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Plan your Post COVID-19 Safari in the Wilds of Uganda for 2021-2022

Posted by on March 24, 2021

Uganda is the Perfect Destination for your first Post-COVID Getaway

It is Time to Plan your Post COVID-19 Safari in the Wilds of Uganda – The Pearl of Africa

Plan your Post COVID-19 SafariPlan your Post COVID-19 Safari in the Wilds of Uganda and cure the Cabin Fever distress caused by the prolonged COVID lockdowns most have experienced. Although Cabin Fever is not a formal psychological condition, the symptoms and emotions are genuine.

Though we are not medical professionals, we do know how people respond on a safari. Ther is an outer journey, where 

We know that it is an inner and outer journey. The outer safari journey includes the sights, sounds, experiences in the African Wilderness. The inner safari journey happens within you, which most often results in a renewal of the human spirit. Something that most of us need after a season where the world of travel stood still as the harsh winds of the pandemic swept around the globe, leaving no one untouched by it.

Uganda was fortunate and did not experience the pandemic’s severity like Europe, the UK, the US, Canada, Mexico, Australis, India did.

With Vaccinations, many have the urge to go on a Safari. We are a lot like Karen Blixen, who wrote. “If there were one more thing I could do, it would be to go on safari once again.” 

What about My Health and Wellness on a Safari in Uganda?

Your well-being on a Safari is on everyone’s mind, especially ours. Yes, as Brian Jackman so aptly stated, “Everything in Africa bites, but Safari Bug is worst of all.”

From the moment you arrive for your safari until your departure, measures are in place to keep you healthy and safe. COVID-19 protocols are in place and are followed at hotels, lodges, park personnel, rangers, and tour operators such as us.

The ways that safaris are conducted have changed throughout Africa and even more in Uganda. Sanitizers, masks, distancing are a post-COVID reality that will be with us for a long time.

We go beyond the requirements and provide AMREF Flying Doctors emergency evacuation coverage for you on a Safari for your peace of mind. We also strongly urge you to take out a Travel Insurance policy covering you while traveling in Africa.

Read more about Staying Well on Safari...

 Post-COVID Travelers do not want Cookie Cutter Style Safaris.

Plan your Post COVID-19 Safari in the Wilds of Uganda: During pandemic lockdowns, people had a lot of time to think about many things. Some thought about a gorilla, chimpanzee, wildlife safari in Uganda. Today’s African Traveler does not want a cookie-cutter, run-of-the-mill safari in Uganda. Today’s discerning African Traveler does want yesteryear’s norm.

We have not spent all our time during lockdowns watching YouTube or Netflix but researched what a post-pandemic traveler has in mind when it comes to a Safari. Below you will find our findings to help you Plan your Post COVID-19 Safari in the Wilds of Uganda in 2021 or 2022.

Here is what discerning Post-COVID- African Travelers are looking for in a Safari

1. Genuine African Wilderness Experiences:

After months of cabin fever, there is a hunger for wide-open spaces. Uganda offers that in its ten national parks operating at no more than fifty percent capacity. That many to Post-Covid Traveler is the perfect antidote to Cabin Fever’s cases that they might be suffering from.

Uganda offers the one-of-a-kind African Wilderness Travelers looking for. Gorilla, Chimpanzee Tracking, or the more-time with the primates’ habituation experiences.  There are game drives, nature walks, and hikes where you can see an abundance of wildlife and birds set in scenic parks.

Uganda offers a variety of wilderness experiences ranging from nocturnal jungle walks to Volcano Climbs. Discover Africa’s tallest Mountain Range, the Rwenzori Mountains of the Moon. See the most powerful waterfall in the world as you take a wildlife boat ride up the River Nile. Explore Africa as it used to be on Safari, spending a few days in the remote Kidepo Valley National Park.

Winston Churchill was quite enthused about his time on Safari in Uganda, “For magnificence, for variety of form and color, for profusion of brilliant life — bird, insect, reptile, beast — for vast scale — Uganda is truly “the Pearl of Africa.”  Uganda is Big-7 Safari Destination. Here you can see the “Big-5” plus Mountain Gorillas and Chimpanzees, which makes it the “Big-7.”

2. The freedom of Private Safaris away from the Crowds:

The post-pandemic traveler does not want to be in a vehicle with a group. Though in-self-isolation for months, a private safari is preferred over a scheduled group safari with many other participants. Private Safaris give the power of choice to our Clients that far outweighs the slightly higher cost.

Private Safaris means that you are in control.  You, not a tour operator, choose the dates for the safari. You, choose the activities that you want. Your game drives are without anyone else. You choose the lodges and hotels for your safari.

You can even choose a private gorilla trek where there is just you and the rangers that lead your gorilla trek.

Along with the wish for a private safari, the post-COVID traveler on safari prefers to be away from the crowds. Uganda fulfills that wish in most cases.  Uganda is of-of-the-beaten tourist paths. In many ways, it is Africa as it used to be especially in the remote Kidepo Valley National Park.

3. Authentic Cultural Interactions:

The Post-COVID-19 Traveler wants safe, meaningful, and authentic cultural interactions. The staged villages one often encounters on safaris elsewhere are not what is wanted. The emphasis is on authenticity.

There are the Karamojong, fierce Warrior- Pastoralists who were disarmed, the area was secured, and today is safe to travel. The region is also home to one of the most remote and unvisited parks in East Africa, Kidepo Valley Park. However, the park has received all kinds of accolades, including one of the Best Park on the continent, by the Wanderlust Movement. Rated the number three Park on the Continent by CNN, it has less than ten new visitors enter it each day, and on a game drive or hike, you will encounter no other people the abundant and varied wildlife found here.

Other people groups found here, such as the Ik People who live on the extinct Volcano, Mount Morungole. There is no road, only a path, and a visit to them will take a whole day. The views of the Mountains and the Rift Valley are breathtaking. Still, the real Authentic Experience begins as you enter one of the villages of 11,000 remaining Ik, communities without stores, without most semblances of modernity, where the Bride’s Price are Beehives.

In the southwest corner of the country are the Batwa people. They were the first people in the forest and lived here for thousands of years before other tribes migrated to their area. They were hunters, gatherers who left a low ecological footprint behind. They built no permanent structures but moved with the seasons. Today they are conservation refugees. They are allowed to lead tourists back into the forest to demonstrate their ancient ways.

4. Quality rather than Quantity:

The Post-COVID-19 Traveler is seeking memorable quality experiences rather than quantity. Some want to pack in as much as they can into a day. I have met tourists who wanted to see Murchison Falls, the most powerful waterfall. They took a picture and were ready to leave. They post the picture on Facebook or Instagram and tell their friends that they have been there.

That is like dipping your toes into the River Nile and then say that you went swimming in the Nile. The quality of the experience is more important than the quantity. At the end of the safari, they are exhausted and need a vacation.

There are well-meaning tour operators that offer one-day gorilla trekking Safaris. Quality is taking the time to prepare yourself for the trek. On the day of the trek, as you encounter a gorilla family in the wild, savor the experience, which many have said is life-changing. That evening as you take your safari sundowner enjoying a sunset over Bwindi Impenetrable forest reflecting on the day.

Time in Africa is not based on tasks, activities but relationships. There is nothing like sharing your gorilla encounter around a campfire at your lodge.

5. Smaller Quality  Accommodations:

Amazingly as the pandemic is subsiding, travelers are drawn to smaller, quality lodges. They are staying away from large hotels and are choosing boutique accommodations instead.  The same applies to the traveler on Safari. They want smaller lodges where they have space and privacy. They do not want a lodge with thirty or more rooms but prefer a smaller one where they are not a room number but a person with a name.

We have found that the safari experience includes the lodges you stay at. We choose the ones that offer a bed but become part of the safari tapestry, your experience. We also find that mid-range and luxury lodges meet the expectations that travelers have.

The quality of your room, the lodge’s feel, the meals served, and the level of service offered are what we use as our criteria.

Where you stay for a night or two on Safari matters to us, all lodges take COVID protective and sanitizing measures.

6. Sustainable Eco-Tourism:

Those in the Uganda tourism sector must find a way for tourism to be maintained long-term without harming natural and cultural environments.  Sustainable travel is about valuing the ground and looking after our natural resources. That is what the Post-COVID-19 discerning traveler is wanting.

Without Gorilla Tourism, the habitats of the mountain gorillas would have been gone twenty years ago. Without Gorilla Tourism, the number of gorillas would have declined. Instead, because of sustainable  Gorilla Tourism, they have increased. 2020 saw an unprecedented gorilla baby boom in both Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Mgahinga Gorilla Park.

Sustainable Tourism is ingrained into the minds of those that surround the parks. The Uganda Wildlife Authority shares 20% of park entrance with the local community. Reasons that the Elephant and the Rothschild giraffe population has dramatically increased.

Sustainable Eco-Tourism provides meaningful and better-paying jobs causing more to preserve the environment for future generations.

7. Flexibility in Booking: 

We live in an ever-changing world. Travelers are looking for stability and security. Some lost thousands of dollars for unrefunded travel because of the pandemic. The traveler of today demands flexibility in booking a trip and not the rigidity of the past.

We have heard, and we have acted by offering a flexible booking policy. We are one of the few tour operators in Uganda that do.

We want to give our lines peace of mind when booking with us. We have gone even further with our price guarantee.  We suggest that you look at them both.

Maybe you are ready to Plan your Post COVID-19 Safari in the Wilds of Uganda for 2021-2022.

Take a few minutes and go to our Contact Page, and we will get started with your personalized safari in the Pearl of Africa.


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