When and Where do I get my Tourist Visa for Rwanda

Posted by on December 14, 2018

Tourist Visa Requirements for Rwanda

When and Where do I get my Tourist Visa for Rwanda – the Present Visa Reality

On Arrival Tourist Visas – Online – From Rwandan Embassy-Consulate in your country when

An International Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate is required for all visitors if you come from or traveled through a country that is part of the World Wide Yellow Fever Zone Country such as Tanzania or Uganda.

Please keep in mind that your passport must be valid for 6 months when you enter Rwanda and it is best to have enough free pages for visa stamps, entry and departure – also make sure that you have about 6 months before your passport expires.  Things regarding as to when and where do I get my Tourist Visa for Rwanda have changed but there is also another choice that you have.

Rwanda is responsive to what Tourists prefer since January of 2018 you can get the Rwanda Tourism Visa on arrival

Best Choice might be the East African Tourist Visa – 100 USD

If you are visiting other East African Countries or continuing your safari into Uganda – here is your best choice that would negate all of the above as to when and where do I get my Tourist Visa for Rwanda.

Presently the East African Visa can only be obtained online which is as we state above is a cumbersome process unless Rwanda changes things like requiring a letter of invitation which means more back and forth with a Tour Operator such as ourselves – that is why we believe that if you are only visiting Rwanda and Uganda and not Kenya get the Rwandan Visa (as of January 2018) at the point of entry and the Ugandan Visa at the border crossing.

Sadly, Decisions that have a direct effect on Tourists are often thought up and implement by Bureaucrats and not those involved in Tourism.

The East African Tourism Visa Touts itself with the “Borderless Borders’ Slogan.  Take it one step further and apply the “Kiss Principle” keep it simple and short. The Tourism Dollar is needed ad wanted by East African Countries, Immigration Officials in various countries are often a roadblock to successful Tourism and ease of Travel.

For more information on the East African Tourist Visa see the page indicated.

Croc Alert: Do not use Rwanda Travel Authorization Service -Clients lost money – no Visa

Get your Visa on arrival where possibble- Embassies, or official Country Immigration Services – but not imitation sites that take your money and you lost your money and have no visa.

Rwanda Travel Authorization Service is not based in Rwanda but operates out of Spain. 

They also have a Uganda Travel Authorization Site.  We have been asked to link this page and others to their page, which we refused even though we were offered pay for click-throughs.

Our Experience is this, one of our Clients lost their money and received no Visa.

TripAdvisor also has a complaint posted against the Service and the  calls them a Scam.

Though most 3rd Party Advisors are legitimate, we see no need for one for Tourists to East Africa.

 When and Where do I get my Tourist Visa for Rwanda- Our Advice to our Clients:

We use Kigali International Airport as the logical airport for Southwest Uganda  with easy access to Mgahinga Gorilla Park and Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.  We have done so for years.  Many of our clients choose to fly out of Entebbe international Airport at the end of the safari.  For others, we reverse flying into Uganda and flying out of Rwanda.  Visas can easily be obtained on arrival in both countries making the Safari nearly hassle free

Having an online visa application does not expedite your arrival at Kigali International Airport, but it might give you more peace of mind.  You also have the option of obtaining a visa from the Rwandan embassy or consulate in your country. Enjoy the Safari, the Journey.