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The Kazinga Channel in Queen Elizabeth Park in Uganda

Posted by on November 24, 2018

Visit the Kazinga Channel in Queen Elizabeth Park – Uganda

The Boat Safari on the Kanzinga Channel is a Ugandan Must Do Activity

Not to be missed: The Kazinga Channel in Queen Elizabeth Park has one of the Highest Concentration of Hippos in East Africa along with Elephant Herds, Buffaloes, Antelopes and thousands of birds are found along Kazinga Channel during a Boat Ride -2 hours of wildlife, reptiles, and birds. The Boat Safari is one of the highlights of your visit to Queen Elizabeth Park while on Safari with us in Uganda.

The Kazinga Channel Boat Ride is on a slow boat moving up and down the natural Channel between Lake Edward and Lake George – The Route that is taken is from Mweya toward Lake Edward and back.  You have the choice of a Uganda Wildlife Authority Double-Decker boat or a smaller Mweya Saari Lodge Boat with fewer people.  The latter is slightly higher in cost but well worth it. 

The Kazinga Channel Boat Launch combines Wildlife, Reptiles, Predators, and Birds – add to that the local fishing villages and fishermen that you will encounter all making it one of the more popular activities in Queen Elizabeth Park.

right forKazinga Channel has been experienced by a multitude of people from all over the world as they have traveled by a slow boat from Mweya toward  Lake Edward.  Kazinga Channel is a beautiful tapestry created by nature and those that come to visit it simply marvel at what they find.  The boat launch has taken place since 1952 and for many, it was their favorite time at Queen Elizabeth Park.

Today you can take the two-hour slow boat ride along the edge of the channel and see about a third of the hippo population of Queen Elizabeth Park amounting to over 1,600 hippos.  That alone is simply incredible and those hefty creatures are simply amazing and if you are staying in the Mweya area you can hear them munching the grass at night.

You just might find herds of elephants as large as one hundred at the edge of Kazinga channel and you are only meters away from them in the boat which is an incredible experience as they come to water and bathe in the channel and you are just a few meters from them and not only them what is amazing about Kazinga Channel is that the wildlife, the antelopes, buffaloes, crocodiles, monitor lizards – the incredible number of birds all around – are all intermingled.

When it comes to crocodiles, there were none in Queen Elizabeth Park and Kazinga Channel for eight to ten thousand years.  It is only since the middle of the last century that crocodiles reappeared in Queen Elizabeth Park as paths opened for them from the Semliki River to Lake Edward and beyond.

Birders can easily spot 60 species of birds in the time of a two-hour boat launch trip along Kazinga Channel – there are not too many places in the world where that is possible.  The birds found along the channel are mostly water birds which include the Great White and Pink-Backed Pelicans, African Shoebill, Yellow Billed Stork, Great and Long Tailed Cormorants, Open-Billed Stork, Saddle Bill Stork, Darters, Black Crake, and Jacana.

Keep your camera ready at all times since during this two-hour boat ride there is much to behold and one could easily miss a photo-opportunity.

You can rent a smaller boat through the Mweya Safari Lodge and take a private boat ride, the boats are covered and have the most comfortable time along the Channel – take in the Kazinga Channel in Queen Elizabeth Park with all of its natural wonders that a boat safari on the Kazinga Channel has become known for.  Visitors from around the world see the Boat Safari on the Channel as one of the highlights of their time in Uganda.

Kazinga Channel in Queen Elizabeth Park – The Kazinga Channel Boat Ride, Boat Safari takes place in the late afternoon when lighting is just right  for that perfect open-mouth Hippo Shot, that Bird in flight, that Elephant heerd coming to bathe and water and more.

Have your Camerica ready and do not miss a thing.  The area has a lot history, British Royalty has taken the Boat Safari and at one-time fishing was a great income earner with two fish-processing plants nearby. 

They are remnants of another day and time, today it is tourists who come to see the natural wonders of the park and Kazinga Channel in particular. with one of the highest concentration of  hippos in Africa

There are not many visitors to the park who miss out on the Kazinga Channel – it is a must see and do activity in the park.

 If you would like to include the Kazinga Channel in Queen Elizabeth Park in your safari with us – please let us know.

The Kazinga Channel in Queen Elizabeth Park in Uganda