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Pineapple Bay Resort on Bulago Island in the Pearl of Africa

Posted by on November 27, 2018

Pineapple Bay Resort on Bulago Island -Uganda’s Sandy Beach Luxury Resort

Bulago Island – Home of the Luxury Pineapple Bay Resort

You do not have to fly to Zanzibar to enjoy Tropical Beaches in Uganda – Discover the exclusive Pineapple Bay Resort on Bulago Island with its sandy beaches, palm trees, nature walks, birding, fishing, sailing, swimming in its crystal clear pool and enjoying delectable meals and refreshing drinks.

If you are flying out of Entebbe at the End of your Safari with us in the Pearl of Africa and want a few days to relax and chill-out there is only one place – Pineapple Bay Resort on the private Bulago Island.

Pineapple Bay Resort has become Uganda’s Island in the Sun, the perfect place to relax and chill in luxurious comfort and enjoy the equatorial Sun, Boating, Fishing, Swimming, quiet Walks or relax and chill-out with one of our Gorilla Reads Books about Uganda.

Bulago Island – a hidden tropical Island in the Sun- quiet, secluded, sandy beaches on Africa’s largest Lake Victoria with its great sunsets, starlit Skie, nighttime lightning fashes

Ten minutes by air from Entebbe, 40 minutes by boat, just one mile south of the Equator a bit of paradise awaits you on one of the fabulous of Uganda’s Hidden Ssese Islands (the Ssese Islands made the best-hidden islands in the world list ), Bulago Island is home to the luxurious Pineapple Bay  Resort.

A sandy beach studded with palm trees will greet you  and what is amazing is that you are  not in Zanzibar, you are not in Mombasa or Malindi, Kenya but the landlocked country of Uganda on one of Lake Victoria’s premier destinations,  Pineapple Bay Resort on Bulago Island one of the islands that make up what the Lonely Planet called one of the Best Secret Island Destinations in the world.

Pineapple Bay Resort Bulago IslandYou do not have to go to the Indian Ocean to have it all at the beginning or end of your safari in Uganda, fly or boat into the Great Lakes region premier Pineapple Bay Resort on Bulago Island.

Imagine walking 6 kilometers on sandy beaches and you are not on an Ocean but on a lake as large as a sea – Lake Victoria – the shoreline of the island is 10 kilometers all around, there is much within that awaits you at , Pineapple Bay Resort on Bulago Island – Forests, Savannah Grasslands, monkeys, exotic birds, even Monitor Lizards call this their home.

Pineapple Bay Resort is the ultimate sandy beach, tropical Island experience in Uganda and one of the best places in Uganda and beyond to relax and chill out for a few days before or after your Safari.Pineapple Bay Resort on Bulago island

There are six Luxury Chalets, four Family Units (children are welcome) and a special Honeymoon Chalet where you can take in an Africa quite different from what you might expect in the heart of the continent.

Pineapple Bay Resort is a refuge, a place of quietness and tranquility, where you can hear the wind rustle through the palm trees and at night see nature’s pyrotechnic displays in the sky as you sit on the deck of your cottage and view the vast expanse of the African starlit sky.

You will certainly not be bored here.  You can fish in Lake Victoria and that means catching the most sought-after fish in Africa, the Nile Perch, Africa’s largest freshwater fish.  There is boating including a sun-downer cruise on Lake Victoria which is simply spectacular. There is sailing on Lake Victoria and at the end of it, you can have a cool Pineapple-Bay-Resort-on-Bulago-Islandrefreshing, tropical drink.

On this private island there are nature walks through forests and savannah grasslands, birding where you most likely spot some herons, open-billed storks, yellow-billed ducks, cattle egrets, Egyptian geese, and many others, swimming, horseback riding on a Somali Pony or you simply want to sit on your veranda and take it all in, enjoying a day in paradise.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are a culinary delight which will bring you great enjoyment and of course there is an extensive choice of wines all of which only becomes better with some meaningful conversation added to the mix.

Greet the morning by opening the curtains of your fabulous cottage taking in the tropical paradise before you and enjoy the day on your private island and begin with a rich cup of Ugandan coffee – Enjoy Pineapple Bay Resort.

Pineapple Bay Resort on Bulago Island in the Pearl of Africa Pineapple Bay Resort – Our Take:

Pineapple Bay Resort is one of Uganda’s Best Upmarket Places where to relax and chill out after your Safari.  There are no drive-times here,  no flights to take, no trekking, no volcano climbs.  Relax and Chill Out on a private Island just 40 minutes from the mainland at Entebbe or Munyonyo which is close to Kampala.

Many of our Clients want a couple of days to unwind and one of the places that we use is Pineapple Bay Resort where they can choose to simply read a good book, fish, boat, visit Ngamba Chimpanzee Island, go horseback Riding or just take in the Equatorial Sun.  You are just south of the equator here.

Excellent food and yes, Pineapples, grown in the gardens of Pineapple Bay Resort. Add a couple of days to your Safari and we would love to include the Resort in your itinerary…just let us know.

If you would like to include Pineapple Bay Resort for your Safari in Uganda let us know and we will include it in your itinerary.

Pineapple Bay Resort on Bulago Island in the Pearl of Africa