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Our Price Guarantee – Kabiza Wilderness Safaris

Posted by on February 14, 2021

Kabiza Wilderness Safaris – Here is our Price Guarantee

Our Mid-Range and Luxury Safaris come with a Price Guarantee.

Our Price GuaranteeOur Price Guarantee – At Kabiza Wilderness Safaris, we believe that we provide exceptional value for money for the African safaris we sell. We’re so confident of this that if you get a quote for the same safari elsewhere for less, we’ll beat it!  When planning a safari, it’s important to remember that opting for the lowest price can often lead to your disappointment. You might not actually get what you expected, or you could incur additional costs while traveling.

When weighing your safari options, always make sure that you compare apples with apples. We know what a Safari should include, and we will notice what is left out by a tour operator to offer a lower price. The worst mistake that you can make is to only look at prices!

Lower-priced safaris are often the result of offering lesser value. That is especially true with the lodges and hotels a tour operator may choose for your African Safari.

All of our safaris are priced on an all-inclusive basis. When that’s occasionally not possible, we tell you exactly what’s included and what’s not. While this form of pricing can sometimes appear more expensive than lesser-inclusive options, it’s critical to remember that you only get what you pay for.Our Price Guarantee - Kabiza Wilderness Safaris

If you choose a lesser-inclusive safari, you’ll end up disappointed with your safari experience, and or you’ll incur additional costs while traveling. You might very well end up spending more than you would’ve on an all-inclusive basis.

As part of our price guarantee, we suggest that you let us compare those apples for you. If you happen upon a quote that you think might be better than ours, bring it to us, and we’ll do a side-by-side analysis of what the two include. If the competing quote that you give us manages to outdo ours – something that we doubt! Then we’ll beat it, ensuring you get the best-tasting apple at the best price.

Our Price Guarantee – The outcome of your safari is even more critical than our income.

Please do not neglect the fine print: We suggest that you compare the company’s History, Terms of Service, and Booking. Our flexible Booking options are among the best offered in Uganda.