Waragi-The Drink of Choice-a Taste of Uganda on Safari

Posted by on June 23, 2019

Some Claim that Uganda Waragi is a Tourist Attraction

Waragi-The Drink of Choice-Uganda’s Gin Made and Sold in a variety of Ways – A Taste of Uganda

 Waragi-The Drink of Choice for many Ugandans. Waragi Gin is a Taste of Uganda. Those on a Safari enjoy a Waragi Sundowner after tracking Gorillas or Chimpanzees, climbing one of the Virunga Volcanoes in Uganda, or at the end of a long game drive across the Ishasha Plains.

Waragi, a term which most believe comes from War Gin, something which the British gave Ugandan Soldiers before battle to provide them with alcohol-induced courage.

The British used mostly brigades of Nubian Soldiers, and Waragi was given to keep up good spirits. The drink spread throughout Uganda, primarily as moonshine distilled alcohol, called Enguli in Luganda.  In the north, it became known as Lira-Lira and in the west of Uganda as Kasese-Kasese.  Waragi in the Central area of Uganda is also called Enguli, which is a Lugandan Word.

Most of the Moonshine Waragi is made from Sugar Cane, but also Bananas, and Cassava.  

Uganda Waragi, the triple distilled Brand advertises itself as the Spirit that binds us.  It is something uniquely Ugandan that might not be the tourist attraction that its maker claims that it is but once tasted, many have a second drink.

Waragi-The Drink of Choice –Tourists may not be attracted by it but quickly begin to enjoy it while on a Safari in the Pearl of Africa. They enjoy it so much that they take a bottle with them when they depart for home. Most Tourists to Uganda know little about Uganda Waragi – the Drink of Choice in Uganda before they reach Uganda since Waragi is not a household word where they come from as it is here in the pearl of Africa.

Visitors from around Africa flock to the other city that never sleeps, Kampala.  In Kampala, unlike New York City, the bars never close and the party fueled in part by Waragi Consuming Revelers keeps on rocking Ugandan Style. We recommend a shot of common sense before you head out for a night on the town in Kampala, Entebbe, Jinja and other cities in Uganda.

The scene you often find is someone having a bottle of beer and a waragi at their table, using the Beer as a chaser something we do not suggest.

For your Safety: Most Tourists going on a safari in Uganda do not go out on the town. However, Kampala has become well known for its vibrant being featured by CNN and other news outlets as something not to be missed. For your safety and protection, not understanding Ugandan Culture, we suggest that you go with a Ugandan.  Uganda is safe and secure. Things do happen when people consume waragi and other alcohol.  Kampala Nightlife – Safety and Security in the City that never SleepsStay Safe, hit the town with a Ugandan.

 Waragi-The Drink of Choice for many Ugandans has become the Drink of Choice for many Visitors, Safari Goers, Primate Trekkers.  The Spirit of Uganda seems to be catching on as it has become the ritual Sundowner Drink for many, Often with a Krest Bitter Lemon or a locally produced Novida Soda that comes in different flavors.  Uganda Waragi is now also offered  Coconut, Pineapple, or Coffee flavored.

Uganda Waragi could be used creating some delightful meals in our luxury lodges, but that has not yet caught on, but someday it just might.  In the meantime enjoy a truly Ugandan Taste enjoying a Waragi in the Wild. “Do drink responsibly,” the morning game drive or gorilla trek starts early.

Waragi-The Drink of Choice is locally produced in villages and hamlets.  Most Waragi in Uganda is Fruit Based  Moonshine and not double or triple distilled as the brands Uganda Waragi or Leading Waragi. Most Ugandan Waragi is produced under deplorable conditions using used oil drums as the fermentation kettles without filters meaning that any impurities that survived the vapor will remain in the drink.  Vast amounts of firewood are used in the process which is harmful to forests. The process is merely crude and potentially dangerous, and it is best you stick to the store-brands.  Even there, the plastic sachets were found with impurities in them.  They are now banned, but it is doubtful that they will not be sold.

There are laws in Uganda. However, when it comes to Waragi Moonshine, they are not enforced. Distilleries are supposed to be licensed under the Enguli act, yet whole villages including one where Teetotalers prepare waragi. Producing Moonshine Waragi is profitable and supports many a family, buys land, pays school fees, and brings financial independence.

Periodically tragedy strikes as in 2010 when 80 people died drinking waragi that contained high amounts of methanol in the Kabale District. It has not stopped moonshine waragi that costs a pittance in comparison to the commercial brands which cost $6.00 for a 750ml bottle.  Other brands are much lower. A 200ml bottle of Leadingaragi costs 70 cents at a local Shop and is triple distilled.

Is Uganda Waragi the Spirit that binds us? Some would argue that it is through addiction, tears, sadness, and failing health for many.

 Waragi-The Drink of Choice is part of Ugandan culture. It is there at weddings, funerals, family gatherings, cultural events. It is part of what makes Uganda, unique, the Pearl of Africa.

Uganda Waragi, a Tourist Attraction?  No, it would be our answer, just like Rolex, Uganda’s favorite fast food is not.  Just like roasted Grasshoppers or Uganda delicious tropical Fruits or its tasty, tender Ankole Beef is.  They, like Waragi, are part of the Ugandan experience.  It is the overall experience that is found by African Travelers along with the welcoming friendliness they find in Uganda, which is still authentic Africa.

Experiences shape Memories, and we think that a Sundowner Waragi after a Gorilla Trek can be part of that while you are on safari with us in the Pearl of Africa.