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Nature’s Prime Island on Lake Bunyonyi

Posted by on July 19, 2016

Budget Lodging – Nature’s Prime Island on Lake Bunyonyi

Nature’s Prime Island your Private Island on Lake Bunyonyi

Nature’s Prime Island on Lake Bunyonyi is an affordable Budget Lodge located on a Lake Bunyonyi Island.  Your stay here begins with a Boat-Ride to your Private Island on a lake that looks like a scene from “Lord of the Rings.” This magical lake has many things to do and see, most of all it is a place to relax and chill out.

Budget Nature’s Prime Island on Lake Bunyonyi. Lake Bunyonyi, an almost magical Lake is a favorite destination for ordinary Ugandans, it is also one of the bestNature's Prime Island on Lake Bunyonyi places in Uganda where to relax and chill out after Gorilla Trekking, Volcano Climbing or hiking.  Nature’s Prime Island is the perfect budget place on the Lake.  Located on one of the 29 Islands it provides the just the right atmosphere to relax and be.

If you like activities you can paddle an ancient appearing dugout canoe across the lake to other islands and explore them along with a picnic lunch, you can swim in the bilharzia free lake, that is also free of hippos and crocodiles.  If you enjoy Birds, Bunyonyi – the place of little birds will feel like paradise.

Budget Nature’s Prime Island offers furnished safari tents and cabins that are scattered around the Island, each one with that special view of the lake as you are surrounded by the lake and nature itself and the nice thing is that you can always take a refreshing dip in the warm waters of Lake Bunyonyi.

Nature’s Prime Island Lodge offers the following accommodations:

  • Basic Furnished Safari – basic room with double or twin bed – en-suite bathroom, with a patio and views of Lake.
  • Deluxe Furnished tents – Spacious Tent – double or twin beds, en-suite bathroom with a patio deck where to relax.
  • Rustic Log Cabins suited for families – they are up on stilts for a better view.  There are 5 log-cabins and each has a great view of the Lake and Mountains.

When it comes to meals – you will have plenty to eat, one of the featured items are crayfish caught fresh in the lake.  You can have them anyway that you would like them.

Your plate will be full and you will not leave feeling empty – remember that all items on the Island have to be brought in by boat, except teh vegetables grown on the Island itself.

Things to do and see Lake Bunyonyi

Nature’s Prime Island on Lake Bunyonyi – If you like to include the lodge in your safari with us – please contact us.