Why Visit Kibale Forest National Park in Uganda?

Posted by on December 31, 2017

Kibale Forest National Park – 1,500 Chimpanzees – The Best Chimpanzee Destination in East Africa

Why Visit Kibale Forest National Park in Uganda – You will actually see Chimpanzees

A question often asked, “Why Visit Kibale Forest National Park in Uganda?”  The answer is simple, you just do  not embark on a Chimpanzee Trek and after 7 hours return to the Trailhead without seeing them.  In Kibale Forest you will see Chimpanzees in the Wild and if one hour is not enough, try the All-Day Chimpanzee Habituation Experience (CHEX).  

You will find Claims that Tanzania has the most Chimpanzees in East Africa (estimated over 2000 in the Country – Uganda has a population of 5,000 plus and growing), claims of Rwanda’s Nyungwe Forest being an ideal Chimpanzee Trekking Location.

Here is the Answer to the Question “Why Visit Kibale Forest National Park in Uganda?”  In Kibale Forest, you will see Chimpanzees on a 3 1/2 Hour Trek and normally 5 to 6 other primates of the 13 species found here.  Add to that – that Kibale Forest is where the central African Jungle meets East Africa, where you can spot 350 plus Species of Birds, at times Mammals such as Forest Elephants, Butterflies in Abundance and you are close to other major parks in Uganda.

Why do Visitors to Uganda Visit Kibale Forest – the main reason is “Sure Chimpanzees Sightings – one actually sees the Chimpanzees.” Not one of our Clients has ever missed seeing the Chimpanzees on a Trek in Kibale Forest.

What Visitors to Kibale Forest Say:  “I just did the chimpanzee habituation experience at the Kibale National Park. I have to say that this was one of the best Activities that I have done in Uganda. You can spend a full day among the chimpanzees and move along with them through the rainforest. I could not believe how close I could get to the chimpanzees.”

Why Visit Kibale Forest National Park in Uganda – Here are some of the Reasons Why

 Best Chimpanzee Trekking in East Africa – with Sure Sightings:

If you would like to see Chimpanzees, Kibale Forest is the Place for you.  You see them here in real-time – not just an entry on an itinerary but Kibale Forest is simply the Best Park in East Africa to see Chimpanzees in the Wild.

If one hor is not enough, you can be with a Chimpanzee Group all-day on a Chimpanzee Habituation Experience.

Uganda is not only Gorilla Country, but Chimpanzee country.  There are 1,500 Chimpanzees awaiting yur visit to the park.

Let us know that you would like to Trek Chimpanzees or be with the Chimpazees on an al-day.

 Things to do and See Besides Chimpanzees:

Kibale Forest is more than Chimpanzees.  There are the hikes in the Forest, the Nocturnal Forest Walk, Bigodi Wetlands Sanctuary, a jungle Swamp with al of its wondaers.

You can hike to the Top of the Wold and see 3 Explosion Crater Lakes, visit Amabere Caves, Bike around Crater Lakes, visit Tea and Vanilla Plantations, There is boating and swimming in one of the crater lakes and much more.  Take a look at our list of Things to do and see in ad near Kibale Forest.

You are also near the Rwenzori Mountains of the Moon and you cn from here do the Rwenzori Mini-Hike along Bwamba Pass which is a full day’s hike that has become quite Popular.

 Wide Variety of Lodges to Choose From:

Lodges, there is a wide array of lodges for you to choose from ranging budget to exclusive Lodges.

One ha to make the right choice since otherwise you can be up to one hour away from the park and getting up then means at an early hour.  Choose a lodge with us that meets your needs closer to the park.

Some Lodge have added some great activities for guests to do while at the lodge such as biking, boating, nature walks and village Visidts.

Ask us about the best value for your Money when it comes to lodging near or in Kibale Forest.

Why Visit Kibale Forest National Park in Uganda?  If you are not convinced – try visiting the Chimpanzees in neighboring Countries – you will then need no further convincing from us.