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Luxury 3-Day Chimpanzee Habituation Experience Safari-CHEX in Kibale Forest

Posted by on May 31, 2019

 All Day with a Chimpanzees Troop in Kibale Forest Jungle

Be a participant on this Luxury 3-Day Chimpanzee Habituation Experience Safari

3-Day Chimpanzee Habituation Experience SafariBe more than an observer, but a participant in the Habituation process on this luxury 3-Day Chimpanzee Habituation Experience Safari in Kibale Forest which is home to about 1,500 Chimpanzees and you get to spend the day with the Chimpanzees, Researchers, Trackers, and Uganda Wildlife Rangers.  

This CHEX-Chimpanzee Habituation Experience Safari is a one of a kind experiential Primate Adventure and unlike normal Chimpanzee Trekking there is a limited number of visitors allowed, plus you are with the chimpanzees all day.

We suggest a moderate fitness level plus the willingness to be on your feet for the day.  Chimpanzees, though close cousins of Gorillas unlike them, are always on the move.  You are not dealing with a Gorilla Family of 7 to 20, but a Chimpanzee Troop, the size of which can be 50 to 100.  

The CHEX – Chimpanzee Habituation Experience means that you are an active participant in the Habituation Experience process.  Your presence matters and it allows the Chimpanzees to become used to the presence of Human Beings.

Day 1 – Kibale Forest:

Your 3-Day Chimpanzee Habituation Experience Safari begins as we depart Kampala or Entebbe 7:00 am on your Chimpanzee Trekking Safari which is mostly out of the vehicle adventure.  This is a 4 hour plus drive through scenic Uganda.

Option:  Break the Journey and stop to see Traditional Culture that is still being practiced today, the Nakayima Witch’s Tree.  It is on a plateau, and its traditions go back hundreds of years in the history of Uganda. Today traditional beliefs are actively practiced today.

Arrive at the budget, moderate or upmarket lodge you have chosen.


3 PM – Afternoon guided walk in the Bigodi Wetlands Sanctuary where you are taken into the world of a jungle swamp, a unique experience.  Much of the trail is over walkways using wooden planks so that you are above the marsh.  Light hiking boots are excellent for most. You can rent rubber boots.

This is a  three-hour walk and is a must for bird lovers, those that want something totally out of the ordinary – a jungle swamp, those that enjoy monkeys and primates. There are primates such as Red Colobus Monkeys,  Gray Cheeked Mangabey’s, L’Hoest Monkeys, Vervet Monkeys, Blue Monkeys, Baboons, Black and White Colobus, Red Colobus, and the occasional Chimpanzees.

Bigodi Wetlands Sanctuary is also home to many mammals including the rare and elusive, semi-aquatic Sitatunga Antelopes (they have webbed toes) who make their home here. There are also Bush Pigs, Bush Bucks, Otters, Mongooses.

One hundred thirty-eight plus species of birds have been spotted here, and of course, Bigodi Wetlands is best known for being home to the Great Blue Turaco. Often you will spot many varieties of birds such as Papyrus Gonoleks, Hornbills, Waxbills, Weavers, Cuckoos, Kingfishers, Flycatchers to name just a few of the many species of birds found here.

Nocturnal Forest Walk:

A Nocturnal Forest Walk with Rangers and solar powered spotlights lead the way. This is something out of the ordinary for most, this not just a nocturnal forest walk, but a nighttime walk in a Rainforest Jungle.  The Nocturnal Forest begins at 7:30 pm which is about 45 minutes after sunset.  You will see Kibale during the daytime tomorrow, but this evening it is your encounter with the creatures of the Night. You’re most likely to see pottos, galagos, bush babies, tree hyrax, at rare times even tree-climbing pangolins. There are the birds of the night such as owls and Nightjars, and not to mention insects such as giant moths, glow in the dark spiders, colorful caterpillars and shiny millipedes with endless legs.

Dress for the Occasion:  Boots, thick socks, tuck trousers into socks, long-sleeved shirt, a day pack, long-sleeved shirt, light Rain Jacket and spray yourself liberally with a good Insect Repellent.

Meal Plan: Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner

Lodging: Crater Lake Safari Lodge-Luxury

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Crater Lake Safari Lodge

The Lodge is located on an explosion crater Lake which is common in this area. You will be staying in a Lake View Cottage.  The added plus is that you will be staying in the closest luxury lodge to the forest, allowing you to take the nocturnal forest walk without much added drive-time.  The lodge has been featured in Vogue and a Huffington Post article.

Meals are thoughtfully prepared for you and Vegans and Vegetarian can be readily accommodated. The food is locally grown resulting in various fusion dishes with an African-Ugandan flavor.

The staff goes out of their way to accommodate the needs of guests making your stay even more comfortable.


Day 2 – Chimpanzee Habituation Experience – CHEX:

An early breakfast – and it is time for your Chimpanzee Habituation Experience – CHEX.  You participate in an orientation, and you are off into the deep forest to meet the group that is being habituated.  You will be with researchers, trackers, and others that are part of the Habituation Process, making Chimpanzees feel comfortable with humans near them. This process takes two years or longer, and today, you are part of that process.

CHEX is a learning experience since you are not just one hour in the presence of a group of the chimpanzee, but all day observing their habits and ways.  You will also receive plenty of input from your guide since he keeps you informed of what is happening before you.

The chimpanzees will not be the only primates or wildlife that you will spot, but this is home to 12 other primates, the 350 plus species of birds, 200 plus primates and mammals that are found in in the park.

Kibale is a tropical rainforest in Uganda where the jungle of West and Central Africa meet. Kibale National Park is 795 km² in size and includes 351 species of trees, 375 species of birds, 70 mammal species and most famously 13 species of primate, some Nocturnal, including the chimpanzee.

Chimpanzee Trekking Gear – You will need a daypack, poncho or rain jacket, long trousers, long-sleeved shirt, hat, boots, packed lunch, 2 liters of water, a packed lunch and some snacks.


Lodging: Crater Lake Safari Lodge

Meal Plan: Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner

Day 3 – Top of World Hike – return to Kampala:

Breakfast at Kibale Forest Camp and we are off to the top of the world nature walk – the hike moves through villages, tea plantations, but crater lakes to the viewpoint where you see from above crater lakes, the Rwenzori Mountains of the moon, communities, in the distance Queen Elizabeth Park.

It is best to have a daypack and a liter of water with you, a few granola bars and use light hiking boots during this hike.


Return to Kampala – Entebbe and arrive by early evening.

Meal Plan: Breakfast – Lunch

This Safari includes all activities listed, is full board, except sodas beer, wine, tips at a lodge.  Bottled water is in the vehicle for your comfort. The car used is a Toyota Land-Cruiser.

Enquire about this Luxury 3-Day Chimpanzee Habituation Experience Safari

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