza – the culinary delight found along Lake Kivu – At Lake Lodges you normally are servied fried up with sambaza-a-delightSambaza, some like it with Fries, vegetables, a salad, ask the real Sambaza Taste Experts, the would call it an introductory dish, and the Sambaza Stew the real thing.

The Lake Sardine was introduced to the Lake in the early 1950’s by the Belgians, since that time it has done well, except in recent years a new predator has been lurching about coming from the DRC and hope thefully the Sambaza Sardines will continue to thrive here and delight everyone from far and wide.

Most any lodge, hotel will serve Sambaza – the tasty delight found along Lake Kivu, order a Primus Beer which is made right on the Lake along with Muetzig Beer, which is brewed like an old German Alsatian variety – both owned by Heineken.

Lake Kivu, a great lake where to relax and chill out, you can boat, sail, fish, paddle, take a motorboat ride, bike and hike the Congo and Nile Trail and at dinner time settle down to some Sambaza – the tasty delight found along Lake Kivu. Enjoy your time here.