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Lodges – Hotels in and near Parks – Towns in Rwanda

Posted by on June 12, 2016

Lodges – Hotels in and near Parks – Towns in Rwanda such as Kigali

Enjoy your lodge or hotel while on Safari in Rwanda – we will include any lodge or hotel that you choose in your safari itinerary

Lodges – Hotels in and near Parks – Towns in Rwanda.  When it comes to lodges, hotels – there is the description of a lodge on their internet site and then there is the reality. We have picked what we believe, based on our personal research, feedback from clients and TripAdvisor Reviews some of the best accommodations in each park or place.

Lodges – Hotels in and near Parks – Towns in Rwanda

Volcanoes National Park Lodging Choices:Lodges - Hotels in and near Parks - Towns in Rwanda

Lodging while you track the Mountain Gorillas, hike, track Golden Monkeys, visit the grave of Dian Fossey, climb a volcano inside of Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda.

There are a variety of lodging options that we have included for our clients who can choose where they would like to stay when Gorilla tracking while on a safari with us in Rwanda.

Options range from budget to exclusive upmarket in the area and the choice is yours.

Lodging is found in the towns of Kinigi and Musanze.

Nyungwe Forest National Park Lodging Choices:nyungwe-forest-lodging-choices

Nyungwe Forest National Park has two different lodges near it.  From them one can explore the vast Nyungwe Forest, track chimpanzees and other primates,

Pick the lodge that is just right for you and would meet your needs.  Always check TripAdvisor Reviews about the lodge you would like to stay in and not be disappointed by your choice.

The best lodges here are moderate or upmarket in price and quality of r9oms, food and service.

Enjoy your stay in Nyungwe Forest National Park.

Akagera National Park Lodging Choices:lodging-choices-akagera-park

Lodging Choices in Rwanda’s Savannah Park – Akagera.  There are two lodges within the park – a newer upmarket tented lodge and a lodge using rooms that is at a lower cost

Take a look at the description of either lodge in order to make a choice. Both lodges give you the opportunity to explore a beautiful savanna park in Rwanda with its wildlife and stunning scenery.

Enjoy Akagera National Park…with its two great lodges – one moderate and the other upmarket in price.

Lake Kivu Lodging Choices:lodging-choices-Lake-Kivu

Lake Kivu is simply the best place in Rwanda to relax and chill out.  There are three major areas where you can do so and here you can check out the various and find a lodge, accommodation that meets your expectations.

Lake Kivu has some most wonderful lodges to choose from where you can relax and chill out for a few days.

There are also some great activities you can partake in and the local food found in the area is excellent.

Enjoy your stay at Lake Kivu

Lodges – Hotels in and near Parks – Towns in Rwanda – Rwanda has been building some great new lodges in recent years that take accommodations up another notch in the Land of a Thousand Hills – Rwanda. Lodges and Hotels that you will greatly enjoy during your time in Rwanda.

“Lodges – Hotels in and near Parks – Towns in Rwanda – if you have any questions – please contact us.