When will Uganda lift the Covid-19 Tourism Travel Ban?

Posted by on June 16, 2020

June-16- 2020 – Uganda remains closed to International Tourism

Question of the Hour “When will Uganda lift Covid-19 Tourism Travel Ban?

Coronavirus Travel BanWhen will Uganda lift Covid-19 Tourism Travel Ban? Since March 22, 2020, no incoming or outgoing flights have been permitted to Entebbe International airport. The only exceptions have been evacuation flights of foreign nationals, Air Cargo, and UN Flights.

Uganda is a landlocked country dependent on Cargo trucks from Kenya and Tanzania.  Truck Drivers have been a contributor to rising COVID-10 infections. Fortunately, due to stringent measures set by the Ministry of Health and the President, no COVID-19 deaths have been recorded.

As of June 4, 2020, Domestic Tourism is once again allowed but with severe restrictions at parks and lodges.  After 80 days of lockdown and limited or no income, it is doubtful that many Ugandans will have the ways and means for a domestic Safari.

Lifting the Covid-19 Tourism Travel Ban will depend on COVID-19 conditions in various countries. The ideal situation is to travel to Uganda and back to your home country without any quarantines required. Tanzania is now allowing Tourists to enter the country with only testing being required.  Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, and others see that it is premature and sowing to the wind where the harvest might be a COVID-19 Whirlwind.

Covid-19 Tourism Travel Ban – Uganda is guided by the tough-minded tried and tested by Ebola, Yellow-Fever, and other outbreaks Minister of Covid-19 Tourism Travel Ban Health Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng will continue to consider all factors in keeping both Ugandans and Tourists safe in the Pearl of Africa. 

One can probably plan pan for their Safari in 2021. By that time, one hopes that countries around the world have come back from lockdowns and new infections, and there are no more quarantines required.  

Like you in the country that you reside in, Ugandans have come down with extreme cabin Fever leading to many ignoring COVID-19 measures in place. In Uganda, there are has been a partial lifting.  Schools, Churches, Shopping Arcades remain closed. Malls and Grocery Stores are open.  Private Vehicles are limited to 3-Occupants, Taxis and Buses are operating 60% occupancy.

Covid-19 Tourism Travel Ban – The opening of Uganda to Tourism is not only dependent on Uganda, but other countries and there travel restrictions.  There is also the financial reality. The COVID-19 Pandemic has depleted the financial resources of many International African Travelers to Uganda, causing a further squeeze on Uganda Tourism.

The Coronavirus pandemic has devastated Travel Business Worldwide. Safari Tour Operators in Africa have been hard hit and are doing their all to stay afloat during these trying times. Countless of Tour Operators have closed shop across Subsahara Africa.  Few Countries have had bailout packages as in the West.  We have been on our own looking for the day of Tourism reopening as have been Hotel and Lodge Operators.

When will Uganda lift the Covid-19 Tourism Travel Ban?In Uganda, we have had the added burdens of a Desert Locust Invasion and the flooding of lakes and rivers and such as Lake Victoria, the River Nile, to name just a few. With the absence of tourists poaching for Bushmeat has increased due to lack of income during the Coronavirus Lockdown.  Such poaching resulted in the death of the Silverback Rafiki (Friend in Swahili). Other parks have also been affected by poachers being caught slaughtering a buffalo in the Ishasha area of Queen Elizabeth Park.

Parks that were closed have reopened, but few domestic tourists are visiting the park. The tourist industry in Uganda is looking forward to the reopening of International Tourism and rebuilding a now devastated industry.

The Uganda Coronavirus Travel Ban – What about my scheduled and booked Safari?When will Uganda lift the Covid-19 Tourism Travel Ban?

Covid-19 Tourism Travel Ban -The unforeseen Uganda Coronavirus Travel Ban was not on the itinerary that we prepared for you. If you are affected by this, we will do everything that we can to reschedule your Safari to a time when the Coronavirus outbreak has been contained. The timing of that is, of course, beyond our or your control.

It is, for once, a virus or disease that did not originate in Africa. The Coronavirus has hardly reared its head in Africa.

Covid-19 Tourism Travel Ban -Uganda, the Ministry of Health, is doing whatever is humanly possible to a Coronavirus outbreak in Uganda. The travel ban is part of the strategy put forth by the Minister of Health to keep Uganda, Coronavirus free.  One can only hope that it will work.

If you have any questions about your Safari, please contact us via email. We will immediately respond and try to fulfill your wishes or answer your questions.

Primate Safaris:  Please follow our directives in regards to Gorilla and Chimpanzee Tracking. It is for their Protection.

New Safari Bookings:

Covid-19 Tourism Travel Ban -We continue to book Safaris for all of 2021. Like all those in the travel industry, Ugandan Tour Operators are affected by the spread of the Coronavirus throughout the world.

When will Uganda lift the Covid-19 Tourism Travel Ban?May cures, effective treatments, immunizations be found that helps brings this epidemic under control.

We will update our website as things become clearer during these unusual travel times. Fortunately for all of us, Tough times do not last, they are seasonal. May the Coronavirus Season soon be over.

All of our future bookings will be written up with flexibility as organizations such as the Uganda Wildlife Authority hopefully adjusts its Gorilla, Chimpanzee Permit policy.

Uganda remains the favorite and premier primate destination in East Africa. Its scenic beauty remains unrivaled. Its people friendly and welcoming, and the country is safe, stable, and secure.

Advice: Many of our Safaris have begun or ended in Kigali. Rwanda may have different opening dates for International Tourists. We suggest that at present, you do not include Rwanda in your Safari until one is sure when it will reopen parks.

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