Wildwaters Lodge – on an Island on the River Nile

Posted by on June 18, 2016

Experience the luxurious Wildwaters Lodge – on an Island on the River Nile

Wildwaters Lodge a one of a kind Lodge in Africa – with the Nile rushing all-around you

Wildwaters Lodge – on an Island on the River Nile in the midst of the White Water part of the Nile near Jinja.  The award winning lodge has been featured on BBC, Travel Magazines and is a favorite of our clients who have stayed here on this private island on the Nile.

Wildwaters Lodge equals Luxurious Tented Cottage, Main Lodge – Restaurant take from a romantic Novel, the River Nile all-around, Trails through a Forest, exotic Birds, Monkeys, butterflies with the roaring Nile as your backdrop.

The saying-“you get what you pay for” does not apply here – you get more than what you are paying for – you get  one of the most incredible experience of your life while staying at Wildwaters Lodge – on an Island on the River Nile.

Imagine – an island in the historic river Nile-rapids all around you -mindful of the movie “the African Queen.”  You reach the island by boat and what greets you is an overdose of the senses- a raging river all around you, a tranquil island before you with a lush rainforest, sounds of birds creating their own symphony blended with the orchestral waters rushing by – a monkey scampers through the trees – pinch yourself – no, you have not reached the afterlife – this is Wildwaters Lodge on Munyanja Island amid the newly created wild waters reserve – a chain of islands in the Nile.

The Lodge itself is simply a creation of incredible beauty harmonizing with it its surroundings of the lush rainforest and the rushing Nile before it.  A natural swimming pool catches our eye – you are welcome with Ugandan grace by the staff – led over a wooden walkway to your private room and private it is, there are only ten and tonight you have one of them – once again you are simply overwhelmed by the stunning layout of the room, the deck with your own private bathtub’ a most spacious room – exquisitely furnished – tastefully and carefully decorate blending  with its surrounding – the furniture handmade locally – everything designed to create a place of tranquility-of restoration of body and mind-to have you not just look at the River Nile, but to experience it.

 Lunch – a meal?  Here once again it is not just a meal but a pleasuring of the senses – this sight in front of you, the sounds creating a symphony of nature in your ears, your palate being tantalized with a meal created by the superb resident Chef using local, organic ingredients, fresh fish from the river, local Ankole Beef that is the leanest in the world and yet not tough, range free chicken, fruits and vegetables that are crisp, freshly picked and filled with taste contributing to the experience Wildwaters Lodge.

Spend the afternoon – listening to the sounds of the river- take hike into the forest and meet your neighbors, monkeys, exotic birds, monitor lizards-return and have a bath on your deck with a view you have never had before in your life-and you are taking a bath at that-simply amazing.

Dinner – another delight to senses – the moon and stars in the African Sky – a historic river before you – superb wines are available from around the world complimenting the world-class dinner  with the African touch – pleasant conversation graces the table – an attentive staff moving quietly knowing your need before you ask.

You sit on your deck reflecting – listening – enjoying this incredible place that is much more than a lodge but an experience.

You go to sleep gently rocked by the sounds of Wildwaters around you – simply lovely.

Morning – you are awakened by the same water that rocked you to sleep – a mist overhangs the river- a hot cup of Arabica Coffee from Mount Elgon and a breakfast to live for…Amazing Place-that becomes a destination by itself-experiencing the River Nile up close..

No one can conceive this incredible place in one’s mind – one can only experience this place to believe that such magnificent place could exist and exist it does – awaiting your visit. Wildwaters Lodge on Munyanja Island on the Nile in Jinja-Uganda…from the Pearl of Africa and Wildwaters Lodge is high on our recommended lodging accommodation list…

If you want to include Wildwaters Lodge – on an Island on the River Nile for your safari with us – please contact us.